Math You Can See

Math You Can See is a sophisticated online eLearning platform that enables students to search, connect with tutors, and schedule virtual or in-person sessions for math and science subjects.

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Dynamic Tutor Search

We build an interactive EdTech platform where students can easily search and connect with subject-specific tutors based on topics, domain knowledge, and accessibility.

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Flexible Virtual Sessions

The app has intuitive virtual sessions that allow participants to connect and solve problems in real-time while overcoming distance obstacles.


In-person Meet Ups

The platform allows students to set up in-person tutoring sessions also. They can choose to learn in a physical setting for deeper comprehension.

Real-Time Whiteboard Collaboration

Our developers have integrated whiteboards for visual learning, live explanations, and group problem-solving during online sessions.

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Screen Sharing Functionality

We improved the learning experience by integrating a screen-sharing feature. Students can solve problems visually and quickly share course materials.

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