I am a brand-new guy over here, said “Little” Steven Van Zandt in Lilyhammer, the first Netflix original that premiered in 2012. After twelve years, the entertainment industry is almost unidentifiable. Streaming services like Netflix have changed our viewing habits, with the term “binge-watch” being a runner-up to “selfie” for the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2013.

Netflix saw the writing on the wall. It has seamlessly transitioned from mailing out DVDs to providing content to consumers over the Internet. Video streaming apps like Netflix effectively positioned themselves at the center and reorganized the conventional broadcast television and theater cinema models.

Today, technology is changing how we consume information and entertainment. Many people are switching from expensive monthly cable TV subscriptions to streaming video services like Netflix, which cost as little as $10 monthly. Whether customers want no advertisements, the best sports leagues, the latest blockbusters, or last year’s TV episodes, streaming services similar to Netflix provide more options to suit everyone’s budget.

The on-demand video streaming app development market has increased. It was worth $376.06 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach USD 932.39 billion by 2028. It is evident that people are opting to cut the cord and look into alternatives to cable TV. Therefore, there are exciting opportunities for many media and entertainment (M&E) companies and businesses to make an app like Netflix and reap high ROIs.

Why is Investing in Streaming Services like Netflix Beneficial?

The achievements of Hulu, HBO, and Netflix are incredibly motivating. Upon observing the fruits of their success, numerous companies have begun to consider launching applications like Netflix. It makes sense to offer this kind of service now by building an intuitive app with the help of an app development agency.

Let’s look at some facts before we outline on how to create a streaming app like Netflix. It will answer any questions you may have about making a comparable application.

  • The current market valuation for video streaming exceeds $500 billion. It is projected to grow at a CAGR of 19.3% and reach $1.9 trillion by 2030. Moreover, a little over 1.8 billion people subscribe to streaming video services.
  • Furthermore, Americans use their phones for an average of 13 hours and 11 minutes daily. According to Forbes, 3 hours and 6 minutes are spent streaming videos daily.

Without a doubt, the market anticipates rapid expansion. Though many custom OTT solutions are available, a few streaming applications dominate most of the market.

Step-by-Step Process to Create an App Like Netflix

Building an app like Netflix requires extensive planning, research, and development. The steps mentioned below can assist you in getting started with video streaming app development.

1. Identify Your Niche and Establish a USP

Your main goal is finding the content you want to stream on apps like Netflix. You can experiment with diverse content types and provide them to your audience. Here, we have researched and categorized various mobile app ideas for streaming platforms like Netflix.

Below are a handful of them:


The most popular content type is entertainment, which includes a variety of genres like action, humor, and thrillers. Entertainment is very profitable because it caters to a broader audience and allows viewers to experience new things.


Fitness is an excellent niche to target and create your streaming service. Consumers give on-demand video streaming applications for fitness little thought before paying a monthly fee since they enjoy remaining in shape and developing daily routines. Additionally, consider incorporating different fitness aspects within your app, such as diet conditioning, yoga, Zumba, and so on, to increase conversions.


Given the present trend, people are likelier to watch “how-to” videos than to read long-form articles for solutions. You can create an educational live streaming application for individuals of all ages who are eager to learn something new. In the long term, building a live streaming app for the academic market will be profitable.
You must comprehend the following elements before choosing which product type to release.

  • The market where your new product will be introduced
  • Possible markets where innovative solutions are still needed
  • Competition, advantages, and disadvantages
  • Your intended audience’s and their need for such a solution

2. Develop a Comprehensive Business Plan

It is impossible to choose how to create an app like Netflix without a rigorous business plan that directs every move you take. Therefore, all startups must go through this stage and its processes.

a. Procure Content Creators

The core of your streaming service app like Netflix is video content. You must first decide what kind of content you will use before continuing:

  • Content that you have produced yourself
  • Third-party-created content

b. Select an Optimal Monetization Model

Determining how to launch a successful Netflix video streaming service without understanding potential revenue streams is impossible.

