About the Project

About the Project

Arbon is an arbitrage bot built by our Blockchain developers to engage in fast-tracking pricing discrepancies across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.The bot identifies pricing of cryptocurrencies across exchanges and performs triangular arbitrage or cross exchange trades based on identified opportunity. Read the success story below.

Client Requirements

The client reached out to us with a vision where they expected us to develop a highly efficient crypto arbitrage bot able to generate profit on every trade. The application would showcase high efficiency and effectiveness during real-time cryptocurrency trading followed by detecting pricing differences across exchanges for the same cryptocurrency.

What Client Asked For

  • Supports multiple cryptocurrency exchange platforms, i.e., Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, FTX, Gate.io, etc.
  • Continuous scanning of prices across exchanges
  • Perform quick & profitable transaction
  • Multiple coin/token support
  • Transaction history
This arbitrage bot analyzes the pricing differences on multiple exchanges. After calculating the profits, the bot executes trades.

With growing competition in the market, arbitrage bots have emerged as popular cryptocurrency trading tools.

james h
James H Project Manager

“While working on the client's idea, we considered multiple arbitrage algorithms, i.e., triangular and direct, and we ended up implementing both triangular and cross-exchange arbitrage algorithms in our bot.”

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Before reaching out to us, the client was trading cryptocurrency all by himself. It restricted him to a few trades on a daily basis and made it a tedious job to access pricing across platforms. Hence, the client wanted to increase the amount of trades and subsequent profits by automating this process.

We conceptualized a process through which the client could utilize an effective arbitrage trading.
The process initiates by reading data, checking the number of transactions, and calculating respective profits.

We set a profit amount with the corresponding number of transactions. Our developers ensured that the arbitrage bot built by us featured compatibility for both direct and triangular algorithms.

Process Cycle

For Cross-Exchange Arbitrage

Scenario 1: BUY — SELL

In this trade cycle, we take ETH and USDT tokens.

  • The process begins when the bot will buy ETH for USDT at one exchange.
  • Simultaneously, the bot will sell ETH for USDT on the other exchange.
  • Bot makes profits through arbitrage.

For Triangular Arbitrage

Scenario 1: BUY — BUY — SELL

In this trade cycle scenario for arbitrage, we take three assets, for example, Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Bitcoin (BTC).

  • The process begins by buying BTC using USDT.
  • Next, the bot buys ETH with BTC.
  • In the final stage trade, the bot sells ETH using USDT.
Scenario 2: BUY — SELL — SELL

In this trade cycle scenario for arbitrage, we take three assets, for example, Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Bitcoin (BTC).

  • The process begins by buying ETH using USDT.
  • Next, the bot sells ETH for BTC.
  • The final phase of trade comprises selling BTC for USDT.

Our arbitrage bot uses both of the aforementioned strategies, i.e., cross-exchange and triangular arbitrage, to check feasibility and profitability for crypto trades.


Technology Stack

  • Exchanges used: Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, FTX.
  • Technologies Involved: NodeJS, NestJS, React.js
  • API/SDK being used: Exchanges API/SDKs for price tracking and buy/sell functionality
This crypto arbitrage bot has showcased fast automation of price discrepancy identification.
Henry Brunt
Henry Brunt

“By using this bot, we could automate and engage in fast and effective arbitrage trades. The product has helped us gain an increased amount of profits through a hassle-free process.”



Our developers have integrated multiple cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Ftx, Gate.io, etc., on this arbitrage bot. It has allowed the client to earn an increased amount of profits.

100+Transacitons in a day Less 1Less 1 less than 1 minute 80%80% More than 80% profitable transactions
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