Statistics on Statista suggest the customer base of the online dating market may reach 501.7m users by 2026.

The dating app market size may reach $11.03 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 5.6% (2021-2028), as per PR Newswire.

Online dating is becoming a trend among millennials. With its popularity comes a vibrant scope of opportunities for mobile app creators.

Every business enthusiasts expect a smart implementation of their idea at an adequate cost.

So, how much do you expect your dating app to cost?

Let us find out with our comprehensively designed cost calculator.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dating App-Calculator

Why creating a dating app can be a good idea?

The exponentially developing market in terms of revenues and userbase can be a significant reason to hire a dating app development company and build your own product.

Is it good to have an app prototype pre-development?

The better clarity of your requirements a service provider would have, the better they can implement your ideas. So, it is necessary but a good practice to have at least a well-framed list of requirements and project objectives whether in the form of a document, wireframe, or a raw prototype.

What are the primary features to have in your dating app?

The primary features of a dating app can include the followings;

  • Social Login
  • OTP-Based Login
  • User Profile
  • Push Notifications
  • Compatibility Quiz
  • Discovery Setting
  • Match by Mutual Swipe
  • Private Chat
  • Live Chat
  • Report
  • Geolocation, etc.

How long would it take to validate, design, and develop a dating app?

The duration of the dating app development process depends upon the project complexity. So, it is the best practice to consult a team of dating app developers or business experts for a precise understanding.

Which technology should you use to build your dating app?

Choosing a technology is a crucial part of the process. You might have your choices and priorities which you can discuss with the team of dating app developers you would hire. They can then consider your requirements and provide an intuitive response.

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