You can use the following monetization models:

  • Freemium

Certain content is open to all users. However, you may need to pay for additional content each time it is viewed or when a service subscription is purchased.

  • Subscription-based

This model calls for a one-time or recurring payment of a certain amount for streaming services similar to Netflix.

  • Advertising-driven

The placement of advertisements by other businesses can assist you in making money and paying your bills. You can also incorporate the option to block ads at an extra cost.

  • Pay-per-view

With this monetization model, consumers pay per view, for example- a movie, a series, etc.

c. Consider App Localization and Content Translation

When creating a streaming app, one may introduce it into an international market. If so, one must locate businesses that offer content localization services. Finding trustworthy companies that one can rely on to be their partners in the future may prove to be a complex undertaking.

As a result, as soon as you decide to expand your firm beyond local markets, you must begin working on this aspect. A prominent OTT app development company can help you design a Netflix-like app.

3. Legal Compliance & Content Licensing Procedures

Knowing how to create an OTT app like Netflix is technically insufficient. Making the firm legally sound is also a crucial component of planning. In addition to legal registration, content licensing is essential to developing video streaming apps like Netflix.

There are two primary video content distributors in the United States:

The leading OTT platform development services use these licensing companies. Before starting video streaming development, you should know that licensing video content necessitates significant financial outlays. Companies like Netflix pay billions of dollars for content licensing.
Specific licensing organizations may provide you a license for an episode or the show’s first season but not the entire run. Thus, you must negotiate the terms before signing any contracts or selecting a company to collaborate with.

4. Select a Reputable Video Streaming App Development Company

One of the most crucial steps in developing an on-demand video streaming application that can compete with Netflix is to partner with a social media app development to assist in the development process.

Selecting a streaming app developer involves the following steps.

  • Look for app development companies on websites like The Manifest, Clutch, and others.
  • Examine the shortlisted companies’ reviews.
  • Analyze the portfolios and prior experiences to ensure they align with your objectives.
  • Study skills and technical expertise.
  • Speak with recent clients and request testimonials.

5. Determining Essential Features for Apps Like Netflix

Various user roles can be assigned to Netflix video streaming solutions:

  • Video Consumer

End users who watch content on streaming platforms are known as video consumers.

  • Video Creator

The user role of “video creator” is appropriate for platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

  • Content Administrator

Admins should be able to upload and remove videos, moderate content, and carry out other administrative tasks related to managing a video streaming app like Netflix.

Relying on the type of application you want to develop, you should create an app for every user role. The applications can have the following features.

Key Functionalities Include:

  • Onboarding Process

These types of app pages assist users in understanding the app’s functionality and identifying its key features.

  • User Registration

This is one of the most fundamental and significant aspects of streaming services similar to Netflix. The most practical way for consumers to register is through social media or email.

  • Social Sign-Up and Sign-In Option

You can provide your users a way to log in via social media profiles.

  • User Account Management

Users can access their favorite videos, history, newly added videos, user data updates, and billing control.

  • Admin Panel

It allows app administrators to manage users and content and perform additional back-office tasks.

  • Search Functionality

A sophisticated content search that enables users to narrow down content by suggestions, release date, genre, and other criteria. Its primary objective is to make searching simple and quick for consumers.

  • Push Notification Service

It can inform users about upgrades, new content releases, and billing information.

  • User Setting

Standard configurations should feature volume control, subtitle activation, play/pause buttons, video quality choices, and playback speed.

  • Support for Multi-Language

There should be an option to enable subtitles and select the video playback language.

  • Screenshot Prohibition Measure

Refrain consumers from taking screenshots and recording videos.

  • Geo-Restriction Controls

Prohibit using the service from specific areas.

  • Download Feature

You can allow users to download media to a device’s local storage.

  • Review and Rating System

You develop a video streaming app with an option to post video reviews and rate the content.

  • Secure Payment Gateway

Your video streaming app design should enable customers to pay for content or subscriptions through Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, Apple, Google Pay, and other platforms.

