Businesses are migrating from copper-wired telephone systems to VoIP systems. But why have businesses started moving towards VoIP? What pushed them to use VoIP? VoIP offers both data and voice run parallelly on the same network. In the modern generation, organizations are looking for VoIP applications due to the following reasons:

  • Enhanced flexibility with smartphones
  • Complete portability
  • Reduced costs
  • Bandwidth efficiencies
  • More scalability
  • Support multitasking
  • Lower costs
  • Uninterrupted and clear voice quality
  • Increased accessibility
  • Modern features for small and large teams

In this article, we will discuss the versatile VoIP app that has become an attractive alternative for organizations. We will talk about the most popular innovation in the app development industry – Discord. Discord app is helping organizations from traditional systems to unified communication solutions. So let us know all about this creative app and find out how it has transformed the way to communicate over digital platforms.

What is Discord? VoIP app that lets people talk via voice, video, or text!

Video game lovers find it complex to establish communication between one another. While playing a video game on PC they also deal with the problem of organizing multiple peoples to keep the game going in the long haul. No doubt that the idea to develop innovative apps like Discord comes to address the gaming issues but now it is for everyone. This VoIP application has created a buzz over the internet with 100 million monthly active users and this count is expected to increase up to 150 million in the present year 2021.

There are already numerous applications available in the market and each of them has gained great customer’s attention and popularity. In such a competitive scenario Discord has created a spot with its unique features and functionalities. This app has proved that no matter how tough it is to compete, being unique is enough to make you an unbeatable brand.

Discord app is capable of performing on Android, iOS, and Windows. Since its inception, the demand for Hybrid app development services has increased. Organizations started searching for professional and experienced Mobile App Developers who can convert their business ideas into reality.

You can also compare Discord with other communication apps like Slack and Skype. This app has made it extremely easy to establish seamless communication between multiple users at the same time. Not only this, but users can also share important files or documents directly with the concerned person. With the great security feature, it allows users to share confidential and important documents via a private channel.

What makes this app so popular? What uniqueness does it offer? Let us discuss the features offered by this advanced mobile app development and find out what makes it stand out from the crowd.


Servers and Channels

Servers and channels are the places where users or groups of users hang out. Up to 500 channels can be supported by each Discord server. Discord has a huge number of servers devoted to virtually every matter possible. If you can’t discover the server that suits your necessities, you can make your own and send an invitation to join your server over social media. Discord permits you to alter join settings: server administrators can set a confirmation level to dodge spammers and bots, for instance. Like most communications applications, Discord underpins both private and group chats.

Roles and Permissions

Administrators can allocate roles for individuals and change permissions inside servers and channels. It’s feasible to change roles and responsibilities for all channels on a Discord server just as for each channel independently.

In traditional communication applications, there are a couple of jobs that can be designated in group chats — chat admin and sometimes chat moderators. These jobs have indicated authorizations for dealing with the groups. On Discord, there are around thirty alternatives for permissions, and you can join them in various manners. This adaptability in overseeing channels is the most appealing feature of Discord. Implementation of this feature is a must if you are looking forward to developing an app like Discord.


Initially, Discord was primarily developed for voice communication and obviously, it also supports text messaging. It also offers video and voice chats as it includes dedicated voice channels without messaging options. Users can connect via these channels and establish uninterrupted communication. Discord uses WebRTC (Web Real-time Communication) to offer quality voice and video services. WebRTC is an open-source system that uses APIs to offer great quality video and audio chatting services among several users. You can hire a reputed company for video chat app development that includes the most recent functionalities in your desired app.

File Sharing

Almost all the renowned communication mobile apps offer this feature. If you want to create an app like Discord then avoiding this feature can make your app less considerable among users. Today, users look for an ultimate solution where they get maximum services. They don’t want to look at individual resources to fulfill their requirements. With audio, video, and text messaging communication, Discord offers a Nitro subscription plan where users can upload a file with a 50 MB limit. As compared to slack Discord falls short here due to limited file upload storage.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is another exceptional feature for such mobile app users. Not only for personal use but for professional purpose also, this feature is in huge demand by users. This feature is best to share ideas more conveniently. It supports a visual representation of your ideas and that makes it easier for others to understand your message.

Entrepreneurs who wish to develop an app like Discord must implement this feature not only for screen sharing but to share business ideas in visual format from anywhere, anytime.


Why do we use communication apps? Of course, to talk with our friends, family, or colleagues, to share ideas and to listen to others also. And we do not enjoy missing out on any messages. This is the reason that every messaging app must include a notification feature. Enabling this feature helps users to get notified whenever any new messages or invites are received. Today, advanced chat apps also offer notification setting options where users can partially or completely mute notification to avoid continuous notification beeps.

