Healthcare, which is the most crucial segment of day-to-day life has usually been overlooked by people due to their fast-running life and busy schedules. Today, nobody has much time to first wait to book an appointment and then visit a doctor after crossing a long queue. Everyone nowadays is tech-savvy and wants everything quick & on their fingertips. By observing the facts and needs of the current healthcare sector, mobile app development companies are facilitating users with advanced and enhanced mobile healthcare applications that are built to meet the basic requirements of patients and doctors.

It has been observed that there is a huge scope in the domain of healthcare & medical app development. However, It has not been long when the concept of mHealth Solutions emerged but still, it is touching the momentum of success in the industry. It was introduced after the digitalization of each aspect of daily life which has also covered the spheres of healthcare & wellness.

There is no doubt that healthcare sector is gaining much revenue in comparison to other sectors and is also expected to rise triple in upcoming years. But, there are some app owners who are scared of the clutch of GDPR compliance. They do not need to remain in fear when Sparx IT Solutions has commenced providing GDPR compliance consulting services. Yes! We will definitely allow you to handle the personal data, access to the data and GDPR checklist appropriately.

Let’s have a look at some actual stats that define the scope of healthcare & mobile app development across the market:

  1. According to stats – there would be a high increase of around $60 billion in healthcare app development by 2020.
  2. Currently, medical app market has reached $20 billion as every patient and doctor prefer to utilize online medical facility through dedicated apps.
  3. Today, approx. 52% of smartphone users accumulate health-related information through their phones whether they are seeking for a doctor or hospital nearby them.
  4. It is predicted that ratio of healthcare practitioners who use healthcare apps will take a high-rise by the end of 2017.

No wonder that mobile healthcare applications are in high demand not only among patients but also among medical practitioners & physicians as well. This is the reason most of the medical segments and administrations are partnering with reliable healthcare mobile app development companies to get fully-functional healthcare mobile apps for patients & doctors. Among those renowned companies, Sparx IT Solutions is a trusted medical iPhone mobile app development company which is defining its name by providing the possibilities to the users to organize important healthcare activities with virtual medical & healthcare mobile apps.

We have experienced and skilled healthcare & medical app developers who are well-versed in developing tailor-made medical applications that are well-suited with defined industry requirements. It is our specialty that we screen each app development phase from the sketching to launch and deliver businesses the powerful medical apps for Android & iOS that go a long way with business operations.

Our expertise lies in facilitating clients with:

Hospital administration & management apps
Core medical apps
Healthcare & fitness apps
Medication apps
Clinical interaction apps
Chronic care healthcare apps
Women’s healthcare apps
Medical education apps

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We will work alongside to map your actual medical requirements and formulate a healthcare app to give your medical sector a new way to track & store database. Our solutions provide excellent performance when it comes to providing the exceptional experience to both the patients and doctors.


• For patients, the apps are helpful in making them aware of the dates and time of doctor’s appointment.
• They can track vitals medication records or save personal health data to proceed with further activities.
• Ensure a healthy communication between a patient and doctor.


• Assist physicians to get alerts for the quality of life and patients reports.
• These apps can be easily integrated with the daily EMR system which alerts physicians regarding the conditions of their patients.
• Provide the information to the patients regarding various diseases and symptoms.

Generally, healthcare apps are categorized into two categories referred as doctor & patient app. But here with us, healthcare industries can have customized medical solutions to track & organize regular activities. Have a glance at the facilities & features you can have with our variety of mobile medical apps:

Features & Facilities of Mobile Healthcare Applications:

  • Access electronic medical records
  • View doctor’s profile & other credentials
  • View & schedule doctor’s appointment
  • Book, modify & cancel appointments
  • On-time appointment notifications/reminders
  • Access to lab test reports
  • Get prescription details & alerts
  • Prescription refill options
  • Latest medical news & information
  • Online reports download facility
  • Get emergency doctor’s aid

So, if you are looking forward to having a multi-purpose or task-oriented mobile healthcare applications, it is essential that you first find out the best medical app development company and get your app development accomplished with professionalism.

Final Words:

Now, you must have got the idea that medical app development has become one of the foremost spheres in today’s industry. With its introduction & usages, it has opened numerous ways for healthcare institutions to materialize their basic tasks in easy and systematic manner. If you belong to the medical sector, it is the high time to adopt the trend and develop a custom healthcare mobile app to systematize your domain.

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