With technological advancements on the rise, the on-demand sector has streamlined the industry and led businesses to expand. From ordering food to booking flight tickets, you can do almost everything from on-demand apps. With a couple of clicks, you can get essential things delivered to your doorstep. It is safe to say that technological advancement has saved ample time, resources, and energy.

Whether looking for the best salon booking system or an application for doctor appointment scheduling, on-demand app development services are the right choice for businesses that are looking forward to digital expansion. If you plan appointment app development, this comprehensive guide will prove helpful. So, without any further delay, let’s look at the different aspects that affect the development of an online scheduling app.

Different Types of Online Appointment Booking App

Considering the reliance of people on appointment booking apps, the need for efficient on-demand solutions is growing over time. There are different types of apps with which businesses can align themselves and boost their businesses to unmatched heights. For in-depth understanding, let us find out the primary eight on-demand app types that are revolutionizing the industry.

On-Demand Doctor Application

To begin with, industry specification, on-demand doctor applications became trending post-covid. The out of the clock need for medical assistance makes doctor applications relevant. Healthcare scheduling app infused with telemedical features brings the aspect of 24/7 medical reliance. The healthcare industry is boosting its efficiency by choosing doctor appointment app development for its streamlined scheduling with real-time updates and notifications.

On-Demand Hotel Booking Application

Gone are those days when you had to sit down on the system and book the rooms with the help of websites. The future of technology brought on-demand hotel booking applications that enable users to schedule their trips from anywhere. With room listing management and payment integration methods, the hospitality industry is changing the hotel booking game.

Beauty Services Booking App

Mid-sized and established beauty services providers are making a move towards getting their salon booking app developed with the assistance of app development companies. The long queues in salons and long waits for unplanned appointments are no longer the issues faced by customers of the technological age. Fast beauty services lead to boosted salon businesses and accelerated revenue. Hair stylists and beauticians are adopting the best salon booking system for streamlined appointment booking and taking care of their customers smoothly.

Taxi Booking Application

Multi-vehicle taxi businesses are no longer reliant on the traditional taxi booking system. With vehicle tracking and real-time GPR updates, taxi businesses are going online and ensuring passenger safety at fair prices and hassle-free booking. Over the years, Uber has impacted the lives of people and ensured the utmost safety while elevating their businesses with their taxi booking applications.

Event and Ticket Booking Application

Bringing in the idea of an era when people had to visit the ticket counter and purchase tickets seems like a daunting task. The digital age revolutionized the entertainment industry with a systematic system for event and ticket booking. Considering that the events are organized on a large scale, the management requires an application that ensures zero human error and brings a streamlined system for the visitors. With event and ticket booking applications, not only the event management companies organize events smoothly, but also the visitors are getting stay-at-home ticket booking services.

Keeping the above on-demand application in mind, it observed that industries are moving towards ever-evolving growth both user-wise and financially.

Benefits of Appointment Booking App

Businesses can attain maximum benefits if they opt for the right online booking system. A few of those benefits are discussed below:

  • 24*7 Appointment Booking

Be it a salon, a doctor, or a healthcare app, users can book their slots at all hours from anywhere. As per the survey, it has been found that 40% of customers book appointments after business hours. They reserve their slot at their convenience, so it becomes necessary to offer the clock booking facility.

  • Seamless Booking Experience

The traditional method for booking appointments is quite daunting and involves a series of steps. You don’t have to move ahead with the traditional method of booking an appointment. Different verticals are ensuring a streamlined appointment booking experience for users and boosting their revenue. The entire process is time-consuming and makes way for human error. An appointment booking app is useful in resolving this problem as they can fill up their details online which avoids any chances of errors.

