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While third-party libraries offer a range of benefits, nearly three-fourths of them are implicit with risks owing to the following.

  • Unattended Vulnerabilities
  • Substandard Code Quality
  • Unsustainable Framework
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Software Composition Analysis Services From Shift-left to Shift-everywhere

Does your application have unchecked dependencies on third-party components? Opt for holistic open source security testing from SparxIT!

SBoM Generation

One primary feat of SCA application security methodology is creating a list of ‘dependencies,’ such as third-party software components and libraries, used in the application. The SBoM helps identify outdated and insecure elements.

License compliance management

Third-party libraries have licenses to allow utility, protect intellectual property, and define rules. SCA tools can assess the legal and operational risks in permissive (MIT, Apache 2.0) to restrictive (GPL, AGPL) licenses.

Vulnerability Scanning

Third-party attributes affect vulnerabilities owing to code flaws, unpatched software core, openness to the masses, etc. SCA analysis identifies and assesses these weaknesses within the application's third-party dependencies.

Dependency Management

Software composition analysis tool can be configured to track, monitor, and manage dependencies between distinct components of the application to mitigate incompatibilities and, in turn, assure security.

Policy Enforcement

To warrant policy compliance, SparxIT configures security composition analysis to automate policy enforcement. All integrated components, thus, meet the instituted guidelines to deter possibilities of legal and security risks.

Component Inventory

At SparxIT, open source analysis is executed to keep track of all the dependencies within a project for security maintenance and compliance. SCA renders an inventory of these components to allow surveillance and quelling of outdated units.

Security Closure for Open-source With Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

For an all-encompassing defense mechanism for open-source components and third-party libraries, opt for software composition analysis (SCA) solutions from SparxIT.

Open-source Vulnerability Management

Identifying and mitigating the inherent vulnerabilities and code breaks in open-source components through continuous open source scanning software dependency, SBoM generation for comparative analysis, and fostering an integrated development environment (IDE).

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Third-Party License Compliance

Detecting and managing the limitations in the licenses of third-party integrations for regulatory compliances and legal and policy requisites to avoid intellectual property risks. SCA security at SparxIT is designed to block dev builds if an expired license is discovered.

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Process to Conduct Software Composition Analysis SCA

Meticulous approach to Software Composition Analysis SCA process to purge away the vulnerabilities from application dependencies.


Component Identification

Identifying all third-party software components and dependencies by SCA application.


Inventory Creation

Create a comprehensive list detailing each component, version, and functionalities.


Vulnerability Assessment

Identifying vulnerabilities and vectors through SCA-backed application security programs.


License Analysis

Examining licenses for compliance with organizational policies and legal requisites.


Policy Enforcement

Enforcing open-source policies related to utility and licensing for enhanced security.


Reporting and Remediation

Documenting and addressing issues, like updating components or applying patches.

Bespoke Software Composition Analysis Tools to Best Serve Your Requisites

At SparxIT, we deploy the bespoke software composition analysis tool to your application’s structure by evaluating its dependencies.

  • Synk
  • GitLab
  • Sonatype Nexus Lifecycle
  • Synopsys Black Duck
  • Mend SCA
  • JFrog Xray
Known Attacks Against Open-source Have Increased by 633% year-over-year. SCA Can Save Your Code! Build Your Defense

Why Choose SparxIT For Software Composition Analysis?

360° Security Assessment

Our SCA service is tailored to evaluate third-party dependent applications to build cyber-resilience.

Enterprise-Grade SCA Tools

We ensure that the most suitable SCA tool is deployed for requisite specific to distinct dependencies.

Transparent Approach

At SparxIT, we welcome a transparent approach to assist organizations defend with software composition.

Neoteric Aptitude

At SparxIT, we leverage next-gen tech like AI/ML to tackle and mitigate application susceptibilities.

Pin-point Vulnerability Analysis

We leave no third-party component behind for vulnerability evaluation and identification.

Incident Response Plan

We assure a prompt and effective incident reponse plan is in place in case of a cyber-event.

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“It has been delightful to work with Sparx IT Solutions. They offered quality solutions within my budget. I would highly recommend them, if someone is looking to hiring a website design and development company. Thanks guys.”
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Belgium Jan Van Elst
“Internal stakeholders are pleased with the superior design and stability of the site. Efficient and proactive, the team provided near-constant progress updates and delivered the final product within a short timeline. Their consistent professionalism and excellent customer service set them apart.”
Patrick Moriarty
United States Patrick Moriarty
“The new site is excellent, receiving good feedback from its users that is reflected in an increase in business sales. All bugs were addressed with technical skill, while the new design is modern and attractive. The team was active and communicative, providing good, regular updates.”
Goran Duskic
Goran Duskic Founder & CEO
“It was a great experience to work with Sparx IT Solutions, they have a professional team that worked dedicatedly from starting to final delivery of my website. I will definitely hire them again.”

Sector-Agnostic SCA to Eliminate Dependencies

Businesses across industry verticals are reliant to elaborate extents on third-party dependencies. Application security methodologies led by SCA are critical in ensuring cybersecurity.

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