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Get Complete Cyber Assurance With Our Security Penetration Testing Services

SparxIT delivers effective countermeasures against software vulnerabilities and ensures better application scalability.

Web App Security Testing

Hire our web security testing services to identify flaws and loopholes in web applications. We use various techniques to test website security, such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, Authentication & Authorization, and other security-related issues.

Network Security Testing

We offer network penetration testing services to identify network devices, servers, and application vulnerabilities. Our team protects your organization’s digital assets from cyber-attacks by mitigating these vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them.

Security Compliance Testing

SparxIT’s security testing team ensures your organization’s systems and applications meet regulatory standards, such as DSS, HIPAA, PCI, HITRUST, etc. We conduct security assessments to identify problem areas and remediate compliance issues.

Cloud Security Testing

Our cloud security consulting team protects your cloud-based applications and services against potential cybersecurity risks. We identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities, such as misconfigurations, unauthorized access, and other security issues.

Mobile App Security Testing

We use manual and automated pen testing services to uncover potential threats accurately and efficiently. Our team tests iOS & Android apps to find and fix vulnerabilities that can exploit your mobile application’s security.

API Security Testing

We test API’s functions to identify security vulnerabilities, such as broken authentication, lack of resource & rate limiting, input validation issues, .etc. Our API security testing eliminates potential risks associated with these security loopholes.

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Critical Security Testing Areas We Focus On

Authentication and Authorization

SparxIT ensures your system follows proper security measures, access controls, and permission mechanisms.

Database Security

We test the security of the system’s databases for various security attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and more.

Application Security

SparxIT’s experienced security testing team tests and adds security features to prevent your application against threats.

Data Security

We protect and encrypt your data with proper access controls, recovery procedures, and backup processes.

Network and Infrastructure Security

We thoroughly examine firewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention systems, ensuring your network is safeguarded against unauthorized access or attacks.

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A great company to work with! I worked with you people for varied projects WordPress, mobile apps, Magento, PSD designs, and more. You delivered each project with complete dedication.

Why Makes Us a Top Penetration Testing Company?

Our security testing services minimize risks and offer cyber assurance.

Certified Ethical Hackers

SparxIT has a skilled team of certified ethical hackers and cybersecurity testers with decades of experience in security assurance management.

Regular Security Audits

Our regular security audits will monitor the effectiveness of security strategies to ensure your applications and network infrastructure stay secure.

Safe, Secure, and Reliable Software

We identify security loopholes and create new policies to ensure your software sticks to better security practices.

Our Approach to Security Assurance Management


Define the Project Scope

0 1

We identify the security measures, testing goals, and sensitive information in your application to safeguard them.

Develop Test Plan

0 2

The next step is to design the roadmap of the test schedule, including the setup of the test environment, test schedule, and estimation.

Vulnerability Assessment

0 3

We run the test cases manually and automatically to identify security vulnerabilities in the mobile application.

Create Vulnerability Report

0 4

We create comprehensive reports of security vulnerabilities and recommend remediation or mitigation accordingly.

Assurance Maintenance

0 5

With regular security auditing, we ensure your software stays safe, secure, and reliable.

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