iBeacon or Beacons was launched by Apple in 2013. At that time, the technology has successfully created a huge buzz among all the technology lovers. The basic concept used in it was the BLE i.e., Bluetooth Low Energy technology to make data transmission easy for short distances. The Beacons technology works by transmitting a unique ID number which tells the identifier/connecting device what’s next in the list.

Due to the accurate device location identification, the technology has been adopted by a variety of business domains. iBeacon is facilitating retail, education, healthcare, and now swiftly streaming to leverage the travel industry.

The retail industry has already witnessed a great transformation in its operations through Beacons integration in their websites or apps. Now, the time is to manifest the technology significance in the travel landscape.

Do you know? Over 70% of people use smartphones or smart devices while traveling which is simultaneously making Beacons an influential technology for the travel industry.

How iBeacon Is Leveraging Travel Industry?

Travel Industry

Merchandising| Personalization| Omni-channel| Loyalty| Social|

You must be wondering what’s the motive of placing these words here. The words are related to the travel industry where every travel service provider strives to serve better and know more about the passengers to accommodate their needs.

The fight for the travel business is heating up which makes the conversion a tough task to achieve. With Beacons implementation, travel businesses are getting much customer exposure by predicting their behavior and upcoming travel actions.

Let’s discover the areas where iBeacon is giving an exceptional edge to both travelers and tourism domains –

  • Smooth Transition To Air Travelers

Within the airport terminal, passengers face several issues. Like they usually miss the airline navigation, flight arrival time and departure duration & runway where they need to move. Undoubtedly, iBeacon technology is gradually transforming the airline facilities and making travelers experience better. Airports using the Beacons technology are able to make their navigation simpler as passengers are able to get the flight-related information right on their smart mobile devices. The information may include the right time when travelers need to check-in the airport, navigate to the security checkup. This radio transmitter technology is also able to make the users aware when they need to collect their luggage after flight arrival and departure.

The trend is influential and changing the entire travel world at a rapid speed. According to the collected stats, it has been proved that 44% of airlines started using Beacons to improve customer service. And, the results are quite visible and people are getting tremendous experience during air travel.

iBeacon simultaneously promoting the aviation industry by offering gate updates and cab booking facilities. This again smartly making the travelers experience finest.

  • Groom Hotels & Hospitality

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Hospitality is all about facilitating guests with wonderful services. The Beacons technology is serving exactly the same by delivering personalized messages to the guests during their stay. The technology is undoubtedly proved to be a valuable asset for the hotel & hospitality sector. It’s assisting hotel staff by improving their hospitality process without compromising the guests’ services.

There’s no surprise that iBeacon is leveraging hotels facilities in better ways. It can assist hotels to identify their guests through an Beacon-based app. With such an app, receptionists will be able to check the guests’ profile on a smart device. Right from the check-in to check-out, they evaluate the interests of their guests and facilitate them with the personalized push notifications regarding hotel amenities they can avail. Indoor map facility can also be there for the guests which help them locate the direction within the hotel.

Let’s take the example of top-rated hotels that have Beacons transmitters deployed within their hotel property. The way the technology helps guests visit and unlock their rooms through the digital key on their smartphones is stupendous. This has reduced waiting time which ultimately made travelers happier.

  • Supplementary Sales Promotion

Supplementary sales probably known as ancillary sales have become the main sources for the aviation industry. iBeacon is making supplementary sales a supportive hand for the aviation industry by benefiting the passengers with up to the mark services. This turned out to be a true and welcoming experience for the travelers.

The Beacons get affiliated with many airports that let the users access essential information regarding flight status just after they enter in the close proximity of the terminal. Promoting ancillary sales on the beat, iBeacon is providing day pass facility which travelers can use to get info about the lounge area and other long haul plans.

  • Destination Explorer For Travelers


Beacons technology is everywhere! You can’t consider its limits to an airport, hotels or within terminals. Rather, the technology is covering each area of the travel realm. The signal transmitting methodology is flourishing prolifically and opening opportunities for travelers to discover new locations.

For instance, if you’re traveling to a new city, iBeacon technology helps you suggest new places to sightseeing, nearby restaurants, conveyances of transport, and other essential information. One can also have the weather forecast signals on their smartphones. In short, it’s a complete guide a traveler can utilize to fully explore the destination without hassle.

  • Make Aware Of The Personalized Offers

Tour agencies always try to grab more customers through exciting offers. And, it’s the fact that customers quickly get attracted towards the deals that save their hard earned money. iBeacon is giving an exceptional edge to the travel industry. It lets travel agents collect the current and previous history of passengers and target them with their hopping deals to win their trust. Custom notifications are the best options travel agencies are using to earn customers’ attention.

Discover The Future Of iBeacon

Many famous travel domains feel just wonderful by utilizing the Beacons technology in their apps or within premises. This actually transformed the way travelers schedule their journey. The best part is that it has augmented the passengers’ travel experience which overwhelmed them up to a great extent.

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