Today, every business needs a compelling online presence to shine in the market. That’s where the requirement of the back-end development team arises. This means you’ve to hire the professionals, who have hands-on working experience with the programming tools like Python or PHP.

When the developers are just starting with the development, they’re often not sure which programming language would be suitable for the back-end framework. In order to help them, we’ve compared the two popular languages Python and PHP based on some important parameters. Let’s have a look at them in detail:

# 1. Python vs PHP: Ease of learning

It is fairly simple to work with both PHP and Python, as they are well-documented. They have IDEs for windows, Linux, and MacOS.

In PHP, you are required to prefix all variables with a $ sign, and utilize -> operator for indicating a method known as object. While in Python, its syntax is different from other languages. Instead of using curly braces, it uses white space sensitivity.

If you’re a developer, then you’ve to choose the language that can be profitable in the long haul, and offers ease of learning. Keeping that into account; Python is the one that you should opt for. This is because, it has a diverse range of applications, and considerably simple to learn.

# 2. Python vs PHP: Which has better library support

When it is about the better library support, Python wins over PHP. It has a properly developed library support that is required for an effective app development. Many big companies are utilizing machine learning apps that are provided by Python. Python is fast, intuitive, and can be easily integrated with a web framework.

# 3. Python vs PHP: Which is best at debugging?

Debugging involves finding bugs/errors in an app and fixing them. This is the biggest problem that the developers faces in programming regularly. Debugging generally consumes a lot of time for identifying the error, and then resolving takes even more time that affects the budget of the startups and growing organizations as well.

Both of these languages possess good debugging capabilities. They both function remarkably well. Python uses an efficient debugging tool called PDB debugger, which leverages quick error detection and resolving. This saves both the time and money of the organizations. PDB is well-documented and easy to operate.

PHP provides debugger tool known as XDebug, which is excellent. Python wins by small margin and it is due to the fact that it needs less debugging tools than PHP.

#4. Python vs PHP: Which has fast speed?

There are few older versions of PHP which are slow in speed, but the newer versions are comparatively fast. Even they are faster than a usual Python program. The core team of PHP for web and app development has done a terrific job by increasing the speed of PHP, and PHP7 is the finest example in this context.

# 5. Python vs PHP: Which has superior framework?

Frameworks tackle tons of things on their own rather than putting baggage on the coders to perform them. When it is about Python web framework, then this language offers a range of frameworks like Django, Flask, Pylons, and Electron.

Out of them, Django is considered as the best-suited framework for the web development. The reason for this is that it is easy to use, secure, and fast. The developers these days are inclined towards Django owing to its less development time and arrangement simplicity.

# 6. Python vs PHP: Which has simpler syntax?

Python vs PHP simpler syntax

Talking about the easy syntax, Python has a simpler one than PHP. Many times the companies who are closely working with the developers for building their products can’t understand the code properly even possessing basic technical knowledge. The reason for that is that there are lots of languages that carry symbols or reserved words within their syntax that are tough to understand.

Amongst all the developed languages, Python is the one which is the closest to English language. Even a person with little technical knowledge can understand the code without any hassle.

# 7. Python vs PHP: Package management

With the help of package management, the developers can effortlessly write, create, and share packages in a manner that other developers can plug into different apps with an ease.

Package management is available in PHP, but there is hardly any code base utilizing to it that level like PIP (a tool for installing and managing Python packages) does. The developers can install, uninstall, upgrade, and use several resources for internal and external libraries.

Within Python, the package managers effectively arrange the code and maintain backups and the version numbers as well. Through package management, Python allows the developers to track their progress and aids companies to check regular updates on the work. Thus, keeping a close check on how the things are going forward.

# 8. Python vs PHP: Which is highly versatile

Presently, the web apps are not limited to creating websites or portals for information. Artificial Intelligence has become a vital part of the web these days. Due to this, the majority of the businesses have incorporated advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to render unmatched customer service.

These algorithms are not only useful in detecting the users aptly, but performs analysis with the machine learning in order to find out the domains on which businesses should invest more.

Python contains several libraries which are robust compared to other libraries of PHP. Such libraries will assist in all domains including NLP (Natural Language Processing), image processing, and a lot more.

# 9. Python vs PHP: Front-end feasibility

Many programmers are feasible with the front-end development by deploying tools and languages like Angular, React, Bootstrap, and CSS. Python offers feasibility for the developers to become comfortable with these techniques, and couple it with Python code using frameworks.

# 10. Python vs PHP: Vast community

Each language is having particular community and these basically aim at working for the betterment of the languages. These includes introduction of libraries and upgrade to make the development process smoother.

Both PHP and Python provides wonderful community support. As PHP is present in the web industry for a longer time than Python, so it’s obvious that it will have vast community of developers, who are always happy to offer support.

Even though PHP is introduced later in the web industry, but it is not far behind PHP. Its community of developers is growing at a rapid pace. As a consequence, the community support is marvelous.

Python came into highlight when Google deployed it for building some of its apps like YouTube. Now, the popular startups of this digital era like Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, etc. have started using Python-based web apps.

# 11. Python vs PHP: Proper Thought-out Design

Python vs PHP Proper Thought-out Design

The design is basically the way to put the code. Python has a well-thought-out design than PHP. Any coder will find backend programming simpler in Python compared to PHP. The reason for this is the higher level of flexibility which Python offers like absence of pre-defining variable data types, dynamic bindness, and a lot more.

In spite of the fact that PHP is not elegant like Python, but it is totally workable. The dedicated PHP web programmer, who has prior knowledge of coding and software development can also create with an ease. But, to become a pro in development, you need a good amount of practice.

# 12. Python vs PHP: Documentation

Both Python and PHP own a comprehensive set of documentation. That implies, you can get your hands on the tutorials in a host of various locations on the web. So, the battle of Python vs PHP for documentation ends in a draw. These languages are bestowed with the great resources.

So, these are some essential parameters which are used for judging the potential of the Python and PHP language.

Final Words

Both Python and PHP have their own set of merits. While PHP is widely used in the web development for many years, but Python has speedily making a strong foothold in the web development industry.

Lastly, it is not all about Python vs PHP. The right framework will be the one that fits well with the requirement of your project. These languages are easy to learn and are backed by the vast community of developers. However, Python is gaining great attention these days and becoming the preferable option for the web development.

To put it into simple words, they both are the top contenders for the top backend programming language. Which one you should choose depends upon your project’s need.

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