The digital era we live in demands that businesses are required to prove themselves unique to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, businesses are taking advantage of the internet source to gain more revenue and conversions by developing an online presence with a web application. It is an integral part for the awareness of the brand name in front of the audience. It connects a business organization with its potential customers. This makes communication easier and helps to create brand awareness for the audience. With web applications, the chances of your product selling get increasing because it covers a massive scale of audience. Engagements with your business will also get increased with an introduction to web application development; because you are not going out of business!
With 78.9% of all websites using PHP to develop their website, ensuring us that is evidently a prominent name in the industry.

But the question is, Why do users choose PHP while creating a web application?


PHP is an open-source language which means that it is available for every developer, for free! You can use it on Windows as well as on the Linux server. You can develop any web application without spending a penny. It is undoubtedly going to benefit you, saving a lot from your budget.

Flexibility over Database

PHP web application development has a high flexibility advantage for its users when it comes to database connectivity. The developers can synchronize one of the databases as for instance, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQLite and more.

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Work Swiftly

PHP is a reliable, fast programming language, in comparison to its other competitors. PHP doesn’t take much time to connect the databases and combine the data. PHP runs everything very efficiently and fast. This works like a charm for developers and makes the work done sooner than expected.

What are the most efficient frameworks used for PHP development services?

php frameworks

Let’s browse through the list mentioned below through the different framework and their use:


CakePHP is an open-source PHP framework and is considered a comprehensive one because of the seamless configuration. CakePHP uses MVC convention which makes it easy to spin projects without any hassle. They can easily manage different projects, simultaneously while using this framework. With the extensive flexibility CakePHP offers in its structure, it delivers persistence when talking about development, maintenance, and rapid deployment of applications. All these features of CakePHP make it a preferred and suitable choice for many projects. It’s best to know from a professional PHP development company.


‘Laravel’ is a popular name in the market of PHP frameworks, simply because of its simplicity. Every developer wants to ease their work and choose a framework that helps them achieve the goal efficiently yet fast. Any complex backend requirements, Laravel is the way to go. Any professional who is new to the industry can also take advantage of this framework since it is not made for high-end expert use only. Laravel allows you to customize apps. You can avail of the features of sound data migration, MVC architecture same as CakePHP, intensive security, routing, and more. This framework has Symfony components that ensure efficiency in it’s functioning for producing reliable code. It has impressed a massive group of developers which has helped Laravel to sit as a top framework in the industry.


This is a prime name in the hall of fame of PHP frameworks, and of course, Symfony deserves it. Since its inception, the framework has been proven a robust platform for building solid applications when talking about large-scale enterprise projects. Symfony too follows the Model-View-controller(MVC) approach in its functioning. You can have the independence to customize almost everything while using Symfony. This is a major benefit for the developers. PHP components are reusable. Symfony is a stable framework that complies with most web practices and design patterns. It allows integration with other vendor libraries, which is another advantage available for its users.


Codeigniter has an exemplary toolkit that is easy to use for developers. Being lightweight is a bonus advantage of Codeigniter; this makes it a hassle-free process to install it. With the extensive range of libraries and with impressive documentation, it works wonders for the beginners. These features make it easy to learn, adapt and deploy projects. It has other advantages like flexibility and ease of management with the involvement of MVC based structure. What makes it a strong competitor is the robust error handling and inbuilt security tools that help the experts to create scalable apps. CodeIgniter is comparatively faster working, which could be an ideal choice if you are a newbie in delivering high-quality PHP web development services.

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The Zend framework is an open-source framework that is object-oriented and uses features like interface and inheritance, which makes it extendable. It is a framework based on an agile methodology that helps to deliver extensive quality web applications. Zend is also a perfect match when working on a complex enterprise project. The framework offers extensive customizable features that make the work easier for the developers. It runs on the MVC components, simple cloud API, session management and Data encryption. Another stunning benefit of using Zend is, it can be integrated with external libraries. This offers a learning curve to a mobile app builder.

Which PHP web application development framework to go with?

It is evident that PHP web Application development would simplify the process; but now that we are facing this dilemma to find a PHP framework that would be perfect for your specific project. Considering the collection of choices we just listed in this blog, hire PHP developer would be recommended. Each of these frameworks has its own pros and cons which vary in terms of documentation, functioning, databases they support. Professionals would have a better understanding of which one would work best for your web application development.

This is a crucial decision to be made and you can’t go wrong. While you are looking to hire an app developer, Sparx IT Solutions can offer our expertise. We have a team of professionals who have an exponential experience and are experts in their department. They can guide you to choose the best PHP web application development framework for your project. Get a free consultation; give us a call, today!

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