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What Distinguishes Our Way Of Dealing PPC Projects?

At Sparx IT Solutions, we are on the mission to bring a revolution in the world of internet marketing through our dedicated and well-planned PPC Ad services. We feel pride in seeing our client’s business grow which is the result of our untiring effort. To get most out of your PPC campaign, we smartly create compelling marketing messages incorporated with competitive and right keywords and ad information. We don’t stop here, as we keenly analyze your campaigns growth and rigorously optimize it to get accurate click-to-close insights. Consistency, amazing strategic combination and ultimate PPC management are the staircases that make our clients business grow immaculately without obstacles.

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Results You Can Expect From Our PPC Management Services

Planning PPC Strategy

To tailor a PPC campaign for your business, we initially work on accumulating the major factors of your industry, competitors analysis and USPs. Keeping all the facts in mind, we deliver the results you need.

Project Implementation

Building robust strategy and establishing PPC accounts on new networks are the crucial steps we have included to implement the Pay Per Click techniques to earn more views and clicks on ads.

Targeting Relevant Keywords

Before making the PPC ads viral, we ensure that your campaign is submitted with the appropriate keywords that cover the entire search landscape whilst avoiding the areas that are not favorable for your business.

Initiate Shopping Ads

We help E-commerce businesses by managing shopping campaigns along with amazing product listing ads to promote inventory and displaying the right product for the right keywords.

Ensure Ad Extensions

Ad extensions improve your adtext and give advertisers an opportunity to stand out loud in front of the competitors. We use ad extensions in such manner so that you can have utmost clicks for the ads.

Excellent Ad Copy Writing

Our ad copy writing involves integrating strong CTA which lets you know the actual traffic diverting to your ad. We follow dedicated PPC strategy which is tightly focused towards the group of keywords and landing pages.

Campaign Tracking

We never run a shot in dark rather we strive to get the right information about the ongoing PPC campaign. Our team aims to track each and every aspect of the campaign and that too with precision is our specialty.

Overall PPC Optimization

Regular PPC optimization refines the campaign’s activities and lets it push its performance boundaries. We generally include factors like high click-through rates and lower CPC on a keyword to accurately optimize the campaign.

Detailed Reporting

You have full right to know what’s happening in your PPC campaign. To release your stress, we produce daily, weekly or monthly reports that are having meaningful insights for each campaign’s activity.

See Our Masterwork In Action

Explore the PPC management projects that we successfully delivered to our clients.


How We Lead Your PPC Campaign
To The Next Level?

Sparx IT Solutions never puts your campaign on an autopilot. Rather, we deeply analyze each phase and produce killer results even with the small budgets. We have a pool of online marketing professionals who typically find outstanding ways to ensure that the PPC advertising works best for the businesses.

  • Measurable Data: Through our professionally generated PPC campaign, businesses received a large amount of users’ information which can further help them measure the exact clicks and performance of the site.
  • Mobile Optimization: Mobile PPC has been in the strides these days and constantly gaining popularity among business owners. If you agree to run mobile PPC, the chances are that you will get an ever-increasing volume of internet searches from mobile devices.
  • Instant Ad Visibility: Our PPC campaigns are known for rendering instant visibility in less time. Just after getting a start, you will see your ads on SERP.
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Our Well-framed PPC Ad Services Process

PPC Account Set-up

Initially, PPC account set-up is carried out by Google Adwords where a well-structured format is available to ensure that your ad searches are relevantly triggering for the audience.

Drive Qualified Leads

PPC ads earn more profitable results than social media and gained immense popularity among business owners. We are here to derive fresh and qualified PPC leads to ultimately grow your website reach.

Campaign Optimization

Unless a campaign is optimized, one could not be able to track or generate the ROI for the same. Experts at Sparx IT Solutions optimally optimize the campaign to improve the chances of conversions.

Track & Measure ROI

Return on investment can be generated by measuring the profit ratios earned during the PPC campaign. For our clients’ convenience, we evaluate each activity and place relevant stats for the earned ROI.

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