  • Improved Online Visibility

Today, a strong online presence of a business can work wonders in this tech-savvy world. You can bring potential customers to your storefront with enhanced online visibility. Luckily, achieving this is easy if you have the right online appointment booking app. Hire an app developer who can build an appointment booking app for your business so that you can attain a prominent position in the app marketplace.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Bringing convenience to users not only benefits them but also businesses that build loyalty. Ensuring that customer satisfaction is your top priority with an appointment scheduling app instills loyalty among the users and makes them habitual to it for future purposes. Getting an on-demand application that brings customer satisfaction leads to accelerated revenue.

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Technological Aspects Related to Appointment Booking App Development

Before you begin working on booking design and development, it is important to know about the technology stack and processes for the successful completion of the project.

1. Software Finalization: Firstly, you have to choose the software that you will utilize in the online appointment booking app development. There are several options available that you can choose for the purpose. The most common software that businesses choose these days are React Native, Ionic, Zamarin, Native Script, Flutter, and Apache Cordova. The chosen software brings scalability and functionality to the on-demand booking app for business growth.

2. Database Creation: Create a database diagram to figure out the database structure with a graphical tool.

3. Multiple Table Development: The next step is to develop tables in the database diagram for the resources. In the case of complex booking apps, you have to build multiple tables to organize the resources properly.

4. Landing Page: Now, it is time for the development of web pages for an appointment booking app that will welcome users and attract them with the application functionality. A landing page is useful for people who are interested in booking an appointment. This page will provide all insights about the features of this app.

5. Query Submission: These pages will carry query and submission components as well. The query page is for requesting information from the database, the request page will be for showing the requested information, the submission page for submitting information, and a confirmation page to show information is submitted.

6. Fetch Data: After this, you have to do the required functions of fetching database information and submitting it back with the chosen language.

7. Quality Testing: The last stage involves testing of the app. Within this, you have to test the database and web pages and perform necessary modifications wherever needed.

Features of Booking App for Business Growth

Features of Online Appointment Booking App

After understanding the technical aspects involved in the making of the appointment app for business growth and acceleration, it is time to know about its features. Let’s check them out in detail:

  • Integrated Calendar

Hire an iOS and Android app development company to create an appointment booking app with a manageable calendar with customization options for users to maintain a record.

  • Integration of Google Map

The users greatly depend upon the Google map for finding directions. If your app will have this feature, then they will get the route and destinations without any hassle.

  • Smart Search Option

To build a booking app with a smart search option that provides applications with valuable suggestions to the users based on their history and nearby availability.

  • Real-time Booking Facility

With this feature, the customers can book their appointments as per their convenience. The users will no longer have to do a manual registration which saves their ample time.

  • Storage of Payment Method Details

It is quite frustrating for users to enter their debit/credit card details again and again. Hence, your app should provide a secure payment storage method.

  • Multi-lingual & Multi-currency Support

To boost sales of your business, you should target potential customers from all over the world. For this, your app should have a multi-lingual and multi-currency feature.

  • 24*7 Online Support

For the success of an app, it is important to make your customers satisfied with your service. To achieve this, you have to provide round the clock support via chat and call.

  • Ratings & Reviews

The reviews and ratings are best for influencing people to choose your service over others. This helps you to decide things faster.

How much would it cost to build an appointment scheduling app?

Certain things determine the overall appointment booking mobile app development cost, such as:

  • On-demand application complexity.
  • Integration of all the required features in the application.
  • The intricate understanding of the technology suite used for the on-demand appointment application.
  • The choice of platform, for instance, iOS, Android, or Cross-platform.

All the above factors will add up to the development cost of on-demand solutions like online doctor appointment applications, grocery delivery app, or salon app.

Final Notes

The users look for ease in their daily tasks, and apps like appointment booking have added a level of comfort. These have transformed the way we used to avail of our essential services. If you want to grow your business and increase sales and online visibility, then an online appointment booking app is the perfect solution.

You can choose Sparx IT Solutions, a leading mobile app development company for the purpose. We have proven expertise in building an online appointment booking app for a range of industry verticals. Our app development team has good knowledge of the latest technological trends required for successful project completion.

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