It not been long since WordPress Calypso made its mark in the realm of WordPress. As a new WordPress interface, WordPress calypso is gaining praises from developers equally for being very much innovative in speeding up the web development procedure. WP Calypso has been made by utilizing HTML and CSS as well. The best benefit of utilizing these markup languages is that it can run easily on different Node.js supported servers.

As an innovative interface, Calypso has not been made by following the traditional WordPress approach. It is much more focused on the uses of JavaScript and the WordPress REST API. JavaScript is known popularly for speeding up the development that is an additional benefit of using this programming language.

Let’s Throw Some Light on the Calypso and its Benefits!

Calypso has made its mark as the latest WordPress interface and has made the job of managing the WordPress content, reading blogs, bringing in changes to the themes viewing stats and more very much easier. Calypso has taken the possibility of WordPress REST API to another level and has presented a number of development possibilities for the users.

More to this, the open source interface also ensures that developers from across the world can contribute to the evergreen WordPress Calypso interface to make it more prominent with the addition of new features. Thus, being an open source platform has increased the possibilities of this interface being more prominent in the near future with developers from across the world contributing more and more towards its innovative features.

The Vibrant Features of the New WordPress Interface – The Calypso!

There are lots of features in the new Calypso that is sure to take the WordPress legacy further. This new interface has been added with stunning features wherein some are brand new and others have been modified to be more specific with Calypso. Here is a short description on some of the features.

1. Real-Time Update

This is the best and one of the most prominent features that have been updated with the new Calypso interface. With this new update, changes that have been done to the application get reflected in the real-time and there is no requirement of reloading the page. This is absolutely an advantage for the developers as it saves time and a little bit of effort too.

2. Multisite Management Support

With the use of Jetpack plugin, a simple dashboard on a single URL is enough to manage both the as well as self-hosted WordPress websites. Earlier, a separate dashboard and a URL were needed to manage different websites, which is, of course, a bit difficult. Now it is easy in the new multi-site management support feature introduced with new WordPress Calypso.

3. Multi-Device Support

The new Calypso supports desktop and full mobile web with matching mobile native as well as desktop applications. However, with the old, the desktop web was supported with limited mobile web support. Thus, Calypso has managed to add new inputs to the old that are no doubt very much effective.

4. The Editor

Calypso has a clean, modern interface that helps in instant publishing. There is also a facility of in-page previews for desktop, tablet and mobile as well. However, there was no such facility included with the older interface. This is, thus, an added advantage for the users as well as developers starting to work with Calypso.


With a number of effective features, Calypso promises for a longer stay and will make the WordPress community vibrant and much user-friendly. It has got all the effective features that make the job of either a developer or a user much easier when working with WordPress. Thus, these promising features will take Calypso to new horizons in order to make it much more prominent.

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