QHow much experience do you have in the industry?

QHow do you cope with the clients having a little understanding of technology?

QWhat is your specialization?

QAlongside developers, what will be the other professionals working on my project?

Usually, there is a project manager who remains a single point of contact throughout the project. We have a squad of designers, developers, digital marketers, copywriters, and quality analysts. Also, the deployment of team members also depends on your project requirements. For instance, if you are to only design your website, then except UI/UX designers, other crew members will not be in your team.

QCan you help me in updating my existing website that is built by another service provider?

Yes, it is possible for us. But, we have some policies regarding while we provide such sort of services. Since the code of your website would be created and managed by different programmers, we may need to adopt some segments from scratch. Before we get into the real project discussions, you will be provided with a piece of detailed information about the same.

QWill I own the rights of my website?

QWhat technologies do you work on?

QCan I review the code during the development process?

QWhich platform should I create my first mobile app on?

QWhat will happen to my app with the new OS release in both iOS and Android?

If a new OS release appears, you must test the application in the upgraded version of the OS and point out the things that are not working well. After this, you can approach the mobile app development company that developed your application to plan the best roadmap and indulge in the smooth implementation of new features.

QWhat features should my mobile application include?

Features are subject to the project requirements. All it takes is a quick call with our experts to identify what best you can or should offer through your mobile app.

QHow do you ensure security for mobile app projects?

Each critical information has been encrypted and any personal information has not been stored on the mobile device. We follow the latest security protocols while developing any product. All of the projects are covered under a mutually agreed NDA so it becomes our moral and legal responsibility to take every possible step to ensure maximum security without interrupting the execution of the app process.

QHow much does your website design and development service cost?

QHow much time will you take to build my website?

QWhat does make Sparx IT Solution a good choice for Website development?

QWill I be able to make any changes to the site myself? How do I handle things after delivery?

Yes, we choose the most flexible content management system that allows the clients to make changes to their website without hampering the responsiveness. Still, for any technical challenges, we provide free support to our clients till 30 days after the delivery of the product. After free support duration, technical support services will be chargeable.

QAre there any additional costs associated expect from the charges for web development services?

QI need to update my website. Can you help?

QWho owns the website rights once the design work is complete?

QWill the website design that you create be SEO-friendly?

Yes, we employ SEO-semantic coding standards while creating your website that helps your website rank higher in the search engine page results.

QWhat would be the experience level of developers you allocate for my project?

QWhat are the hiring models that you are following?

QHow many hours do your developers work per day?

QWill I be having complete access to developers I hire from your company?

Yes, they will be working on your project dedicatedly so you have complete access to your hired team. You can use any of the communication mediums to communicate, including Skype, emails, calls, chat, and regular reporting.

QAre you ready to do a test task to check your skillset?

QWhat are the steps I should follow to hire a developer/team?

QWhat do you do in case a client is not satisfied with your developers’ performance?

QDo I need to visit your company to start working with you?

You are always welcome to come and explore the company infrastructure and team presence. This way, you can interact with our professionals in person. However, we also arrange our meetings through video conferencing for primary interaction and other project escalations. So, it is never a mandatory part of the process for you to visit our office to initiate talks over the project.

QAre my source code and business information that I shared with your team secure?

QWhat do you do when your developers fall sick?

In such a situation, you eventually get a replacement to avoid any barrier in the work process. We cannot let anything impact the final results.

QHow much payment must be deposited for starting the project?

QDo you accept payments via bank wire?

QCan I include multiple expenses in a single invoice?

QHow can I monitor the status of my estimates/invoices?

We have a sales management portal, where you can trace your invoices.

QWhen will I be receiving invoices for my account(s)?

QTo where do you send the invoice?

The invoices are sent to the authorized email or postal address shared by the client.

QCan I get a postal copy of my invoices?

We send if asked by you.

QHow can I change the address, where my invoices will be sent?

To change the address where your invoices are being sent, you can send a request to the assigned account manager.

QIf I don't comprehend some of the items on my invoice, could you explain them to me?

Yes, certainly. You can ask your account manager to explain it to you.

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