  • Comprehensive Analytics Tool

Provide tools for administrators to assess how users utilize the on-demand video streaming application, which features they use, and what content they prefer.

  • Video Quality Selection

Provide users the option to select the desired video quality to view.

The difficulty and expense of developing a mobile app are directly impacted by the features you choose to include. As a result, you should opt for MVP app development in your initial streaming app development to gauge the market.

6. Craft UI/UX Design for Apps Similar to Netflix

If you’re wondering how to create a video streaming app, the best way to attract consumers is to have a user-friendly interface.

Avoid trying to imitate Netflix’s or any other provider’s visual design in your live streaming app development. Creating a distinctive layout that sets your app apart from the competitors is the finest move you can make for your business.

7. Tech Stack Required To Build a Live Streaming App

If you want to launch a live streaming app like Netflix, you need to know which technologies are required. Building a streaming service with the appropriate technology is necessary for its successful functioning, even though customers do not see this aspect of the app.

Below is an illustration of a tech stack that Netflix app developers use for video streaming application development.

Particulars  Android  iOS
Programming languages Kotlin, Java Swift, Objective-C
Toolkit Android Studio, Android Developer Tools Apple Xcode
SDK Android SDK iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch
Media formats MKV, MP4, AVCHD, AVI, DMW, MOV, FLV, WMV, SWF
Media containers MP4, FLV
Streaming protocols RTMP, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, M2TS, MPEG-DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, WebRTC, RTSP/RTP
Codecs H.264/AVC, FFmpeg, XviD
Cloud services AWS

8. Strategic Marketing and Promotion Initiatives

Knowing how to launch OTT platform development services is insufficient. Without a thorough marketing plan, no one will learn about your application. For this reason, marketing and promotion must be essential components of your project.

A marketing campaign that offers compensation consists of the subsequent stages and activities:

  • Paid Advertising

It will aid in spreading the word about your video streaming software and attracting its initial users.

  • Social Media Management (SMM)

It is the most effective way to connect with present clients and interact with prospective consumers.

  • Influencer Marketing Campaigns

You may reach millions of people by collaborating with bloggers and influencers.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using SEO strategies can assist you in promoting your landing pages so that search engines will list them first. App Developers can help you with SEO tactics for more viability and scalability.

  • Event Sponsorship and Participation

You may advertise your application at live gatherings such as meetings and conferences.

  • Establish Collaborative Partnerships

You may collaborate with other fledgling businesses to promote your video streaming mobile app like Netflix, among partners, at their events, etc.

9. Collect Feedback and Strategize for Continuous Improvement

Once your app is published in the MVP version, get input from the initial users. You may use this feedback to inform future iterations of your application.

Analytics data, user interviews, and surveys allow us to pinpoint benefits and areas for development. This data should be considered when planning the features you will release in the future.

How Much Does Netflix Like App Development Cost?

It will be easier to estimate app development costs once you’ve chosen how to launch a streaming business. Establishing a streaming business requires a significant investment of both time and money. The video streaming app development cost will increase as you add more features. The development process may also entail the construction of several features for administrators and end users, thus increasing the price further.

The cost to develop an app like Netflix for iOS or Android is around $30,000-$35000. The development process typically takes 5–7 months for a single application.

MVP Features Cost $ (Approx.)
User registration & login $650-750
User Profile $1600-1900
Content Search $1500-1700
Push-notifications $750-900
Chats and Comments $3700-6300
Payment Gateway $1900-2300
Settings $20,000-21,000
Total App Cost  $30,100–34,850

How SparxIT Can Assist You in Developing Video Streaming Apps Like Netflix

As a top OTT video app development company, we make the most of your video streaming project. Our team’s years of experience with video streaming technology enable us to develop custom OTT development solutions that are tailored to your needs. Scalability and dependability are essential for flawless customer experiences, and we ensure them. We offer thorough post-launch assistance and maintenance, optimizing and updating your Netflix clone app. Partner with SparxIT to develop a video streaming app like Netflix, setting new standards in the entertainment industry.

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