If you want to develop a chatting app with such a feature, then below notification setting options you should offer:

  • Mute all notifications
  • Mute particular channels/groups
  • Partial mute

This feature is always the most recommended to implement in such apps. If the user is busy doing some urgent work or doesn’t want distraction then the notification setting helps them to get all the important messages received without any disturbance.

Message History

Some chatting apps offer a feature where messages get automatically cleared within a certain interval of time. This is done to save storage space. Discord allows users to check old messages. It offers a search option where users can type a keyword and search for a particular message. This feature is best for businesses to review communication from months back. This feature offers a great user experience.


This is not mandatory for chatting apps to integrate with other services and accounts, but if it gets integrated, it will be an add-on. You can permit users to connect their accounts from social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are willing to make chat apps for gaming purposes then integrations like Twitch and Steam will be a great feature. For business purposes, the features and functionalities will depend upon the domains.

Enhanced Voice Call

Discord offers an upgraded voice call feature. users can take advantage of uninterrupted communication with clear voice exchange. It includes features like background noise cancellation and auto volume settings.

Private Chat

Discord is built by focusing on users’ data safety. It offers a private chat option along with group chatting. Users can create a private channel and communicate one-to-one. It helps them to secure sharing of files and messages which they want to share with any specific person. This unique feature is based on the standard security protocols that make this app stand out from the crowd.

Streaming Services

Discord offers streaming services as it allows users to join voice channels and click the screen or video options. While streaming on discord you get permitted to broadcast video from your webcam and do screen-sharing with others.

Let’s highlight some more facts that convince entrepreneurs to invest in VoIP app like Discord:

  • After raising the funding of $150 million the company become a value holder of approximately $2 billion
  • It has around 250 million users already
  • The app company is planning to put more emphasis on selling games. It has already initiated working in the same direction by taking the Steam PC gaming platform & the Epic games.

Developing an app like Discord is a smart approach for business owners. To develop such a feature-rich app one must know its tech-stack. Now, lets us find out what are the vital technologies necessary to build a chatting application like Discord.

  • React
  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • ES6
  • Stylus
  • CSS Modules


  • Webpack
  • Babel

Business Tools:

  • G Suite
  • Zendesk
  • Audio

Audio and Video Calls:

  • Media Streams
  • PeerConnection
  • DataChannel

Communication Protocols:

  • Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol (XMPP)
  • Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT)
  • WebSockets

Knowing about the technical requirements is never enough if you don’t know the right approach to development. In this mobile app development guide, we will put a light on the steps to develop an app like Discord.

Here are six simplified steps that you can include in your Mobile App Development Process:

Six Steps To Create An app Like-Discord


Market Research

Know your audience first! The moment you make a plan to develop an app like Discord, the first thing you need to do is market research. It is the initial and most vital factor to know the market demand and needs of your target audience. Once you know your audience you can create better products that meet the audience’s expectations. If you will not deliver services as per the user’s needs, there are fewer chances to make it successful. Go through deep research and collect data as much as you can about the end users’ specifications.

You can segregate your research into two parts:

  • Demographics: It includes the analysis of the user’s age, location, and the device they use to browse the internet.
  • Behavioral Trends: what disappoints users? What makes them leave your website or app? Research for behavioral trends helps you to understand what you should avoid and what you must add to your products.

Choose a Monetization Model

This is the next step. Choosing the right monetization model is a must to predict how much the end user will invest. You have the below options for a monetization model, you can choose the suitable one as per your business requirements


  • Ads inside the app cover your expenses and generate income.


  • Basic access to your app is free, but some functionality is paid.


  • Users pay for an annual or monthly subscription plan to access your service.

Ad Blocker

  • Users can remove ads for a fee.

Hire App Development Professionals

It takes experienced minds to develop complex mobile apps. You can hire a professional team of the app developer. They perform required tasks like business model analysis, understanding technical specifications, development cost estimation, and prepare an overall project development plan. The team you will hire will make a proper project development process, focus on implementing required features and functionalities, design, and concept of the application. They set up a deadline and milestones, and work in a smooth hierarchy to complete the project on time.

Create an MVP

Creating an application like Discord is not a game but a complex business plan that requires great skills and technical knowledge. It is strongly recommended to launch a minimum viable product first and follow the right testing methods to know its technical capability and performance. MVP helps you to understand what users find good in your app and also what they disliked. Using this data you can make required changes in your app to make it more user-friendly and deliver only what users want.

