Providing accurate pricing for eCommerce store development is challenging for many software industries. Take a look at this guide introducing our eCommerce Development Cost Calculator, describing each component of the process and its tentative expenses.

Do you own a business and want it to expand online? With approximately 5 billion internet users, this is the right time that your company leverages the online audience via an eCommerce store.

Over the decade, eCommerce has become a crucial part of the retail business. Due to digitalization, customers gain the perks of online stores globally. Hence, many industries decided to develop an eCommerce store. eCommerce sales worldwide are projected to grow by over 6.3 billion by 2024.

So, if you have decided to create an eCommerce app for your business, then unquestionably, the cost related to it must be your significant concern.

“How much does it cost to create an eCommerce app?” If this question is in your mind, keep reading because this blog will resolve your cost-related queries.

Factors that Affect the Cost of eCommerce App Development

The cost associated with the development of an eCommerce app is a standard unit of the decision-making process. An app incorporates cutting-edge features, UI/UX design, marketing plans, and other components, aggregating your budget. And, to ensure that your online store fulfills your business needs, it is essential to consider these factors. Additionally, by outlining your app requirements beforehand, you may end up saving the cost of integrating any unnecessary feature.

Let’s try to understand several factors that influence the development cost of an eCommerce app.

Your Business Requirements

One of the critical selections you have to make is deciding on a suitable eCommerce platform for your online store, as the cost may differ based on the chosen platform. The platform differs as per the size of your business.

For a small business, the suitable platforms are Shopify and WooCommerce, whereas, for a medium-size business, you can choose a platform like Magento or Prestashop. If you own an Enterprise, you can select custom solutions in MEAN & MERN.

To develop an engaging eCommerce app for your audience, your eCommerce development company has to design suitable UI/UX features accordingly.

The App Designing Features

Similar to physical stores, the design of your online store values. The interactive features of your storefront will help to attract your audience. The dashboard, product catalog, cart design, banners, visual effects, all such elements will decide the outlook of your eCommerce app.

The App Functionalities

The specific features you require in your app will add up the final development cost. The cost differs according to the attributes like CMS capabilities, app analytics, security layer, third-party payment integration, marketing automation, login type, etc.

A Thrifty Solution by Sparx IT Solutions

You need to understand that the eCommerce app cost may vary from vendor to vendor. The app features, designing, maintenance cost, set-up fee, all factors are calculative with the eCommerce development cost calculator.

This calculator will analyze all of the features mentioned above and present the final tentative cost of developing an eCommerce app. Accordingly, it will help calculate the development cost, whether you want a theme-based app, custom design for main pages, or fully customized design from scratch to build an online store.

You can choose different plans to develop your eCommerce app, such as professional, basic, advanced, etc. The standard average cost of developing an eCommerce app, according to the calculator, is approximately $3,200. The final cost may differ from the recurring cost as per the parameter included.

The decided features cost will change based on your location and app set-up fee. Therefore, you need to calculate the average price to set your budget accordingly.

Wrapping Up!

For a business, budget is always a significant factor to consider, and so is the quality of the service. That’s why a trustworthy software vendor is crucial. They can define the mandatory features as per your business requirements and the unnecessary ones and present with the well-defined cost.

So, now you don’t have to do tons of research and end up with a redundant outcome. This calculator will present an evident answer to the cost associated with your online store plan as per the selected factors and features. As the cost of developing an eCommerce app depends on numerous factors, considering all the influencing parameters will provide the average price for transforming your brilliant eCommerce app idea into a reality.

Hope this blog will assist you in wisely planning your eCommerce store cost that can fulfill your business goals!

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