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Grocery Mobile App Development: Get Grocery Apps Like Bigbasket, Grofers, Instacart


Almost everything we need today is available at the touch of a thumb with our smartphone. In this mobile app market surge, there are a plethora of opportunities waiting for businesses to explore and reach out to potential buyers with their unique objectives. One such industry that is flourishing is online grocery. We all love how easy our lives have become with apps like Grofers, Instacart, and more. According to a source, the number of grocery app users in the USA are going to cross the 30 million mark by 2022. Therefore, it is evident that investing in a custom grocery app development would be a good choice.

Now, let’s get on the voyage and discover how you can develop a grocery app like Bigbasket?

Firstly, creating an app like BigBasket could be a daunting task for every entrepreneur. Therefore, they roam around for the best app developers who understand their business perspectives and take each requirement into the account to serve them professionally.

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Why Grocery Mobile Apps Are So Popular Among Users?

A hassle-free shopping experience is an obvious reason for the popularity of apps like Grofers among users. It is much easier to browse through an app to select and order all the grocery items rather than going to any such store. More to this, the doorstep delivery is an added advantage. Involving personally into this practice is time-consuming and tiring at the same time. Hence, we have come up with an innovative way of developing PepperTap, Instacart, HappyFresh, Grofers, and Bigbasket like scripts.

The grocery segment covers a whopping 60% share of the total market value of the Indian retail market. The food is counted among one of the basic requirements of individuals regardless of the social and class people belong to.

Grocery Mobile App From Sparx IT Solutions

Convenience and ease are the two decisive features of our system design. End-to-end design sequence also matters for our professionals when concentrating script on grocery eCommerce development. Therefore, our grocery app development has a number of features including mobile-optimized storefronts, easy checkout options, customized designs (as per clients’ preferences), etc. We have focused on such a Grofers and BigBasket like app development that helps our clientele manage their entire online store with their mobile devices only.

Being an advanced grocery mobile app development company, Sparx IT Solutions sticks to the introduction of innovative technology with the related app development services. Therefore, if you are looking for an innovative online grocery website/app development solution, we are the perfect destination for you. Appoint us as your one-stop solution partner and reap the service benefits thereafter.

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Benefits With Sparx IT Solutions

Dedicated Professionals Working Just For You

Professionalism makes any innovation sound more prominent. So, we at Sparx IT Solutions follow with Bigbasket / Instacart / HappyFresh/ Grofers / PepperTap like app development services.

Economical Service Advantage

Being economical ensures not only cost-effective expenses but also the finest use of resources. We stick to the same for grocery mobile app development and online grocery website development.

Documentation and support

We are very much happy to announce that we offer BigBasket like script services to the clients. Tech support is an additional benefit.

Detailing On Consumer’s Personalization   

Different grocery apps will differ in their approach of fetching services to the clients. Here comes our importance as we go extra miles to conclude those specifications.

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Types Of Grocery Apps



Marketplace apps bring their own menus on the table which is delivered by their own drivers. If you don’t own a grocery related business presently but want to discover this industry with the digital revolution of mobile apps, then this is the most appropriate option for you. 

One renowned name for this category is BigBasket. 


This app consists of listing all the nearby grocery stores and their menus. Users can order from the aggregator app from the listed stores. They associate drivers to deliver the order to the user, although this depends on the availability of the store. One eminent name of aggregator apps in the grocery app development market is Instacart. 

Grocery Chains

There are proficient names in the market like Wal-Mart and Kroger, who have set up their empire on the mobile app industry as well. Stores like this run on their own app for their loyal customers. Since there is a separate client base of these brands, consumers can simply order their groceries to be delivered by their homes from a trusted brand. 

Single Stores

As the name suggests, these apps are created by single stores. The grocery stores that want to deliver the product to regular customers at their doorstep can go for this grocery app development. These single stores single-handedly take care of everything; from the development of an app to taking orders and delivering them. This way they share profit among themselves only. 

What are the essential features that a Grocery app should have? 

We understand that it takes great endeavor to get into Instacart, PepperTap, Bigbasket, HappyFresh, and Grofers like app development services. Before actually creating a grocery app, you should know some of the essential features to include in your version. To help you with this, we have listed some of them here: 

Order Tracking Option

All the apps are embedded with a smart order tracking option which helps in tracking the order just with a few clicks along with specific details.

Easy Checkout

We have concluded an easy and smooth checkout option in our BigBasket like app so that the users do not deter from finalizing a purchase.

Diverse Categories

A number of product categories are there that make a listing of the products in the sections- organized category and subcategory of the same.

Enhanced Navigation  

A great user experience that also allows easy navigation is all that our grocery app development service focuses on.

Additional Features In Grocery Delivery App:

  • Grocery Specific Design
  • Personalized/Custom Made Offer Option
  • Product Search Facility
  • In-store Product Navigation
  • Option of Coupon Compatibility
  • Easy Barcode Scanning
  • Notification For New/Existing Product
  • Have Recent Item List
  • Create List of Favorite Items
  • Edit List Items
  • Effortless List Sharing
  • Easy Payment Modes

Providing Bigbasket, PepperTap, HappyFresh, Grofers, and Instacart like app development services is not a brand-new service arena for our company. We have also succeeded in WhatsApp, Instagram-like app development, and taxi booking app development. With our new food and grocery app development services, we strive to repeat the same records as established with the previously listed services.

If you are ready and excited about creating a grocery app with Sparx IT Solutions, then call us today and get the process started!

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