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  •  General FAQs

    • How long has Sparx IT Solutions been into web and app development?

      Sparx IT Solutions has been building websites from more than a decade (from the time it was founded in 2007).

      What kind of businesses do Sparx IT Solutions work with?

      We work with different types of firms (start-ups, nonprofits, medium-sized and enterprise level corporations). We serve diverse business industries, including beauty, technology, health, travel, finance, food, medical, apparel, etc.

      Over these years, we have helped the business owners improve their customer service, better marketing of their services and products and earn more customers. Our staff devotes ample time to know the client’s industry, and their competitors to accomplish all the desired goals.

      Do you offer service to write content for my website?

      Yes, we provide copy writing services and we also create your sitemap. We also aid you to structure the planning stages of your website.

    • With whom will I work during my project?

      Great question! Usually, there is a project manager, who remains single point of contact throughout the project. And, we have a squad of designers, developers, copy writers, and quality analysts. With whom you will work, it totally depends on your project requirements (for instance, if you are to only design your website, then except UI/UX designers, other crew members will not be in your team).

      I am entirely new to the website development. How does the entire process work?

      Don’t worry! Our account manager will provide you an overview of the website development and its process, rest you will be updated with the time eventually.

      Can you help me in updating my existing website that is built by another service provider?

      Yes it is possible for us. But, we have some policies regarding this, whether we will adopt some steps from scratch or we will not be liable for some codes as it is touched by diverse programmers.

      Will I own my the rights of my website?

      You 100% own everything that our team builds. Some of our clients stay longer with us due to our smooth work culture. In case, you want to take your website, we assist you in the transition completely.

    • How much payment must be deposited for starting the project?

      There is a 50:50 payment ratio, which means you need to pay 50% before starting the project and 50% on its completion. For longer project milestones, we have flexible policy to pay in plans.

      How many revisions can I make to my website design?

      We believe in making informed decision, while building a website design. Therefore, we research regarding your market, your audience and your competitors in advance, before preparing the mockups.

      Once you agree upon the mockups, we begin the actual website building. At this point, you are free to make 1 major revision in the design. You can continue with the small additions and changes in terms of crafting the overall website structure.

      In case, you suggest too many design changes or you change your earlier request, you need to incur additional charges according to the scope.

      Which type of currency do you work with?

      We accept all pricing in United States Dollar (USD).

  •  Mobile App FAQs

    • What technologies do your experts work on?

      We can work on Google Android, Apple iOS, Windows phone, etc. Our mobile developers are updated with the latest trends, such as Flutter, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, IoT and more

      What is the prime difference between the Mobile Application and the Mobile Website?

      The mobile applications are compatible with mobile devices, as they can be installed and downloaded on your smartphones. And, mobile websites are defined as a web portal, which runs on the mobile browser of your phone. Both mobile apps and websites enable you to access the account information.

      Can I review the code during the development process?

      We can provide you chunks of our coding to make you assured regarding quality. But, we do not offer source code before the project completion.

    • Should I have a Website with all features same as application?

      It is not essential to own a website, having similar features as a mobile application. First, you can go ahead with app development with a single page website. Further, you can move ahead with a responsive website with similar features like an application.

      What will happen to my app with new OS release in both iOS and Android?

      If a new OS release appears, you must test the application in new version of OS and point out the things that are not working. After this, you can approach the mobile app development company, which developed it. They can suggest you the best options.

      What platforms should we target iOS/Android or both?

      Due to the rising popularity of both Android and iOS, we recommend launching the product in both Android and iOS platforms.

      What features does the mobile application own?

      Mobile applications and mobile website enable you to access the account information, check the latest news release, report an issue as well as ability to contact via phone or email.

    • Is the Mobile Application completely secure?

      Yes, each critical information has been encrypted and any personal information has not been stored on the mobile device. However, mobile devices recommend you to store login information for the applications that are installed on your device. In case, you store your login details, then anyone having your mobile device will be able to access the account.

      How updated is the account information that I view in the Mobile App?

      The information that you view in the mobile app or website are displayed through real-time, so it is accurate always. In case, your device is open for a longer period of time, then you should hit refresh button by option a fresh option to ensure the accuracy of information.

      I have varied accounts. Can I view all of them in the Mobile Application and in the Mobile Website?

      Yes, after you are logged in, it will ask you to make selection of the account that you want to view. If you have a single account, then fill the details and you can add more accounts, if you wish

  •  Website Development FAQs

    • How much does your website design and development service cost?

      There are a number of aspects from initial concept to the final implementation. Therefore, the cost vary according to the project requirements and the duration you work with us. You can contact us to get cost estimation for your specific project.

      How much time will you take to build my website?

