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Learning a new language seems to be a pretty good option. This element will be common in bucket-list of most of the people for sure. In this age of technological advancement where many companies have become international, so it becomes necessary to learn foreign languages in order to communicate with different clients from all over the world without any hassle.

Although it may sound exciting to learn a new language, the entire process can be daunting. The learners usually face difficulty in grasping new words and mastering the accents. As a result, they left the process in between.

So, how to win over this situation?

Language learning mobile apps are there to make things simpler for learners. It is a convenient way for them to develop a solid grip on any language they want to learn. Many entrepreneurs have already started investing their capital on mobile app development, so to create a learning app.

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Since, there are few language learning apps that have made their way to the market, and gained huge popularity. Duolingo is one such app that is making the entire experience of learning different languages blissful.

Just like Duolingo, there are other preeminent language learning apps available as well in the market. Plus, there are many mobile app development companies which are offering top-notch development services for creating a robust learning mobile app.

What is Duolingo?

what is duolingo

Duolingo is a renowned free language learning app platform with over 300 million users. This app is a perfect option for those who want to start from scratch.

  • Provides the users an opportunity to learn 30+ languages.
  • Supports innovative learning methodology via various exercises and fun games.
  • Super-suited for adults, kids, students, and teachers.

Important Features While Creating A Language Learning App Like Duolingo

Features While Creating A Language Learning App Like Duolingo

One can include the below-mentioned features in the design and development of a learning mobile app. Let’s check out:

# 1. Sign in

While building a language learning app, you should keep good care of the authorization system. Duolingo has simplified this problem; you have to answer certain questions (age, gender, name, email), type the password, and you are done.

For further simplification of the entire process, we suggest you to authorize using social networks.

# 2. Filling Personal File

When the users sign up, they have to fill out the necessary information within their profile section. For creating a clone of Duolingo app, you should request for the below-mentioned data:

  • Personal Data- Within this part, the users have to enter their details like age, sex, photo (optional), etc.
  • Language of the users- The list of languages is wonderful and includes all the popular ones like English, French, German, etc.
  • Setting up a daily goal- In this, the users will plan a number of hours for studying on a daily basis.
  • Specifying the language level- If a user is well-versed with the basics of any specific language, he can take up a teat to know which lesson will be perfect to begin.

While building a language learning app like Duolingo, you can try out this similar scheme or you can come up with something new.

# 3. Dashboard

A dashboard is essentially a learning screen that leverages users to track their successes and carries tools for the learning process.

# 4. User Feedback

One of the best ways to enhance your app is by adding a feedback feature where the users are allowed to share their opinion related to the course within an app. Undoubtedly, this is an ideal method to know in which section your app is lacking behind.

# 5. Live Streaming

It would be a fantastic idea if you include a feature where students can interact with teachers in real-time and have discussions on their queries. This will make their learning experience interesting and exciting. Plus, it will help in increasing the confidence level of the learners.

# 6. Make it free for a certain period

This is essentially one of the most amazing features that you can offer to the app users. You can set lessons free of cost to a specific number for any language. Through this, the people who are visiting some other countries can use your app for learning the basic language.

# 7. Integration of good learning resources

It is pointless to overfill your app with unnecessary features. Remember that quality is above all. Hence, you should never compromise the quality of the lessons by adding unnecessary learning courses. Instead of that, you should focus on developing content that encourages people to choose your app rather than conventional offline courses.

# 8. Add Illustrations

Back in school, we had textbooks that contained informative illustrations that explain the concept properly. Similarly, within language learning, the learning revolves around reading and writing with a vocabulary set that is suitable for adults. The presentation should be delivered in a fun quest format where students will acquire knowledge and get entertained as well. The learning apps which utilize illustrations offer creative learning in a fun way. Due to this, they can grasp things faster.

# 9. Online Student Community

Every language learning app should provide a platform for the students where they can communicate freely related to their doubts on different topics, exchange opinions, and discuss lessons. Through this, they will brush-up their learning skills.

So, these are the best features that you can include in your language learning app.

Useful Tips for Language Learning App Development

Tips for Language Learning App Development

1. Build Advertisements

Initially, it will be difficult for you to find users for your application owing to the availability of various learning programs in the stores. Plus, the users prefer the widespread ones. So, you should try spreading advertisements on social media that must be bright and exclusive.

2. Add New Features

One of the main reasons why users have uninstalled your app is that they don’t find it useful anymore.

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3. Make learning interesting

The users like trying out different exercises regularly, so you should surprise them by adding new exercises timely.

The Technology Stack For Learning App Development

For creating a top-quality learning app, it is important to integrate the latest technologies to match the users’ expectations.

UI/UX– For front-end development, CSS3 and Bootstrap are required the most. While for back-end development, JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, Python, or Django will be needed. Hire app developer who is proficient in Java and Swift needed for developing Android and iOS apps respectively.

Database- Typically, a learning app carries enormous data, hence the deployed technology should be robust. Developers can utilize MongoDB, HBase, MySQL, Postgres, etc.

Cloud- For safe and secure data storage, developers can employ Google cloud storage or Amazon data servers.

The Team Structure Needed For Learning App Development

Before you hire an app development team, make sure that you choose the deft professionals. You should approach leading mobile app development companies that can accelerate the process of app creation. So, you can get your hands

  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Quality Inspectors

Cost of Developing a Language Learning App

Cost of Developing a Language Learning App

The cost of development depends on the total number of hours invested, features, and functionality involved in the learning app. This will provide you a rough estimation of learning app development.

There are various aspects which determines the app development cost, such as:

1. Basic functionality
2. Advanced set of features
3. Opted platforms (Android, iOS, or both)
4. Team size for app development
5. Complexity of an app

Note that the cost of building a learning mobile app will increase with the rise in integrated technologies. However, an app with basic features will cost around $10, 000- $30, 000 for a single platform. If you want to develop an app for both the platforms, then it will cost you somewhere around $45, 000.

Some concluding thoughts

If you have plans to develop a language learning app, then we recommend you to incorporate all the above-mentioned features. With these features, you can get a highly functional app that offers a seamless language learning experience to the users. Plus, you need to hire app development specialists for the effective implementation of your idea of the language app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to build a language learning app?

Ans:- The estimated time for developing an app depends on the complexity level of a project.

2. Can you provide me the code for reviewing during the development process?

Ans:- Yes, we provide parts of code to give you assurance regarding quality. But, we offer source code only after the project completion.

3. What kind of support did I expect throughout the development process?

Ans:- We assign a dedicated Project Manager (PM) to whom you can contact via mail, skype, or a phone call in the entire development process.

4. Who will take care of app submission on the app store?

Ans:- We take the complete responsibility of your app and get it published in the store.

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