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Reliable Software Functional Testing Services We Offer

We offer versatile testing services, including manual and automated functional testing, guaranteeing high-quality software.

Smoke Testing

Our software functional testing engineers assess the application’s behavior to ensure its stability and functionality remain intact.

Unit Testing

SparxIT performs unit testing on the individual units, including objects, classes, functions, etc., to test if they match the requirements.

Integration Testing

Our software testing services include integration testing to determine how effectively each module can perform in an integrated environment.

Regression Testing

This type of functional test ensures that any changes or optimization to the codebase does not cause unintended consequences in existing functions.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is a type of QA functional testing to test the software in the “real world” to get the approval of the intended audience or business representative.

Exploratory Testing

We embrace exploratory testing in our agile and iterative software development environments. This approach allows us to adapt quickly to changes and identify potential defects as they arise.

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Improved User Engagement

With functional UI testing, we ensure the software performs its functions as intended and meets the user’s expectations & requirements.

Reduced Test Cycle Time

Identify bugs early in the development life cycle and solve problems before it becomes more complex.

Increased Operational Efficiencies

Testing functionality issues causing the application to slow down, crash, or become unresponsive and eliminate them.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Functional testing ensures that the software applications offer a positive user experience, leading to increased customer loyalty.

Strong QA Background

SparxIT has been in the industry for over a decade and possesses strong expertise in software functional testing services.

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Reliable Functional Testing Company: Flexible Engagement Models to Suit Your Needs

Based on your needs, we identify the best functional software testing support for you.

Managed Testing Services

Hire our experienced and skilled QA functional testers to create result-oriented quality software products.

Staff Augmentation

Eliminate skill gaps in your projects by outsourcing and managing our dedicated testing team in your infrastructure.

Setting Up Your Team

Let us help you set up an independent functional software testing team with a comprehensive outsourcing approach.

Functional Testing Approach We Follow


Project Initiation


Our specialist team dives into the project scope and defines its objective.

Test Planning and Analysis


We analyze software specifications clearly and draft a detailed test strategy.

Test Design


The testing team carefully designs a detailed test plan and writes test cases accordingly.

Test Model Optimization


Our testing is a blend of manual and automated functional testing that improves test accuracy.



We prepare the test summary report to analyze your software quality.

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Is functional testing a type of black-box testing technique?


Do you provide a QA testing team to hire?


What are the different types of software functional testing?

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