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Our GDPR Compliance Services At A Glance

How do we cater to your GDPR compliance needs?

Assessment Of Compliance

We start by analyzing the existing policies, procedures, and mechanisms for security that an organization utilizes for data processing. Depending on an organization’s needs, we create a roadmap to build a GDPR compliance solution from scratch or give guidance to enhance the existing system if possible.

Internal Audit

In the course of GDPR compliance services, we also perform post-compliance audits internal to an organization to ensure it is fully compliant. Any findings are presented to management and final solutions are provided that are meant to fill the gap. We ensure complete compliance with your business.

Discovery of Personal Data

Our GDPR experts come up with an excellent technological and process set up to help businesses discover Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that is used across an organization. The use of the set up will empower organizations to govern the usage and management of such information.

Process Modeling

By leveraging modern technologies, we facilitate process modeling to help in your GDPR compliance strategy. We aim to create a system that offers complete data protection and helps in detecting data breaches at every point of the application cycle. We create robust solutions that help pinpoint challenges.

Data Control Assessment

In our data control assessment service, we ascertain and analyze the whole ecosystem of a company for controlling data and build a robust GDPR compliance strategy. Our GDPR compliance advisory services experts accomplish this task by identifying key metrics that help discover a business’s compliance level with the law.

Support For Implementation

We help in identifying requisite technical and security controls to ensure GDPR compliance in action. We also provide complete help and support to fulfill any additional business requirements to meet the goal of GDPR compliance as per your unique business context. Our experts provide the best results.

Benefits Of Choosing Our GDPR Compliance Services

Risk Management

We assess your data security requirements and implement strong measures that help you in risk management.

Data Protection

Our GDPR experts take every measure to integrate the best security measures to protect individual data.

Responsive Planning

We provide you with effective incident response planning to help handle any incident of a data breach.

Increased Reputation

Our strong and effective GDPR compliance services will enable you to enhance your organization's reputation.

Secured Data Processing

We set up a system and data processing environment that is fully secure and complies with GDPR law.

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JAmit Singh
Amit Singh India

“Sparx IT Solutions completed the platform successfully and their SEO efforts yielded increased site traffic.”

Why Should You Choose Sparx IT Solutions For GDPR Compliance Services?

We offer unrivaled services to ensure your compliance with GDPR

Smooth Compliance

By crafting a clear plan of action and implementing it as a customized compliance solution, we ensure streamlined compliance for clients. Our experts ensure a proper procedure and plan to accomplish compliance.

Holistic Approach

We follow a holistic approach and whatever services and solutions we offer are focused on providing a central system that helps regulate the usage of personal data as well as provide reports and quick alerts for a data breach.

Adaptable Solutions

We offer tailored solutions to our clients that are adaptable to the future needs of their businesses. The future needs may be due to changes in GDPR law or any infrastructural requirements. With our GDPR compliance advisory services, you get complete solutions.

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