Our Custom Manufacturing Software Development Services

We have expertise in manufacturing software development services that help manufacturers reduce costs, increase resilience, and reduce turnaround times.

Manufacturing ERP Software

SparxIT provides secure and scalable custom ERP software solutions to support the expansion of SMBs and well-established businesses. Our team utilizes an industry-leading technology stack to offer substantial advantages to companies of all sizes and complexity. To help organizations function more economically, we even integrate industrial ERP software with computer vision.

Production Planning & Reporting Solution

Our developers can change your scheduling, capacity planning, and production operations with tailored software and solutions. We use analytics and automation to make critical data-driven choices. This all-inclusive production planning system benefits include balanced inventory management, enhanced planning through actionable insights, improved productivity, and operational efficiency.

Order & Inventory Management Solution

We build unique order and inventory management systems. These systems can manage operations using resources in a connected ecosystem and track orders. Utilizing our knowledge, you can also use supply-demand patterns to control inventory and transportation. Our goal is to assist you in avoiding shortages and optimizing order management while increasing sales and a greater return on investment.

Environmental health & safety

EHS systems help industrial businesses comply with regulations by controlling the environmental effects of manufacturing processes and monitoring worker health and safety. These solutions are the main hubs for data management concerning sustainability, waste output, and working conditions. They are crucial in tracking harmful materials and substances that can harm the environment.

Product Lifecycle Management Systems

PLM software helps businesses manage data at every stage of the product development process, increasing output, improving quality, and reducing time to market. By acting as centralized hubs for manufacturing data, these systems let manufacturers keep track of all a product's changes throughout its lifetime.

BI & Performance Management Solution

Thanks to our experience creating custom CPM and BI tools, production reporting systems and solutions are designed to fit any kind, size, and manufacturing scale. The powerful BI and user-friendly production reporting modules provide intelligent manufacturing capabilities to create a rich, personalized environment.

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Benefits of Manufacturing App Development Solutions

We help manufacturers accelerate their business processes with intelligent manufacturing solutions.

Reduce Operational Cost

We use cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, IoT, computer vision, and machine learning to reduce expenses.

Efficient Automation

For optimal efficiency, use bespoke manufacturing apps to automate production operations.

Increase Information Flow

Enhance information flow and, through it, departmental cooperation with customized solutions that are particularly for you.

Healthcare App Development

We Integrate Next-Gen Technologies For the Manufacturing Industry

We assist manufacturing firms in enhancing their customer services by building AI-powered apps that quickly resolve users' queries and provide intelligent product suggestions based on historical data.

Our developers integrate custom software manufacturing solutions that minimize environmental impact from factories and manufacturing units.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-integrated solutions can benefit almost every stage of the manufacturing process. They can also improve inventory management, boost predictive maintenance, enable 24/7 manufacturing, and optimize production processes.

Machine Learning

As a top manufacturing software development company, we use machine learning (ML) systems to detect trends that predict equipment failures, anticipate customer behavior, and enable accurate decision-making.


Blockchain provides manufacturing firms with safe data monitoring and storage, giving them complete end-to-end visibility into the product lifecycle. It enables manufacturers to trace a product's lineage to avoid counterfeit parts.

Big Data Analytics

By utilizing big data analytics, manufacturing companies can gain from predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, effective supply chain management, enhanced process performance, and more.

Internet of Things

Interconnected sensors and gadgets enable real-time insights into essential areas such as personnel health, environmental considerations, equipment conditions, and commodity status.

Cloud Computing

Thanks to scalable cloud technology, manufacturers may now process, store, and share real-time data remotely, reducing the need for large IT infrastructure expenditures. Cloud technology also allows users to share databases.

Why Choose SparxIT For Manufacturing Software Development?

We know the importance of process optimization in ever-evolving production environments and offer tangible results through industrial software services.

Domain Expertise

Our team is proficient in using technologies like AI/ML, Big Data, and Cloud, and is well-versed in industry procedures and compliance.

Seamless Third-Party Integrations

Thanks to our vast experience integrating third-party APIs into manufacturing software solutions, you can compete worldwide.


Data security is a top priority for us when developing software solutions. Our careful attention to security measures ensures a high degree of protection against hostile activity.

Regulatory Compliance

We comply with international regulatory requirements to ensure software integrity, including data protection, environmental impact, employee safety, and product quality.

Value-Driven Approach

We support manufacturers and deliver excellent business value for manufacturing software in an honest, reliable, and open manner.

Futuristic Solutions

Utilizing the potential of Industry 4.0, SparxIT develops and integrates production solutions using cutting-edge technology to increase uptime.

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Jan Van Elst Belgium

“To work with sparxitsolutions was really easy & fast. They built a website for me with wordpress in a few days and right to my requirements.

My contact was Sylvia. She was really nice, answered always very quick and made a perfect job. I would highly recommend sparxitsolutions and will do for sure more projects with them.”

Our Industrial Software Development Process

Agile Techniques Allow us to Build Sustainable Manufacturing Software Solutions

STEP 2 Development
  • Design Robust Architecture
  • Incorporate Features
  • Develop a High-Performance Backend System
  • Integrate Database
STEP 3 Testing
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance
  • Evaluate Performance and Security
  • Resolve Any Identified Bugs
  • User Acceptance Testing
STEP 4 Deployment
  • Pre-Release Preparations
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Regular Software Updates

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