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End-to-End Performance Testing Services

SparxIT ensures your application is tested under real-world conditions and can handle the demands of your users.

Load Testing Services

SparxIT offers comprehensive load testing services to identify how your software will behave under normal and peak load conditions. Our team mitigates the risk of your software failing and reduces the software abandonment rate.

Stress Test Service

SparxIT is an experienced performance testing company delivering all-out stress test services. We conduct performance load stress testing to detect the software's breaking point and ensure it showcases appropriate error messages.

Scalability Testing

We measure the application’s ability to scale up and down under processing power and architecture variations. It helps us ensure your software performs adequately under increased user traffic, data volume, transaction counts, etc.

Spike Testing

We ensure your software performs accurately when the amount of user requests spikes or falls suddenly—for instance, performance testing on a website during a flash sale or an application delivering live-streaming services.

Volume Testing

We perform Volume Testing (also known as Flood Testing) to ensure your application is capable of real-world usage with an increased volume of data in the database. Our testing ensures your system performance and scalability plans work as intended.

Continuous Performance Testing

Continuous performance testing in a CI pipeline constantly monitors the application’s performance. We automate the integrated testing builds and deploy them to eliminate performance regressions.

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Benefits of Performance Testing in Software Testing

High Speed

We ensure your software meets the essential software performance requirements and delivers output at high speed.

Improved Response Time

SparxIT’s QA performance testing team identifies problem areas causing delays in response time and makes improvements.

Reliable Software

With performance testing, you can ensure your software is reliable and capable of handling user demands.

Check Resource Usage

Performance testing helps you check the software resource usage, like CPU, memory, network bandwidth, etc., and optimize it accordingly.

Scalable Software

We simulate real-world scenarios to identify and mitigate scalability issues in your application, ensuring better performance under high user request loads.

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Databotix Austria

“To work with sparxitsolutions was really easy & fast. They built a website for me with wordpress in a few days and right to my requirements. My contact was Sylvia. She was really nice, answered always very quick and made a perfect job. I would highly recommend sparxitsolutions and will do for sure more projects with them.”

Why Rely on Our Performance Testing Services?

At SparxIT, we understand the importance of testing performance.

Flexible Engagement and Pricing Model

SparxIT offers customized engagement and pricing models of application testing services based on your project’s requirements.

Timely Delivery

Being a reliable performance testing company, we timely deliver load and performance testing services based on our client’s business needs and requirements.

Higher Satisfaction Rates

Our clients value our end-to-end performance testing strategies on various software applications and platforms.

SparxIT Follows Agile Approach to Performance Testing


Project Analysis

0 1

SparxIT’s software performance testing team will analyze your application, its purpose, usage pattern, and the critical areas that need testing.

Plan and Design Performance Test Scenarios

0 2

We plan and design test scenarios to simulate different application usage patterns during performance testing.

Performance Test Execution

0 3

We record the scenarios via various tools like JMeter and execute them. In this phase, we record performance metrics, such as response time, throughput, and error rate.

Analyze the Results

0 4

Next, our QA performance testing team will analyze the results based on the data gathered in the previous phases and find performance issues.

Submitting Performance Metrics Report

0 5

The last step is to submit the summarized performance metrics report. This report includes details about the executed test scenarios and performance issues.

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