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Our Professional Data Mining Services

Our services focus on the client's needs

Data Extraction from Scanned Documents

We use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to interpret machine printed text on scanned documents. We help our clients to remove their business complexities. Our expert data diggers are always ready to support you beyond your expectations.

Pre-processing of Data from your Warehouse

In our data mining services, we work with smart strategies to transform the huge amount of data in a useful and efficient format. Our data engineers have strong command over data structure and algorithms to serve all your business requirements with the best possible outcome.

Data Mining for Fraud Detection

We use smart and most appropriate approaches for fraud analysis. We care about your business data confidentiality and find it our duty to keep your business secure from any risk of failure. We take the challenge for fraud disclosure initiatives, offer risk assessment and management service to give your business a glitch-free direction.

Online News and Information Research

We are well-known in the industry due to our security policy and measures. Our modern researchers are involved in various fields to gather the large set of data and convert them into fruitful information that feeds your business purpose. We follow strict safety measures to avoid risk factors.

Competitive Growth Analysis and Tracking

We want you to win! By using modern analysis tools and tricks we keep you ahead of your competitors. We develop a growth strategy to understand the weakness and monitor the profitable actions of your competitors. We believe that knowing your competitor's strength is equally important to know your own business objective to grow over a long haul.

Analyze and Interpret Industry Data

Our data mining company has expert researchers who are deeply involved in data analysis and interpretation of raw data into structured information. We follow standard practice using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Database Technology, and potential patterns to derive insights into industry data.

Advantages of Our Data Mining Services


We select a high investigation model and criteria to find the appropriate matching information as per your requirements.


Come aboard and visualize your data in a few seconds. Sparx IT Solutions is 10 to 100x faster than existing solutions.

Big Data,
Any Data

We explore any kind of data from spreadsheets to data warehouses to Hadoop to cloud services.


Transform a huge amount of scrap or raw data into well-structured information for your business needs.


With the accurate analysis of trends, our data mining services help you in automating data visualization as per the schedule you define.

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Know What Our Customers Say

Bringing the Best to Our Customers & Making Them the Happiest.

Brandon-J.-Murray Germany

I built my website using Joomla. It was around 10 months that I spent on this website. The time I started facing problem, I thought to hire an expert. I must say that you guys worked wonders. You hard work and dedication made me work with you for more three projects. Your expertise, hard work and custom-script are worth-appreciating.

What Makes Sparx IT Solutions The Most Recommended Company for Data Mining Services?

We Uncover Meaningful Insights From Raw Data For Your Business Growth

Team of Professionals

We are rigged with experienced and talented data mining resources that can deal with a huge volume of data. We address complex data science problems with hypothetical skillset tailored to all the aspects of the right decision making to give new dimensions of your business.

Accurate And Optimal Results

The prior requirement of every client! We deliver accurate results to our clients on the estimated time scheduled. In the rapidly maturing research field, we offer guaranteed ways to obtain an optimized result with fast processing time.

Up-to-Date Technology

To meet your data mining outsourcing specification we never compromise with the latest tools and technologies. Focusing on your prerequisite we use advanced methodologies to provide agility, efficiency, and speed-up the workflow.

Global Reach

As an experienced data mining company, we have 13+ years of remarkable experience in dealing with clients across the globe. We set a high standard in the automation and machine learning industry to cater to our client's needs with zero disappointment.

Multiple Delivery options

Our information mining reports can be served in various formats like Excel, PDF, XML, PowerPoint Presentation, etc. You can read the report in any formats as per your preference.

24*7 Availability

Our in-house team of dedicated professionals is 24*7 active to cater to your needs. You can contact us through various modes of communication. We always listen to our client's queries and requirements to understand the business objective.

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