Over 100,000 apps have been built using Flutter since version one launched on 4th Dec 2018. Google Assistant, New York Times, eBay, etc. are some of the sample works of this UI software development kit.

With the successful mobile app development by these top-notch brands, many businesses are looking up to availing of the Flutter app development services. It is the innumerable benefits and comfortable attributes of Flutter that has made it one of the most used programming technologies for creating high-end mobile apps.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a software development kit introduced into the development world by Google. It helps in creating a user interface for applications that can run on Android, iOS, Windows, or web browsers. Hence, it is an SDK that allows developers to create cross-platform apps.

You can hire mobile app developers to create apps for all devices and platforms with a single codebase with the help of Flutter. The latest version of Flutter 1.22.5 was released on 10 December 2020. It is frequently updated to enhance the performance of apps built within its architecture.

What are the components of Flutter SDK?

As it is mentioned that Flutter is a software development kit. Hence, it has a complete architecture wherein there are many components that allow seamless usability of this UI SDK for developers. Here are the essential components of Flutter SDK.

Dart platform

Developers use the Dart language to write the codes for apps that are built using Flutter. This language is a part of the Flutter architecture and hence, well-supported by Flutter SDK. Dart has advanced features that make apps feature-packed for the end-users.

The Dart virtual machine is attributed with a just-in-time execution engine that allows the Flutter products to function optimally on Windows, macOS, etc. This engine allows changing anything in a running app smoothly. With hot reloading, changes in source files can automatically reflect in an app that is already launched.

Moreover, these changes can be reflected in the app without any other further steps. Nothing will be lost and the developers will not have to restart the app. Just-in-time and ahead-of-time compilations for all platforms like Android and iOS make the apps developed using Flutter to be highly efficient with an impeccable performance of all kinds of mobile devices.

Flutter engine

Flutter is using the Skia Graphics library provided by Google. This allows it to offer low-level rendering support. As we all know, the engine of this SDK is actually written in the programming language C++.

Flutter SDK is compatible with the other native SDKs, meaning those which are specifically designed for a platform like iOS or Android. Flutter’s engine is capable of implementing different Flutter in-built libraries.

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Some of these libraries include network 1/O, plugin architecture, compile toolchain, animation and graphics, accessibility support, and a Dart runtime. It offers a complete set of layout, platform, and foundation widgets.

Foundation library

It provides various APIs which facilitate communication with the engine. With primary functions and classes, this foundation library allows the Flutter app development company to create highly scalable and interactive apps using the Flutter SDK.

Design-specific widgets

The complete architecture of Flutter contains two groups of widgets that adhere to the norms which allows them to be compatible with different design languages. The first kind of widgets is material design widgets that are compatible with the design language by Google.

On the other hand, there are Cupertino that are compatible with the guidelines of Apple, that is, the iOS platform. Therefore, in a nutshell, Flutter offers design-specific widgets that make it a cross-platform SDK. hence, a lucrative choice among businesses to get their apps developed at a cost-effective and faster rate.

Why does Flutter use Dart Programming Language?

Flutter architecture consists of a programming language Dart. There are various reasons why Dart is an absolute choice for the Flutter SDK. Let’s check some of them:

Ensures high Developers’ productivity.

One of the most highlighting features of Flutter is its ability to decrease the usage of more resources. Hence it becomes more cost-effective. Therefore, it needs a language that can offer better products that can enhance the developers’ potential. Dart is one such programming language that provides great support to developers without compromising the readability of the framework as well as widgets.


Object orientation is a plus point for every language as developers have years of experience working with object-oriented languages. These decades of a comfortable environment in software development does not allow developers to opt for non-object-oriented language. Dart is one such object-oriented language that gives ease of development to Flutter developers.

High-end and predictable performance

The most important feature of Flutter is the weapon to developers for creating a seamless user experience. This is why we require a language like Dart because it is capable of running a considerable amount of code while all animation frames. It is capable of providing high as well as predictable performance without any glitch or halt that ensures that the developers do not face dropped frames.

Fast allocation

The facility of leveraging a functional-style flow that is attached with the in-built memory allocator that proficiently manages short-lived allocations is an inherent ability of very few languages. It is a necessary requirement and works well with Flutter.

What are the benefits of Flutter for mobile app development?

Being one of the most-chosen Flutter app development companies, Sparx IT Solutions has created apps for numerous businesses from different industrial domains. We have seen businesses choosing Flutter for their mobile app development for various reasons. Based on those reasons, we have curated this list of benefits that alluring these businesses into availing of Flutter mobile app development services:

Independent of technology; Owns an engine

It is not dependent on any of the browser or platform-specific widgets. It has its own well-established engine that helps it to create high-performance widgets for every platform. Hence it is neither dependent on any web browser technology nor technologies that come with a device or platform.

Code reusability

Flutter does not need to create platform-specific user interface components. This means that it follows an incredible rendering process that allows the developers to reuse the codes for every platform. Therefore, it’s the capability of creating apps for all platforms with a single code base is unmatchable.

Fast development

With its code reusability, Flutter allows the developers to speed up the development process. Faster development is the most highlighted benefit of getting a cross-platform app developed. The “hot reload” of Flutter makes it extremely easy to change and apply those changes in the final product. Everything becomes seamless with the developer supportive features of the Flutter SDK.

Provide native app like performance

Flutter has proved itself as the best cross-platform UI development kit. There is a reason behind this strong acceptance of Flutter in the software development world. The Flutter SDK is independent of code interpretations. Unlike other frameworks for cross-platform development, Flutter is not dependent on intermediate code representations. Hence, you will never face any kind of performance issues. It will be close to native apps and sometimes, even better than native apps with its over-the-top UI.


You can get highly customized apps with Flutter as it is capable of making your app customized by changing everything that appears on the screen according to your needs and goals. When you hire mobile app developers, discuss all your requirements and you will get everything as per your specific needs through the customizable capabilities of Flutter SDK.


The faster development and open-source nature of Flutter SDK make it perfect for your budget. If you will hire Flutter app developers for more time, they will cost you more. The greater speed to reach the market makes the overall development cost of the Flutter app highly low in comparison to other frameworks that take more time.

Mobile App Development Cost and time are inversely proportional when it comes to app development. This is why Flutter is the ideal choice for startups that are looking for cost-effective solutions to get their MVP developed.

Why Flutter is an Ideal Choice for businesses?

Cross-platform applications have multiple benefits such as they allow businesses to target a greater section of the audience with their ability to be accessible with different browsers and devices. The only drawback of these apps is that their performance is not at par with that of native apps.

Futter is a cross-platform development framework that manages to look after this drawback. They create highly appreciable UI for the end-users. Its capability to deliver bespoke apps with smooth performance is worthy of investments from all businesses.

Being a renowned Flutter app development company, we not only recommend this technology to Startups but also enterprises that are looking for faster, high-performing, and seamless apps with incredibly rich UI. For more assistance, you can connect with your experts.

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