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At SparxIT, We Offer a Range of Accessibility Testing Services

We are a reliable accessibility testing company delivering testing solutions quickly and efficiently.

Manual Analysis

SparxIT’s testing team monitors every detail from development to deployment and runs through the manual checklists. It helps us ensure your software is compliant with the W3C standards.

Automated Accessibility Testing

Our accessibility expert team uses the industry’s leading automation tools to speed up your release cycle and identify accessibility issues early on.

Full Accessibility Testing

We use powerful testing tools and manual code reviews to perform comprehensive accessibility testing. Our team recommends solutions and implements remediation.

Implementing WCAG 2.0 & 2.1 Compliance

The SparxIT team ensures your software complies with WCAG 2.0 & 2.1 standards. We conduct ADA compliance tests, making software convenient for people with disabilities like visual impairment, learning, etc.

Test Website Accessibility

Our website accessibility test ensures all webpage elements are accessible to everyone. We help your website meet WCAG guidelines and make them easily accessible on any browser.

Assistive Testing

We adapt your apps to assistive technologies, including screen readers, screen magnification software, text reader, and speech input software. It ensures ease of access for people with disabilities.

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SparxIT Validates Your Software On its Various Attributes

Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard adaptability ensures the software is easy to use for people with dexterity disabilities.

Screen Readers

We drive software compatible with screen readers to make it accessible for people with visual impairments.

Forms and Labels

Our team ensures your forms and labels are compatible with the convenience of people with disabilities.

Focus Management

We ensure the focus of the software is in the right place, making it easy for users to navigate.

ARIA Attributes

SparxIT validates your software against ARIA attributes, a critical aspect of accessibility testing.

Contrast and Color

With accessibility testing, we ensure your app users do not feel difficulty reading text or discerning colors.

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Bree Argetsinger
Bree Argetsinger United States

It has been delightful to work with Sparx IT Solutions. They offered quality solutions within my budget. I would highly recommend them, if someone is looking to hiring a website design and development company. Thanks guys.

What Makes Us a Credible Mobile and Website Accessibility Testing Company?

Leave no stone unturned to test accessibility for your mobile and web applications.

Ensure Accessibility Across Multiple Platforms

We make sure your application is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, irrespective of the platform (web or mobile), device, or operating system (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.).

Validate With Proven Experts

As per ADA compliance testing, all public areas must accommodate people with disabilities. SparxIT’s accessibility expert ensures your website is readily accessible and usable by individuals, regardless of their ability.

Get Rapid, Cost-Efficient Solutions

We provide detailed reports and recommendations to make your mobile and web application accessible. Our accessibility testing services are fast and cost-efficient, specially crafted to meet your project objective.

Our Data-Driven Approach to Accessibility Testing


Selecting a Framework

0 1

The first step in our accessibility testing approach is to select a relevant framework as per the specific needs and requirements of your project.

Manual and Automated Accessibility Testing

0 2

A combination of manual and automated accessibility testing provides comprehensive coverage of test cases, reducing the time and improving accuracy.


0 3

We use effective tools and data-driven guidelines to design meaningful and actionable reports. SparxIT ensures stakeholders make informed decisions based on test results.


0 4

With rigorous accessibility testing, our skilled QA testers remediate your software and give proper advice on accessibility issues found in the report.


0 5

In this ever-growing technology space, SparxIT constantly monitors your mobile and web applications for any newly arising accessibility issues and flags them immediately.

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How do you perform an accessibility test?


Who will be responsible for accessibility testing?


What are accessibility testing tools that you use?


How much does it cost to have an accessible website?

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