Project Overview

Bazaar is a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace that connects buyers and sellers online and offers a trusted online shopping experience. Different suppliers/vendors can register themselves on this platform to sell a wide range of products.

This is a responsive web platform that supports both peer-to-peer architecture with proper user authentication.

Client Requirements

Realizing the importance of a multi-vendor marketplace, our client had an idea to unite buyers and sellers of a wide range of products on a single platform. He wanted a platform where customers could get a wide range of product options to choose from various sellers.

Moreover, he wanted to launch a platform to provide a seamless customer experience and user interface, from product browsing to payment. For vendors to increase sales, a smooth shipping process and to facilitate personal discounts to shoppers was the requirement.

His idea of a fully-fledged marketplace included a powerful multi-vendor platform where users need not go anywhere else for any procedure.

The specific client requirement was:

  • Efficient order processing for the shopper.
  • Proper examination of the authenticity of the vendor representative.
  • A flawless web layout to content buyers and sellers on a single platform.
  • An easy user interface where product categories are easy to locate.
  • Easy shipping and offer scheme for vendors as well as customers.


Our client vision was a platform that was the epicenter of synchronization and management of the C2C marketplace. The major challenges of this multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace were shipment management and offer management. Thus, it was necessary to carefully define the use cases of the Return and Shipping process.

Also, our client wanted to add the feature for customers to put up an offer within the range; thus, the next challenge was managing offers. After a thorough analysis, we conducted correct calculations and designed a systematic order shipment and offer process.

Jessica, Project Manager

“We have handled projects of the same niche in the past, so we could understand the client’s vision right from the beginning. The challenge was to make it stand out among other such platforms in terms of design and development capabilities. However, with our team support and collaborative approach, we worked closely on every single element of the platform. With maximum support from our clients and the flexibility to facilitate the platform’s development, we could live up to their requirements. We are currently working on the mobile app for the same platform.”


Our Solutions

In our provided solution, Bazaar, the admin and user panel contains all the necessary features of a multi-vendor marketplace. Besides, we have incorporated several unique features, making this a self-reliant multi-vendor marketplace.

  • Zero 1

    Payment Link on Chat

    We have bridged the gap between seller and customer by incorporating the feature to send the payment link on chat. Now, sellers and customers can quickly chat for any query and complete the transaction process. Seller can generate the link after calculating the shipping charges as per the customer’s address.

  • Zero 2

    Make an Offer

    This is one of the prominent features of Bazaar, where customers can request the seller for a discount on a particular item within the range. If the seller is satisfied with the offer, he can accept the offer, and an automatic payment link will be shared with the buyer where the buyer can make payment, and the offer gets accepted automatically.

    Note: The payment link for the offer case is active for a certain period. Bazaar will send reminder notifications to the buyer so that he/she can pay and further proceed with the purchase, or the seller can send the payment link to the customers through chat and confirm the purchase.

  • Zero 3

    Step-by-Step Vendor Onboarding

    We have integrated an organized seller registration process. The vendor needs to authorize their account to establish their shops as per the following criteria:

    • Email and Phone number verification.
    • Government ID verification (Aadhar/Pan card).
    • Business name and billing address proof.
    • GST Number.
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    Personalized Discounts

    We have incorporated the feature for the seller to provide discounts to particular customers based on their activity, such as likes and wishlists. The provided offer will also have a defined validity; subsequent to that period, the offer will be considered null/void.

  • Zero 5


    Customers can provide badges to the seller, which define their particular specialties like a quick response or fast delivery. These badges will be displayed on the seller profile, which will help customers to determine their reliability.

  • Zero 6

    Reports and Analytics

    We have developed a highly dynamic reporting system for the seller, which will be updated every refresh. Also, it will graphically represent the account statistics and performance separately.

    Account Statistics:
    • Product Sold
    • Product Bought
    • Sold Price
    • Bought Price
    • Average Order Value [AOV]
    • ABAP List Viewer [ALV]
    • Sell-Through Rate [STR]
    • Seller Rating
    • Item View
    • Item Likes
    • Cancellation rate
    • Shipping Time
    • Response rate
  • Zero 7

    Shipping Integration

    In the case of a local seller, the buyer can get free shipping on the same day. Also, a buyer can avoid the delivery charges by picking up their product independently.

    Note: Buyers can enter the postal/zip code or location on the map to find out if they are eligible for free delivery on local.

  • Zero 8

    Adhere to the Compliances

    We have developed Bazaar by following all the government guidelines and adhering to proper compliances. GSTN issues mandatory reporting of HSN codes from 1st April 2021. According to the Goods and Service Tax Act, in case of non-mentioning or mentioning the wrong HSN code can lead to a penalty of INR 50,000/- (INR 25000/- for CGST and SGST each). Therefore, we have introduced valid HSN codes in Bazaar, which will be calculated on behalf of subcategories.

    12+ Categories
    1000+ Products



Color Palette

The main focus while building the design for Bazaar was to make the CTAs stand out to the users. Additionally, we wanted to fabricate the user interface to cater to the user’s eye. Therefore, we assembled clean and concise design elements.


The logo of Bazaar contains vibrant colors, perfect for displaying the CTAs on the screen and grabbing customers’ attention. Thus, it acted as our inspiration to select Orange and Purple colors for UI design.

Roboto; Sans-serif


Since we used vibrant colors in Bazaar, we wanted the text to be easy to read on all devices. Therefore we used Roboto; sans-serif fonts. Roboto fonts provide clear headers and highly-readable body text, improving the reader’s experience. Sans-serif font is composed of clean and crisp lines, making it clear to read, including small caption text and large headers.

Technology Stack

Technology Stack


We used MERN as a web development stack to build the multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace, Bazaar. MERN is a robust technology, consisting of front-end React(.js), back-end (Node(.js) and Express(.js)), and database components (MongoDB), making it a full-stack web application.

We preferred this tech stack because it is suitable for building scalable and dynamic applications and websites.


  • Version- 6


  • Version- 4.17.1


  • Version- 17.0.2


  • Version-12.19.0

Third-party Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Razor Pay.

Shipping Service

  • Shift

GPS Tracking

  • Google Map API

Seller Authentication

  • GST APIs and Aadhaar

SMS Notifications

  • Variforrm Solutions


Bazaar is a responsive multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace with multiple categories and a highly dynamic reporting system. It provides a smooth online shopping experience to customers and remarkable capabilities to sellers to streamline the sales process.

What Next?

Mobile app using React Native

In the next phase of our project Bazaar, we are building a mobile app using hybrid app development framework React Native. We are taking care of every aspect of app development, including UI/UX designing, Front-end development, Back-end development, and third-party integration.

App Screen

Client Testimonial

Bazaar has covered every single aspect of a full-featured marketplace. It is a single platform that provides the facility for sellers and customers to function closely. The most important thing is that the developed platform is highly flexible and scalable. Needless to say, the services of SparxIT have been highly satisfactory. They were highly patient and offered excellent support and solutions.

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