      It totally depends on the website. For instance, if we are provided everything, including content and images, then it takes a few weeks to design and develop a small website with 9-12 pages.

      Why should I hire Sparx IT Solutions?

      Sparx IT Solutions owns ample experience, expertise, right staff and solid infrastructure to accomplish the project demands. Our solid portfolio in the web design & development, mobile app development and digital marketing as well as our strong presence in the industry make us the best choice to hire.

    • Will I be able to make desired changes to the site once you complete it?

      Yes, we choose the most flexible content management system that allows the clients to make changes in their website. And, you can also rely on us to do the changes for us, if you do not have enough time or you are not able to make the complex changes

      Are your websites stated as mobile-friendly?

      The websites that we have been designing since 2010 are mobile friendly. This was the time when responsive became a mandatory ingredient, as it ensures that a website works well on all screen sizes (desktop to smartphones).

      Once my website design is complete, what type of after-sales service do you offer?

      Once we finish your website, and it goes live, we offer a 30 days free support. Within this period, if you occur with any issues, you can get back to Sparx team. We provide immediate support, but once the support period is over, this service becomes chargeable.

    • Are there hidden costs associated with Web development services?

      No, we discuss the price according to the requirements in advance. We stick to the quoted price until you make any alterations in the project requirements.

      I already own a website and it needs updating. Can you help me?

      Sure, we can update the website and will also guide you regarding this work, if you want it to do on your own.

      Who owns the website rights once design work is complete?

      You are the owner of your website, you own its right once we deliver it to you.

      Will website design that you create be 'search engine' friendly?

      Yes, we employ SEO-Semantic coding standards while creating your website, so we make it search engine friendly.

  •  Hire Developers

    • How much talented and experienced are your developers?

      Our experts possess average experience of 5+ years. In terms of expertise, they remain updated with the latest trends and technology of mobile app development industry.

      What are the hiring models that you are following?

      Our hiring process comprises different models that work according to the set rates in terms of hourly, monthly, weekly (part-time) and dedicated hiring.

      How many hours do your developers work per day?

      In a month, our developers work for 8 hours (per day) that reach to 168 hours per month (21 working days). Same with weekly hiring, we work for a total of 40 hours in a week.

      Will I be having the complete control over developers I hire from your company?

      Yes, they will be working on your project dedicatedly, so you have complete access to your hired team. You can use any of the communication mediums to communicate, including Skype, emails, calls, chat and regular reporting.

    • Are you ready to do a test task to check your skill set?

      Of course! With a nominal development charge, you can assign us a test task to test our skill set before you make a final deal.

      What are the steps I should follow to hire a developer/team?

      First, you need to compile a list of the tasks for the programmer that you want him to do

      l Second, according to the hiring model and chosen technology, you need to finalize your agreement with the sales team

      l Once you confirm, we set up everything by connecting your developer with you.

      What do you do in case a client is not satisfied with your developers performance?

      Our project manager will talk to you in details regarding the things that you are not liking. Either we suggest the best resolutions or provide you a replacement accordingly.

    • How many people will my project team include? Do I need to visit your company to start working with you?

      Our team comprises business developer, project coordinator, manager, consultant, designers and developers. You do not require visiting our office to be a part of your project team. Moreover, we always welcome you to visit our office.

      Are my source code and business information that I shared with your team secure?

      Your source code and information you share with us is completely secure. We assure you that we will not communicate the confidential information of your company to the third party.

      What do you do when your developers fall sick?

      In such situation, we provide you replacement immediately to avoid any barrier in the work process. We do not let it impact the final results.

  •  Invoices

    • Do you accept payments via bank wire?

      Yes, we do.

      Can I include multiple expenses in a single invoice?

      Yes, it is possible. You can simply select and add those expenses only that you wish to associate within a particular invoice. But, expense reminders will keep popping.

      How will I monitor the status of my estimates/invoices?

      We have a sales management portal, where you can trace your invoices.

    • When will I be receiving invoices for my account(s)?

      If you pay via Credit Card or PayPal, then the invoice will generate automatically. Custom invoice is generated within 24 hours of the request sent

      To where you send the invoice?

      The invoices are sent to the authorized email or postal address shared by the client.

      Can I get a postal copy of my invoices?

      Yes, you can.

    • How can I change the address, where my invoices will be sent?

      To change address where your invoices are being sent, you need to send a request to your assigned account manager.

      I don't comprehend some of the items on my invoice. Could you explain them to me?

      Yes, you can ask your account manager for details.

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How much you cost for installing the website once the development complete?

If we have developed your website, we will not charge any bucks for installing this website on your server. But you just came to us and requesting to install any website on any server, we will just charge your $150 USD for installation.

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