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How Sparx Assisted Kulmark’s Website in Driving 40% More Visitors Than Its Rivals

About the project

Kulmark is the brainchild of Entrepreneurial brothers Thomas and Philip Granvang. It has emerged as an online marketplace where users can post the different kind of ads. The concept began with a horse and took form as a classified marketplace for Norwegian agricultural products. The free service makes it extremely easy for the users in Norway who can be small or large business owners to sell and buy things conveniently.


The requirements of Kulmark were demanding and challenging. The first and the foremost challenge was to create a website that can hit the right chords with the users and also keep the uniqueness factor intact. The major challenge was to increase the visibility of the website of Kulmark among the users so that their business could prosper with the organic traffic.

They required a solution that :

  • Providing a range of filters to the users to post specific ads.
  • Improved search field to help the users access what they look for.
  • Contemporary and distinct design

The website should have been developed in such a way so that the visitors’ rate could be increased at least 40% more than the counterparts of Kulmark.

The major challenge was to develop a fully-fledged platform to post ads for buying and selling in agricultural goods and commercial vehicles.

sumit sengar Business Head, Sparx

“Like India, online classified platforms are nurturing across the globe. The nature of the platform could be either B2B or B2C. Such platforms are providing the helping hand to both- the customers as well as the companies. The customers can find the products/ services they are seeking for. On the other hand, the companies, after being listed, get the desired online exposure.”

Our Solutions

KULMARK contacted us after going through the reviews and testimonials of other clients and we were poised to not let them down. We discussed their specific requirements, understood them thoroughly, chose the apt technologies and began the project. We used CI and My SQL for programming and database development purposes for the desired result. We crafted a design that went in sync with the sensibilities of the business as well as the target customers. We also devised a solution that offered several filters for the users to help them post their ads in the perfect category.

Assistance Given By Us

  • So, with the online platform provided by Sparx, it became easy for kulmark to fulfill their objectives.
  • All the seo-friendly aspects had been incorporated by us to meet the challenge of driving the maximum visitors to the site.
mobile plier
client scissor pentagram

Sparx team provided solutions that boosted Kulmark’s position in the field of advertisements over the web. The platform created by us made the sale and purchase hassle-free between individuals and small as well as large enterprises.

With perfect development solutions, Kulmark emerged as a marketplace with no hidden cost, and promised time.

thomas and philip
Thomas and Philip Co-Founder and M D, Kulmark

We had this dream of creating a sought-after online classified platform for Norway and later expanding it. With this vision, we approached Sparx It Solutions and right after the first meeting we knew we were at the right place. We were delivered a solution that had everything we wished for.


Our technological know-how, dedication and experience yielded a great result and people from Kulmark were ecstatic to see the outcome. Our efforts were enough to secure 40% more visitors on Kulmark’s website than the other similar websites functional in Norway.

What went behind the solution?
  • We prepared several categories and included them in the website to keep things organized an structured to make it easy for the users to post ads..
  • Brought the design and development aspect in sync with each other and also the business.
  • Search functionality was made intuitive to enable it to return the accurate results. Narrowing the search results with specific keyword stuffing for jewel products.
  • We ensured quality coding and extensive testing before the delivery.

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