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What services do we offer in Data Analysis?

You can avail of these data analysis services.

Cloud Adoption

We guarantee cloud adoption with built-in security, accessibility, versatility, and scalability. Our experience ranges across Microsoft Azure, S/4 Hana Cloud, Salesforce Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and AWS implementation. We help evaluate the key decision in managing the deployment of cloud in disruptive business models toinnovate the customer's experience.

Internet Of Things

We comprehend that the intensity of IoT is released by not just connecting sensors but by mastering advanced analytics models directly at the edge, to empower real-time actions. Our specialized IoT services are coupled with a design thinking centered approach. We provide an end-to-end solution to help you to build your IoT solution in the shortest time frame.

Information Strategy & Governance

We mainly emphasize on strategic business assessment to grab the business goal. We follow the best practice of information architecture strategy to streamline information and data recovery with guaranteed future versatility without additional capital investment. We ensure the right data valuation, archiving, retrieval, and deletion of information.

Business Intelligence

Our specialized team provides remarkable data analysis service by up-streaming the data to dashboards like Power BI, Tableau, etc that can help further understand the trend analysis, based on that you can make better decisions to maximize productivity.

Application and Infrastructure Optimization

Sparx IT Solutions brings infrastructure management and technical support altogether to serve our clients' quick resolution and unified support. Our approach includes the combination of data center management, infrastructure management, and IT application management that leads to proactive and managed infrastructure and technical support.

Test Engineering

We deliver quality products with a faster and continuous testing approach. Our data engineers have capabilities of superior decision making delivered by high-end data testing services with traditional and emerging data technologies. With the use of automation and effective testing approach, we enhance the web and application performance for the best user experience.

How Does a Data Analytics Company Like Us Benefits Your Business?


We help your business to identify new exposure and opportunities for effective operation and huge revenue generation. We identify the complex issues or the factors that can lead to any risk and perform the desired operation that ends with the best outcome.

Visualizing And

With access to the advanced data analytics and data visualization tools we provide insights of heterogeneous or unstructured data in different formats. It helps decision-makers to identify the connection between multi-dimensional data sets and interpret data through graphical representation.


With accurate market research and customer behavior analysis we deliver data in meaningful ways. Our real-time data analysis approach helps you increase productivity and determine how to improvise the product development cycle.

Mitigate Fraud and
Risk Factors

With our strict safety measures, we aim to keep all your physical, financial, and intellectual assets safe and secure. Our highly capable data scientists provide the optimum level of fraud detection and complete organizational security.

Delivering Relevant

Products are the reason for the survival of any organization. We collect authentic data from various sources where users publicize their requirements, demand, and thoughts. It helps you to stay hottest in the market when trends and demands changes or new technologies take place.

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JAmit Singh
Amit Singh India

“Sparx IT Solutions completed the platform successfully and their SEO efforts yielded increased site traffic.”

Why Is Sparx IT Solutions A One Stop Destination For Data Analysis?

Our Mission Is To Make Your Business Successful

Expert Team of Data Analysts

Our data scientists are well-qualified and have the skillset in statistics, machine learning, coding, and software engineering. With the strong command over the scientific research process and latest trends, we turn data insights into the best business solution.

Domain Expertise

With more than 13 Years of unbeatable experience, we can understand the specification of businesses. Our dedicated researchers always seek new learning opportunities and assess key data to meet the desired goal.

Seamless Communication

With excellent communication skills, we can listen and understand your business objective to deliver the expected outcome. Our data analysts are well-versed in different mediums including verbal, written, and visualizing software to report their conclusion and sharing with the team.

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