Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Your Next Project


AngularJS is a widely acclaimed JavaScript framework that is extensively used to simplify the development process. Generally, it is an open source development framework that effectively addresses the challenges of web development and assures to provide the interpreted web & mobile app development by integrating simple HTML codes.

With the ever growing popularity and recognition, it is hard to define the development process of a modern website or a single page application without AngularJS. Building CRUD (create/read/update/delete) majority of applications for the client side is the specialty of this framework. It is a relatively new framework invented by the adroit Google engineers to execute any type of front-end development to make them easy. This is the primary reason developers get slanted towards AngularJS development.

So, if you haven’t tried AngularJS till yet, you are not so late. You can try this extremely fast and reliable JavaScript framework to ease your development process.

However, there are myriads of advantages with AngularJS, but the listed ones are admired the most by developers:

• Expressive User Interface

AngularJS always uses HTML to define the codes for users’ interfaces which help developers make fewer efforts in writing complete JS codes. In comparison to JavaScript, HTML is more clearer and intuitive and never creates complexities between codes, hence it is used to build highly interactive & user-friendly applications and websites that are high on functionality and light in weight.

• MVC Design Architecture

It is practically observed that most of the frameworks only develop the mobile applications and don’t split them into the MVC architecture. You can have this facility when going for AngularJS web & mobile app development as it strings the application code together. This is how it saves a lot of development time and also reduces the app’s time to market.

• Require Less Coding

You must be aware of the complexities of writing codes as these always require hard core skills and tireless effort. To facilitate developers and to overcome this hurdle, Google introduced AngularJS framework which extends its domain from JS to HTML and used for creating very simple and highly interactive AngulaJS responsive web design.

• Unit Testing Ready

Without quality testing development is incomplete. AngularJS has been developed by keeping in mind the need and importance of testing. To ensure zero defect components and to avoid wastage of time, AngularJS comes up with the unit testing setup. By running this setup, developers will be getting the exact insight of their development outcomes.

• Ensure Fast Development

AngularJS follows MVC architecture which ensures the initiation and development of the entire project quick & fast. Also, it provides speedy testing and maintenance facilities to the community of AngularJS developer.

• Provides Modularity

Modularity is considered as the best and the vital part of this framework. With AngularJS, you can create multiple modules for a single application. Each module depends on the other and can be further combined to run the complete application. It is one of the best benefits of AngularJS that it automatically identifies when an additional module should be added, hence binds it to the other developed application modules.

• Two-Way Data Binding

AngularJS is a highly demanded all over the industry due to its two-way data binding functionality. It means, any changes made in application objects immediately influence the user interface and vice versa. In this framework, both the module changes and the user actions take place simultaneously.

• Effective Use Of Filters

AngularJS filters are used to transform the data of stored in AngularJS responsive design. From the directory of AngularJS, you can have different types of filters such as Currency, Number, Lowercase, limitTo, Uppercase, Orderby, Date, etc. Apart from these filters, if you want some other than you can create your own by simply registering a new filter factory.

• Use of Custom Directives

It is an exceptional benefit of AngularJS framework which allows developers to deal with the custom HTML directives when they find the inbuilt directives tricky and non-profitable.

• SPA Oriented Features

SPA (Single Page Application) and AngularJS simply are associated with each other and provides forms validation capabilities. So, when a page uses form, it is the form controller which writes down their states. By using this data, developers change the behavior of the HTML elements used for user interfaces.

You must be recognizing the beneficial facts of AngularJS after having a brief overview of all the mentioned advantages. It is true that AngularJS is a great option if you want to get your development done with JavaScript framework. Further, it is also good to have this for the development of single page applications that are widely adopted by the industry to gain business prospects. So, don’t delay and hire AngularJS developer from Sparx IT Solutions to make yourself contented in all manners.

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  1. Great post.Angular JS is really awesome and simplified development process that’s why developers use it. After reading this one will inspire to adopt angular JS. Thanks for sharing this here with us.

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