Years passed away, but still, the trends of UI designing is picking the momentum due to the continuous innovation and research of professional designers.

The rising change in the trends influences the entire industry whether it is the development domain or the designing field. The designing field is full of creativity and innovation as it results in amazing layouts and best User interface design. Along with website designing, mobile UI design also the best mode of attracting customers towards the business.

The ratio of mobile is increasing day by day and is expected to increase in upcoming years. This has happened just because of the introduction of outstanding mobile apps in the industry. These apps are not only high in functionality and navigation but also they are designed with awesome user interfaces. These are the reasons customers are dying to download and install these apps as they launched in the market.

Mobile apps nowadays are usually differentiated on the basis of the user experiences developers created for the same app. For a mobile app UI design, both the aspects are necessary as the one ensures exquisite layout and the other provides unbeatable user experience while using it. Designers always follow the latest trends for creating the mobile UI which best fits for the business.

The New Mobile UI Design Trends That Will Rule IN The Market:

  • Rise of Touch ID

Earlier, the use of the touch ID was only to unlock the device by verifying one’s fingerprints for the validity. Later, the touch ID had been used in the Apple devices to improve the online purchase experience easy and time-saving. This concept of UI started giving the industry something bigger and better.

Touch ID

  • Material Design Always Rocks

It is an old mobile UI trend and it is expected to be continued in forthcoming years. This is a Google based layout designing trend which is completely based on the material design concept. Material design is the commendable trend which is meant to offer user-friendly material design apps by providing the designers an opportunity to showcase their skills with this advanced tool. It will never get old and will be broadly used by the UI designers to enhance the look & feel of the mobile applications.

Material Design

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  • Usage of Hidden Navigation

Utilization of hidden navigation is not new for the UI designers and the entire designing industry. Even, it has been in the limelight for quite a long time. But, the mobile UI designers have brought this up with its various functionalities that make it more demanding. They use this to hide the app or website functionality in order save the screen space and to provide a clear view to the mainstream. We think that it will be going to rock the entire UI world as it is the only trend which works on saving the screen space.

Hidden Navigation

  • Motion Design

Mobile application designers have already adopted this technique in their designing toolkit. Gradually, it has been seen everywhere in which tapping on the app button gets converted into a described motion which is more meaningful. It always gives users a focal point and hence provides an immersive experience with perfect sight. It is considered reliable for creating the best UI design and predicted to be used over the years by the industry.

motion design

  • Diffused Background Technique

We can see that mobile devices are not as big and their screen sized are small. It does not mean that designers have stopped building appealing backgrounds and themes. Even they created the backgrounds and make them diffused just to let the users focus on the desired app features. It is the new terminology but it is gaining admiration in designing field.

Diffused Background

  • Card Design UI Patterns

Basically, card design patterns are used for making a website more impressive and appealing. It is the best tool for mobile-friendly websites. This concept has entered to the domain just to divide and place the content properly on the website which ensures better visibility. Also, the card designs made it possible to download the objects (the media ones) and attracts more traffic towards the website.

Card Design UI

  • Influential Wearable Devices

Today, wearable devices such as smart glasses and especially smart watches are in the trend across the market and it seems that it is not going anywhere soon from the industry. People and particularly the kids are liking these wearables very much and want some more innovations to the features. Owing to the increasing demand and love of users, it is reaching the peak. On the basis of the latest forecasts, wearables are supposed to cross the number of 200 Million units to be shipped by the end of the year 2019 and it a big change. Designers continuously making inventions regarding these wearables to provide better user experience to the users.

Wearable Devices

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Final Words:

The direction of UX and UI design has dramatically changed a lot in previous years and is expected to touch the sky in upcoming years. Designers are still observing the improvements and innovation in UI design trends. The above-mentioned trends are highly relevant and reliable to use. Sparx IT Solutions is following these mobile UI trends and always tries to improve the user experience of mobile apps.

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