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Addressing the versatile needs and expectations of every client is what service delivery approaches are all about. We create a strong combination of innovation, availability, and dedication to meet the future-oriented demands of every aspiring business organization seeking growth.


To leverage the advanced capabilities of Blockchain in increasing transparency in business processes with decentralized digital wallets. We provide our clients with the expertise and experience they seek to establish a secure and robust infrastructure. From case development and implementation of smooth development strategy to security, we offer 360-degree support to clients across the world.


We provide premier cryptocurrency exchange development services to a diversified clientele. Our exchange solutions allow users to trade across a wide range of cryptocurrencies built across leading Blockchain frameworks. We develop exchange apps that establish the implementation of high-security and usability standards such as two-way authentication.

Smart Contracts

Utilizing digital consensus in enforcing contracts between institutions to make processes more secure, regulated, accessible, and credible. With Smart Contracts, we have enabled automated agreements in our customers’ applications seeking the immediate and certain execution of protocols that assures sustainable growth with the earliest response.

dApp Development

Avail Blockchain development services to create a secure, open-standard, and connected decentralized app. It is a compatible set of decentralized, deterministic, complete, and isolated code combinations. We ensure to design highly interactive user interfaces that are easy to run and testable. The supreme goal to attain through dApps is to sustain maximum privacy.

DeFi Development

As the DeFi (decentralized finance) apps require seamless and smooth functioning, we create lightweight UIs, a strong backend for cryptocurrency exchange, and engage in timely maintenance of complete application infrastructure. We design, develop and integrate stable, multi-coin, and compatible wallet applications that allow storage of cryptocurrencies. The primary application goal is to sustain a fast, flawless, and controlled regulation of cryptocurrencies through digital wallets.

NFT Marketplace

Considering the increasing demands for NFTs in public and private sectors, we create and launch marketplaces to trade Non Fungible Tokens using Blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Binance, and Tron. A sustainable and result-oriented approach to token development allows us to meet custom enterprise demands and engage in unique assets or utilities through our NFT marketplace development services.

The Technological Foundation

Comprehending the cross-industry needs and scope of the project, we utilize the best of Blockchain’s capabilities to implement in all the products we create. With a dynamic approach to managing project demands and engaging the innovative factor, we have been able to shine brighter as a leading Blockchain development company.

Technology Platform


Crypto App

The speed at which Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are spreading their essence in the world of technology, they can play

an indispensable role in strengthening the foundation of all business processes in the future, in a more secure,

user-oriented and compatible manner

Vikash Sharma Pattern Vikash Sharma Co-founder & CEO

Bringing Blockchain Into Your Service



From providing sophisticated customer validation, faster cross-channel transactions to regulatory reporting of data, the finance industry has adapted Blockchain in conventional financial processes.



Blockchain-led solutions lead to a well-connected, systematic, secure information system, security with full-proof authentication benefitting the healthcare agencies circulating and maintaining drugs.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Ad hoc utilization of digital assets in real estate processes for high-scale securitization of loans and mortgages, smart property management, and simplified procurement resulting in increased productivity.

Media & Entertainmentance

Media &

A look-in to transforming the art industry that has become accessible and transparent for the artist showcasing their skills on different platforms by leveraging Smart Contracts forging a customized & more relevant experience for the audience.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Streamline the complex networks of suppliers, distributors, vendors, partners, customers, and all other peers with a shared IT infrastructure established on the foundation of Blockchain technology encouraging greater visibility.



Sophisticate the customer experience by introducing online process infrastructure backed by security-proof and high-value Blockchain. It leads to fast auditing of data and ensures a smooth rendering of products.



Maintain cross-party information more effectively and reduce process costs using Blockchain-led digital infrastructure that manages product movements, peer-to-peer networks, and tracking costs.



The peers in the legal system utilize Blockchain technology to simplify transactional networking, verify documents, and create an immutable storage system of agreements or testimonies making processes fast and flawless.



Blockchain in manufacturing leads to the positive transformation of ethical consumerism, sophisticated trading relationships, and a strengthened supply chain management system with reduced financial friction.

What Makes Us a Credible Blockchain Partner?

By assessing the most complex project demands, we have shaped an excellent service-delivery approach focused on the functionality parameters of Blockchain.

Wide-Ranging Vision

Blockchain scopes a lot of things altogether. To comprise all of that to serve our customers with the best of its offerings, we truly require a vibrant and far-reaching vision that we believe we have.

Design-Thinking Approach

By considering all attempts for simplifying the cognitive load of our Blockchain deliverables, we design-think things from clients’ perspectives with the ultimate goal of maximum results.

Unparalleled Experience

Having developed 20+ tokens, 50+ dApps, 10+ Defi apps, our team of 30+ Blockchain experts has enabled us to deliver robust and futuristic products to our wide and versatile clientele.

Know - How We Do It

Right from your invitation, we begin comprehending our strategy to serve you the way that we become your most credible service provider in technology.

  • STEP 1 Discovery

    After reaching out, elaborating on your requirement is the only other thing we need your help with. Our business team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to comprehending your needs.

  • STEP 2 Planning & Designing

    Once we are clear with what you need, it is time to carve an effective, simplistic, contented, and goal-oriented strategy to execute our plans and design the products in the best way possible.

  • STEP 3 Product Development

    We know what you need, we have the strategy, now we can transform things into real product or digital solutions that would serve the purpose of our clients’ envisioned project requirements and business objectives.

  • STEP 4 Launch

    We help clients to launch ICOs and deploy Blockchain projects on mainnet. We ensure a smooth installation and deployment of all our projects taking all actionable steps timely and effectively.

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Clients Acknowledge Our Excellence

We do not only serve our customers but establish long-term associations. It is the reason why our customers admire us with the best of their diligence.

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Jan Van Elst
Jan Van Elst Belgium

“To work with sparxitsolutions was really easy & fast. They built a website for me with wordpress in a few days and right to my requirements.

My contact was Sylvia. She was really nice, answered always very quick and made a perfect job. I would highly recommend sparxitsolutions and will do for sure more projects with them.”

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