The term cloud computing pops up mainly in the context of the web development. But, the potential of the cloud computing is not limited to the development. In fact, the mobile platform will get heavily impacted from this technology as well- obviously for the good.

The cloud computing is evolving at a rapid pace, and more and more businesses are moving to the clouds. If you’re planning to opt for this option, then you should choose reliable mobile cloud computing service providers to help you in this process.

Before you delve into the topic, it’s vital to understand the basics first. So, let’s get started.

What is a Mobile Cloud Computing?

Mobile Cloud Computing

It is a process that develops an internet-based program, where cloud-based and local components function together. It follows “mobile cloud” approach, where the developers build applications, especially designed for the mobile users. The best news is that it can be used without getting bound to the device’s operating system.

In simple words, the Mobile Cloud Computing combines the cloud computing applications with mobile phones. Within this, the users can remotely access their essential data anytime by subscribing to the cloud service.

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There are certain factors that greatly affect the Mobile Cloud Computing. Let’s have a look:

  • Enhanced broadband access– Our mobile devices are rendered with better connectivity via 4G, WiFi, fixed wireless, etc.
  • Plenty of storage– Cloud-based mobile apps are more capable than the smartphones, in terms of the storage space.
  • Innovative Technologies– HTML5, CSS3, Cloudlets, Web 4.0, etc are some advanced technologies, which are contributing towards the increasing popularity of Mobile Cloud Computing.
  • Latest trends– With mobile phones, it is possible to get 24/7 access to business applications. Plus, the other collaborative services have increased the scope to improve the productivity from any location, and at any time.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Service of Cloud Applications for Business

Services of Cloud Application

Choosing one name from the list of the mobile cloud app services is a challenging task. But, when you know what it takes to get the right service, it will hardly take any time to decide.

There are certain factors that you should check while picking the cloud software solutions. Let’s take a rundown:

  • Track Record 

The first and the foremost thing is to assess the reputation and capabilities of the cloud vendors. Check whether they have a proven track record working with an IT firm or not. If they have, you can approach that specific mobile cloud service.

  • Pricing 

Make sure that you take a glance at the pricing plans before selecting any package. You should choose a service provider that helps you scale up as per your business needs at a cost-effective rate.

  • Expertise 

Choose a cloud service provider, who is an industry leader and well-versed with the software that you want to use. The cloud expert knows what an enterprise needs, and instantly delivers best-suited solution to them. So, they stay one step ahead in the tech curve.

  • Customer-oriented 

Don’t go with the service providers, who are only after sales. Make sure that the vendor you choose is customer-oriented, and offer 24*7 assistance to the users via mail or call. You can do your own research online by comparing customer satisfaction rate of the vendor.

  • Reliability 

You should choose the cloud vendor, who manages robust bandwidth and data exchange in uptime. Make sure that they handle the entire hosting environment with an efficacy, especially at the time of heavy traffic.

  • Network Ownership 

The cloud vendors should have secure and resilient network for providing strong network connectivity through the clouds. They are efficient in handling the unforeseen challenges of cloud services, and take ownership of their network.

Now, when you know the basic things about the Mobile Cloud Computing, it’s time to cover the real question – Is Mobile Computing the future of mobile devices? So, let’s begin with that.

The Mobile Cloud Computing With Android

Today, the popularity of the Linux-based operating system is quite evident after looking at the number of Android users. It has got a big community of the developers on its platform that build applications solely for improving the device’s functionality. Introduction of cloud computing on the Android platform has surely taken the user experience to a different level. Both the developers and mobile phone users are reaping the best results from the cloud based Android development.

There are several Android programming model that has smoothly created space in the cloud environment to build secure applications. Its open source nature facilitated the users to run complex cloud computing applications from anywhere.

For Android app developers, it’s completely a different experience to build apps on traditional environment and the cloud computing environment. Within the traditional environment, you have to maintain the infrastructure at the back-end shifts instead of creating innovative applications. Whereas, in a cloud environment, it’s the mobile cloud service provider, who actively manages the infrastructure and hardware maintenance. This makes the developers to create mobile cloud applications that can deliver cost benefits to the business.

Most of us think that the gaming apps and other eCommerce apps are the main players. But, when you do a quick reality check on the app market, you will find that the enterprise apps are doing a commendable job in earning profit.

Mobile Cloud Computing, Android, & Robotics- A Robust Combination

With the addition of cloud computing, the companies have changed their conceptualizing and designing approach for the products. Due to this technology, the developers have created services that seem to be infeasible few years back. Voice Search by Google is the perfect example for this. It allows the users to convey a voice query, and transcribe properly on their devices in real-time. All credit goes to Google’s capability to utilize the vast information of the search data for refining and defining those voice queries with cloud technology. Today, a lot of voice queries come from the Android devices.

Robotics and cloud computing is a wonderful combination that will add more capabilities, and save the battery life of the device as well.

Why cloud computing is the future of mobile devices?

No doubt, the Mobile cloud computing interface helped accommodate videos, music files, digital images, and a lot more, right into our compact gadget. Here are some reasons to explain why Mobile cloud computing is regarded as the future for the mobile devices.

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  • Long Battery Life– Since the cloud will handle the major part of the processing, mobile device’s battery usage will automatically reduce.
  • Ample Storage Space– The USP of the mobile cloud service is its enormous storage capacity. The mobile users no longer have to worry about their device’s limited storage space. Plus, they need not to buy any memory cards.
  • Better Processing Facilities– Speed and performance of the mobile device is evaluated by its processor. However, in the case of mobile cloud computing, all the processing is done at the cloud level. This reduces the load from the device, and improves its overall performance.
  • Superior Performance– The users are reaping great benefits from this platform. The wide array of benefits offered by Mobile cloud computing ensures optimum productivity and enhanced user experience.
  • Improved Data-Synching Techniques- The cloud storage allows the users to store and manage their data with the speedy synchronization between the device and another device/desktop chosen by the user. This further eliminates the need to store data files, and maintain the backup.
  • Multi-platform Support– Owing to this, the users can easily access their applications stored on the cloud, regardless of the platform.
  • Budget-friendly– Mobile cloud computing has a minimal upfront cost. Also, you don’t have to pay for a hefty amount for upgrades and licensing.

So, these are some amazing benefits of the mobile cloud computing that make it the future of the mobile devices. It is safe to say that this technology is here to stay, and will evolve rapidly in the coming years.

What’s the future scope of mobile cloud computing?

Future Scope of mobile cloud computing

Its future is bright. This technology will not fade with time, but will stand strong in this competitive market. The striking part about the cloud computing is that it can effortlessly adjust with the evolving technologies. It performs seamlessly with all the upgrades in the mobile computing solutions, and changes in the mobile’s features and functionality. Overall, it has a wider scope to embrace new technologies.


Mobile cloud computing is playing a crucial role in enhancing business operations worldwide. It helps to scale the infrastructure as per the business needs, and made possible for the business to react to any technical fault faster that rises abruptly.

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