Project Overview

Gift wallet is a cross-platform mobile app designed under the eCommerce app development category. This app allows users to create a wishlist of their favorite products visible on their profile and take them to the eCommerce store to order the ideal gift.

Now, you can never run out of present ideas and order the exact gift they want.

This app has three main parties: Vendors, Admins, and End-Users.

Client Requirements

On researching the marketplace for similar ideas, it was found, most apps only showcase general gift ideas as per the categories like age group, festivals, special occasion, etc. However, our clients wanted to fabricate a platform that can help users to find accurate gift ideas.

They required a platform that can automatically showcase the products on the dashboard as per the categories like location, search results, and others. They needed this app to enable the users to create a wishlist of their favorite products on their profile to help others provide suitable gift ideas.

The main objective of creating this app was to facilitate automation in the process of sending a gift to near and dear ones, from the point of finding a suitable gift to making the purchase on the respective eCommerce platform.

Challenges We Faced

Since this app locates the search history and various categories to display the results on the dashboard, it was needed to monitor the different development parameters to amplify the app functionality. However, optimizing the performance after delivering each iteration was challenging for the project coordinators, as it prolonged the delivery date.

The primary platforms through which users can save a wishlist of their favorite products are eBay and Amazon. Initially, integrating these platforms in the app was challenging as it was tough to research the data APIs of eBay and Amazon.

Our developers overcame these challenges and implemented top-notch solutions in the application with thorough research and analysis.

Niah Wilson
Niah Wilson Project Manager

“Gift Wallet was one of the innovative projects we have worked on. This project needed the creative edge and regular monitoring to improve the app functionality. Thus, one of the challenges was successfully collaborating with the designer. Since this project was one of a kind, we took it as a challenge and implemented out-of-the-box product design strategies.”


Our Solutions

This app can integrate multiple vendors through which users can make their purchase of the gift. With proper performance optimization, our developers were able to incorporate the ability to upgrade real-time data from Amazon and eBay.

Integrated Features

Due to being a customer-oriented platform, our developers were free to explore wild ideas to integrate features for this mobile app.


Onboarding/Sign up

The onboarding page briefly introduces the app and takes you through the user-account set-up process.


User Wallets

This main user profile displays the categories like wishlist, the posts that users have created, and more. Users can add friends to their group, and user wallets can help them find their favorite gifts for their friends.



This main screen showcases the products based on the search history, locations, etc., and enables the proper navigation within the app.


Navigating to the Online Marketplaces

You can see the selected product details from your friend’s wishlist within the app. To make the purchase, you can navigate to the third-party eCommerce platform screen.


Interactive Public Feed

This feature allows users to create posts to display the gift your friend gave you through the app. The feed was initially opened to the friends only, but after a fruitful discussion, it was opened for the public to let them view the gift ideas.

birthday Birthday Reminders

Event notifications are one of the significant parts of any gift app. Thus, this app allows users to customize the notifications for birthday reminders and other important dates.

Product Development

We work on Agile Methodology; therefore, we needed to follow a strategic process for this project. At our company, we release our project through Sprints. Each sprint release contains a new feature development or specific work done on the app feature.

Let’s take you to our step-by-step mobile app development process.

Step 1

Project Planning Phase

Our first step for developing this project was to plan out what work would be done in the current iteration. We assembled our Affinity diagram based on our survey.

Step 2

Designing Phase

Based on our research, competitor analysis, and client requirements, we put together the ideas into simple Wireframes and developed the prototypes to get the client feedback.

Step 3

Sprint Planning

We conducted time to meetings to plan the Sprints. Our development team works on tasks assigned during the sprint planning meeting. We conducted daily ‘Scrum meetings’ to track the progress of your project.

Step 4

Sprint Release and Review

We performed Weekly Project Sign-offs. Once the app feature is ready, we review the product to see what is working and what isn’t. We make the adjustments and upgrade the feature to improve its services.

Step 5

Validating Phase

In this phase, we test the app feature to find the bugs and deploy the Sprint to the client to get their feedback.



We were aware that developing an interactive user interface was the primary requirement of this user-centric application. Thus, we decided to design the app in a way that users can seamlessly experience and enjoy the main functionalities.

We brainstormed various aspects of the app and the company, such as colors, symbols, etc., and came up with the logo style for getting the logo inspiration.

Another crucial aspect to consider when designing the UI/UX of the app was to assist users to effortlessly identify the product availability, whether it is the eCommerce platform like Amazon, eBay, or the Vendors deployed by the admin.

Color Palette


While designing the app display, selecting the right colors matching the aesthetic of the application and its features is necessary. Since it is a fun app, we were free to explore with vibrant colors. Thus, we decided to form a color scheme with the shades of Black, Golden, and the rest of the space with White.


Heading font Playfair Display
Text font Helvetica Now Display

Selecting the right fonts plays an essential role in enhancing the apps’ readability, user experience, and features. In this app, our purpose was to choose fonts that can improve the visibility of the menu, buttons, and CTAs to the users; while keeping the app outlook enjoyable.

We used Playfair Display to enhance the creativity aspect of the app. And Helvetica Now Display font to establish the elegance and timelessness in the app design.


The Technology Stack

We wanted to select a programming language for the development process that can be used to develop mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. And PHP turns out to be the right choice, with its fast-loading and built-in security features. Being suitable for content-heavy apps and enabling smooth integration, we used PHP as the primary developing language in the Back-end.

Since PHP requires database access, we integrated MySQL Database Service. It helped us to deploy our app as cloud-native improving the development pace.

Backend Development


Frontend Development

React Native


This app was a fun idea that had a lot of potential to explore. Therefore, we decided to go with the flow in this project without limiting ourselves. In the end, we were able to design a solution that can provide personalized gift ideas for their loved ones on their special occasion.

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