Project Overview

KisanKonnect is a web and mobile hyperlocal grocery order app to order daily needs products from farms. This platform bridges the gap between the farmers and their customers, where they can order items they need.

Client Requirements

Our client for KisanKonnect wanted to completely redesign the app as his users were facing a lot of functioning and loading issues. Due to this, app users were encountering deadlock while placing the order and leaving the platform.

The focal point of the redesigning requirements was simplifying the platform layout and order placement system. Besides, our client also wanted to scale the platform to increase the user count.

Overall, we were given the task of improving this eCommerce platform infrastructure and performance.

Challenges Faced

Since the app was already designed and operating on the App Store and Play Store, the main challenge was understanding previous developers’ work. Any changes could end up crashing the live functionality, which we wanted to avoid.

Therefore, for us, reviewing the previous code carefully to find the issues was necessary. Additionally, we had to thoroughly study the target audience and their needs and understand the project requirements to fulfill the needs accordingly.

Ashish Verma
Ashish Verma Project Manager

“For the KisanKonnect project, it was required to mark all the major and minor parameters of the application to achieve the desired results. We needed to scale the application and improve the existing functionality without hampering the user experience of the application. We were able to contribute our broad experience in the eCommerce domain to the foundation of this product.”

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Though the application was already live, we had to do an in-depth analysis to ensure we rectified its issues from scratch. Therefore, we suggested our client integrate analytics, which helped us understand the customer’s pain points.

Ultimately, we worked on repairing those issues first and then moving on to the broader aspects of the project.

In the project KisanKonnect, we acted as a digital partner to provide complete assistance and improve this eCommerce platform’s performance.

Features Integrated


  • Categories
  • Product List
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Feedback Management
  • Rider Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Rating and Reviews Management
  • Tax Management
  • Return & Refund Management


  • Sign up and OTP Verification
  • Search Products with Advanced Filters
  • Order Placement
  • Track Order
  • Product Wishlist
  • Referral Bonus
  • Kisan Coins
  • Wallet Integrations
  • Chat Functionality
  • Return & Refund
Our Working

Our Working Methodology

We have integrated analytical tools like CleverTap and AppsFlyer to gather data and utilize it to make informed decisions, solve issues, and discover opportunities to improve conversion.

The KisanKonnect project is delivered as per the Managed Team Engagement Model, where we provided and managed all the resources involved. The resources allocated from our end were a Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, and Project Manager.

We opted for Agile methodology for this project, streamlining all the project processes, which helped us avoid rework and on-time delivery. Here is the step-by-step process we followed in KisanKonnect.

Step 1

Project Planning

Our first step in developing this project was to plan what work would be done in the current iteration. Based on the brainstorming session, we fabricated the designs and assigned other requirements for the project.

Step 2

Sprint Planning

We conducted meetings with clients every two weeks to plan the Sprints and provided them with updates on the project. Also, we built the proper kick-out plan for the subsequent deliverables in our Scrum meetings.

Step 3

Sprint Release and Review

We performed Weekly Project Sign-offs. Once a feature was ready, we conducted the review process to see whether the features were working as intended. We made the adjustments and upgraded the feature to improve its services.

Step 4

Validating Phase

In this phase, we tested the app feature to find the bugs and deployed the Sprints to the client to get their feedback.

UI Layout

UI Layout

The user interface of the KisanKonnect was already designed before it was handed over to us. However, with the logo provided by the client, we retouched the app layout. We used the AdobeXD tool to make the designs of the app.

Being an eCommerce application that delivers agriculture products from farms to homes, we maintained the aesthetic element of the app in green color. We kept the design minimal with proper whitespace.

Color Palette


As we have mentioned before, we have kept the primary color of the app Green. Besides that, the color we picked for KisanKonnect was mostly from edibles, such as Red, Yellow, etc.



Since we kept the design minimal with whitespace, we wanted to balance that with readable fonts. Therefore, we decided to go with the Montserrat font.


Technology Stack

Since KisanKonnect is both a mobile and website-based eCommerce platform, the technology stack used in developing this application is a blend of both mobile and web technology stacks.

The technology stacks in this project provide better outcomes while taking less development time. For instance, using Flutter, we developed apps for both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

At the same time, we used Angular and Python for the web application. We have also used multiple third-party integrations.

Let’s look at the list of the technology stack of the KisanKonnect application.

Third-Party Integrations

Microsoft SQL
Delivery Partner
Payment Gateway
Razorpay, Sodexo, ICICI Bank.
CleverTap, AppsFlyer, Firebase.
Push Notifications
Amazon SNS
Email Gateway
Send in Blue
Locus System
SMS Gateway, WhatsApp API.



Mobile App

Mobile App


The objective of the KisanKonnect project was to improve the overall performance of the application and provide a competitive edge. And we achieved this by scaling the app and integrating third-party applications that enhance the user experience.

We designed a seamless user interface and made it an easy-to-use platform with a simplified user onboarding process. On average, the average revenue and installs have increased by five times.

Additionally, the traffic on the web and mobile applications has improved extremely. The average number of orders and active users per day on the app has increased.

Below we are mentioning the outcomes of the developed app in numbers.

1500+ Products 30000+ Active Users 1 million+ Downloads 20+ Categories

“The newly designed, simple, easy, and streamlined app interface lets our users order the products within seconds. They no longer face issues like crashing or slowing down the app while using it. We are content with the work SparxIT did on our project. They have led KisanKonnect to great success through their expertise and dedication.”

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