Promote Your App

Once you are done with the development of your product – start promotion. If you are responsible to develop a product, but its users can make your app successful. Follow the right marketing approach to promote your app and let users be aware of the innovation. You can follow the below ideas to promote your app:

  • Launch a marketing campaign.

You can create a landing page before the launch of your products and start running a paid ad campaign. It will get you the data of interested subscribers ahead of time.

  • Work with influencers

working with bloggers and influencers will help you to promote your app and make it reachable to the million-dollar audience.

  • Advertise on social media

The growing popularity of social media is unstoppable. Use the power of social media marketing and connect with potential customers.

  • Organize events

Establish conferences and startup meetings to promote your app at the global level.

Testing is a Must To Avoid Future Issues

testing is the only way for the successful launching of your app. If your products have gone through several testing phases then you can address serious functionality and compatibility glitches. You can remove the factors that stop your app to produce desired results.

Here are some testing methods you can follow:

  • Usability testing
  • Localization and internationalization testing
  • End-to-end testing
  • Functional testing
  • Test automation
  • Load and stress testing
  • Configuration and compatibility testing
  • Integration testing

Planning to invest in mobile app development like Discord but unable to evaluate budget? Here you need to consider key factors that determine mobile app development cost. No one can commit to the exact cost of app development without considering the important factors. So let us discuss what factors you must consider while developing an app like Discord.

How much does it Cost to Build an App like Discord?

Development Platform

Today, people are more into using iOS and Android apps. Based on your target audience you can choose the suitable platform for your app. You can avail of Android App Development Services as Android apps have a more customer base than iOS. To develop an app like Discord one should have enough expertise in Mobile App Design and development. If you wish to develop an iOS app then you can hire an iOS App Development Company equipped with professional iOS developers.

Development Tools and Technologies

In this modern generation, users look for the simplest way to get their desired services and products. To develop an innovative app with the most recent features, you should invest in the most recent development tools and technologies. Choosing the most updated and advanced technology will make your app run in the long haul.

App Development Professionals

In the overall Mobile App Development Process, it takes more than one professional to complete the app. You need to hire a team that offers great Application Development Services. The team you will work with will include.

  • Mobile app designer
  • Project manager
  • Quality analyst & tester
  • App developer

You can hire a tech professional on an hourly or monthly basis. You will be required to pay for the time you will keep them hired.

Development Process

The development team you will hire must follow the agile development process to get the project complete on time. The more experienced professional you will hire the less time it will take for the final delivery of your product.


You must have heard that user experience determines the success and failure of your app. UI/UX app design has certain additional costs. Custom mobile app design leaves a great impression on users and does not let them drift away from your app. An eye-catchy app design could be considered as the entryways of an app that attract visitors and keep them engaged with our app for a long time.

The factors influencing cost for developing an app like-Discord

Features and Functionalities

The features and functionalities that you will implement in your app are other significant factors to determine the cost of app development. It plays a lead role in deciding how much you will be required to pay. The features and functionality of an app depend upon the type of app you are developing. If you want to add advanced functionality like social media integration then you will be required to pay accordingly. The more recent features you will add the more it will cost you.

App Design And Prototyping

The prototype is a model that tells app owners whether the idea for developing the app is feasible or not. Basically, Prototyping and design is the process that includes app diagrams, creating wireframes, and developing a complete model on which the entire app structure will be based. A successful app has a user-centric design and offers the ultimate user experience.

Updates and Maintenance

Not only for Discord but any mobile app required timely updates. For smooth functioning of the application, it is required to introduce its periodic update in the market. It helps in improved user experience, remove hidden complexities and bugs and revamp the app functionalities. You must monitor your app performance and work on customer feedback to avoid daunting issues.

App Hosting and Security

Mobile apps hold a lot of data exchange from professional to personal usage. It is strongly recommended to follow the standard security measures to keep the user’s data safe. Today people are using a mobile app for financial transactions also, where they share their various confidential data, in such a scenario mobile app developers must use the right security protocol.

Coming back to Discord, if you want to develop an app like this then you should also follow multi-layer security measures and avail yourself of the right hosting services.


You must have understood that a unique idea can make a huge difference and make you the most considerable brand. Moreover, the VoIP app is ever-evolving tech innovation. It is the most amazing invention in the mobile app industry welcomed by the audience.

VoIP apps are not so easy to build. A lot of technical expertise and knowledge is required to build such complex innovation. The mobile app development team behind the development of apps like Discord should have excellent years of experience and skills to work on advanced tools and technologies.

Sparx IT Solutions is a renowned mobile app development company equipped with the team of expert IT professionals holding great experience in the development of mobile apps for various industry domains. You can hire them to create your dream app and get the best business solution.

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