Photohop has ruled the web world for almost a decade and proved to be an exceptional tool for the designers. The PSD files are easy to chop in layers and compose with the required designing. With this conversion technique, even PSD to HTML as well as Sketch to HTML becomes easy to perform. There always comes something more innovative to replace the older ones. And Sketch has already made its mark as the replacement for Photoshop that is equally significant for designers. This latest technique has more than the previous one and with this reason Sketch has already created a buzz in the web development arena.

When comparing both the techniques, Sketch comes out as the clearest winner. Sketch has a clean and simple interface, which makes it really easy for the designers to work over the designs. As an app, Sketch has also got the potential to enhance the UI. Unlike Photohop that includes 3D tools, irrelevant photo filters that affect the designing speed, there is no such case with Sketch. In nutshell, Sketch is all about making designers time and users browsing experience more rewarding in a number of manners.

Let’s Dive Deep in to Sketch to Unlock its Designer Centric Features.

Vector-Based Designing

Being a vector based application, creating responsive designing becomes easy when you work with Sketch. When it comes to designing, professionals need to create an striking balance between high-definition and normal displays, narrow screen versus wide screen, etc. Obviously, Sketch provides the opportunity to create separate mockup for each set of dimensions as preferred by the designers.

Text Style in Sketch App

Sketch allows designers to make typographical elements i.e. any of the desired text styles can be created with this app that can further be used in inline styles including heading, and blocks. In case, your client is not happy with the presented fonts, an update is required to the same and the style in the project will be updated automatically.

Ease of Managing the Colors

With Sketch, it is a cakewalk to manage the colors. By simply making a color palette on the mood board, colors are easy to manage. The most used colors could easily be pulled out to paste by adding color gradients and color files. This element is clearly missing in the Photohop and this is why, Sketch wins the race here.

Built-in Layout Grid

Sketch has a built-in layout grid thus there is nothing like relying on a plugin as it is the case with Photohop. With Photohop, designers need to rely on a series of plugins. This is of course not easy to work with. Sketch, on the other hand, having a series of built-in layout grid, makes it easy for designers to create beautiful layouts.

With a number of exceptional features, Sketch is one outstanding application to work with. Being an innovative replacement for Photoshop, Sketch helps and makes PSD to HTML and PSD to Sketch designing an easier task for the designers.

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