The current digitization of the services has taken the internet by storm. The technology has skyrocketed in yesteryears, which is why there are a number of apps for the users to perform tasks from shopping to exercising to count the calories that have been gained or burnt. More to it, there are fair chances that you have turned on an app (maybe a news website or a blogging platform) before enjoying your morning coffee for the day.

To let you familiarize with the trends and the happening across the globe, apps play a great role. They fetch the happening to the screens of your smartphones without letting you realize the amount of mobile app marketing services that has been involved in the whole phenomenon.

App marketing is a wide term that involves the techniques that are created to offer the attention to the apps they deserve. It involves a lot of efforts (online majorly, offline included) to hitch users’ attention.

Why Do Mobile App Marketing?

App marketing comes as the next step after apps have been created successfully. It is all about marketing the strategy that has been summed up in the creation of the applications. The ultimate aim of app marketing lies in familiarizing the users about the benefits of the applications.

App marketing is more of a technique that can win over successfully the users if done systematically. For offering you a better understanding, let’s dive deep with us into the practices for the same.

We have prescribed the methods under two different headings that include the pre-launch and post-launch practices. Here is more on the approaches.

Mobile App Pre-launch Best Practices

Icon Designs

The icons of your applications matter as it is an easy hint for the users to acknowledge the purpose of the application. Deciding an icon for the app will matter to make the apps’ impression a positive one among the users. Moreover, it is the first point of interaction with the customers and thus, it must be impressive.

Thus, making an exceptional icon holds importance when marketing the strategies perfectly. A perfect icon is a way to move the potential clients to the next level.

Better UX/UI Designs

The UX and UI designs are the two different aspects of the same coin. Both are designed to offer an exceptional experience to the users. The UI prominently deals with the technical aspects whereas the UX deals with the response to be given to the users.

In order to get in more clients, exceptional UX/UI experience is required. In case the users are impressed, the app has already created its success. Therefore, this aspect holds importance for the proper marketing of the application to be launched.

Create Websites

Now that mobile app has been built, it is now time to create the website as well. With the same, you must ensure the delivery of fresh content to the users. Creating the content in a promotional way can help in the marketing of the application.

Prior to the launch, it is also good to get the review of the app from the related sites. Positive reviews will always help to get your app noticed by the users that may urge them to download the application later.

Press Release

Press release is again a formula for a successful marketing campaign. Hitting the users’  inbox with the press release is an affordable and the most sought after method of familiarizing the users with the launch of the applications.

The methods are just great to have the complete control over Marketing campaigns and thus, you need not to rely on the external sources to push your campaigning to the next level. In addition, choose your words carefully while developing the PRs.

This is the round-up of the pre-launch best practices that are sure to make your campaign one robust in order to offer the benefits in the right way. However, it is not all about the pre-launch strategies. Accomplishing the pre-launch objectives is just the half part, another half lies in performing the post-launch practices too.

Here come the practices that are needed to be accomplished for the complete success of the mobile app marketing services.

Mobile App Post-launch Best Practices


As soon as the app launch news is circulated with the PR, it is now time for the service providers to advertise about the applications. For the same, any medium of advertising can be used (online & offline both included). It will help in spreading the news to the bigger masses.

The better the advertising media, the brighter the success chances. It is also important to target the audience by providing them convincing reason for using the app. Make it more attractive and alluring to be used by the audience.

App Store Optimization

App store optimization is important as a number of users (studies have revealed nearly 60%) are going to discover the app release through app store searches. Thus, by using the app store optimization (ASO), you are making use of a technique to optimize the app for higher ranking on the app store search result.

The higher the app ranks in the app store, the more visible it is to the potential users. The ultimate goal of the ASO is to drive high traffic to apps page in the app store so that searchers can take the action- “download the app”.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been coined with the recent marketing mediums. This is a broad term that aims to develop a relation with the influential people who have the potential to create visibility for a product or a service over the web.

This type of marketing generally requires something exceptional in the form of engaging blogs, info on social media channels, through guest posts or by a combination of all these to be offered to the users who can be approached by the influencer for marketing the related products.

Deep Linking Indexing To Cover Search Engine

Deep linking is yet another formula for successful marketing approach. The best thing about deep link is that it links to the content within the mobile app. The links can be created and shared just like it is done for the web. These links direct the users to that particular section of the application where the product is displayed as soon as they click the link. Google has already been providing the specific search results to searchers with this technique in the use.

With this approach, the aim lies in redirecting the users to that specific link such as “ page” rather than redirecting the searchers towards the home page that is “”. Deep linking is one of the exceptional formulas for successfully covering the search engine results.

Email Marketing

Let your app influence more people with effective email marketing practices. Email marketing is one of the effective marketing channels for mobile app user acquisition and getting potential customers. Email marketing channels can be useful for both pre and post launch marketing efforts. Moreover, occasional mails with attractive discounts on festive season and holiday eves are a clinch to ensure your space in clients’ inbox. Mails on such occasion work exceptionally well rather than the ones sent regularly.

That’s all about the best app marketing pre as well as post-launch practices. All these approaches have been researched to offer the benefit in the form of accomplished app marketing.

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