Apple kicked off its 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote broadcast live from Apple Park to millions of viewers worldwide. During this keynote, the tech giant revealed some new, ground-breaking features and technologies for the Apple ecosystem. Developers and students attending the week-long event will have exclusive access to Apple professionals and gain knowledge of new tools, frameworks, and features to help them improve their apps and games.

In this year’s Apple keynote, “AI”, Apple Intelligence, was introduced. It is a personal intelligence system that blends the power of generative models with the users’ own personal context with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, delivering highly relevant and valuable intelligence output. Along with the significant changes for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, ChatGPT in Siri, and watchOS 11, there are new ways for users to express themselves and customize their devices. Moreover, Apple will do the largest-ever revamp of the Photos app to keep pace with their arch-rivals.

Top 11 Highlights from Apple’s 2024 WWDC Keynote Event

Apple’s 2024 WWDC Keynote Event

  • Apple Intelligence

Apple is harnessing the potential of generative models and how Apple Intelligence might improve its current software. Actions across apps will be possible, such as tasks being completed without interruption on your behalf. The company also unveiled Apple Intelligence privacy safeguards and Private Cloud Compute to give customers more control over their data. 

With capabilities like tone adjustments, rewriting, summary, and editing, Apple Intelligence may also assist you with proofreading and writing your emails and other documents. Additionally, there will be a smart reply option. Emails will also have summaries and a priority message indicator.

  • iOS 18

iOS 18, the upcoming iPhone operating system, will sport a new dark design and enable users to access customization options such as color tinting and more. However,  the most significant update will be to the control center, which is getting a makeover and will be open to outside developers.

Users can resize and modify apps and its positioning on the home screen, change the lock screen’s settings, reprogram the action button, and access additional functions through a new controls gallery. Additional privacy-protecting features in iOS app development include the ability to lock or even hide an app, preventing its contents from appearing elsewhere. Furthermore, you can limit or lock access to contacts and accessories.

Some app changes in iOS 18

Photos — With the biggest redesign ever for the Photos application, Apple is introducing new smart collections, a carousel, organizational features like recent days, and screenshot sorting. Moreover, with Apple Intelligence, you can easily create AI images. 

Map — New topographic maps, hiking routes, and national parks are included on the map.

Wallet — The “Tap to cash” feature, which allows users to share cash without disclosing other private information and event tickets, is getting a new look and additional capabilities.

Messages — Users can schedule messages to be sent later and tap back with any emoji or sticker within conversations. Additional tech formats, like strike-through and italics, may be applied to any text and other messages app options.

  • MacOS Sequoia

The Sequoia operating system also includes several new features. One continuity feature is “iPhone mirroring,” which enables iPhone notifications to appear alongside Mac notifications. However, the iPhone will remain locked, preventing anyone from seeing the replicated content.

Safari updates include profiles and translations. Additionally, Apple is launching Highlights, which uses machine learning to identify and highlight relevant content while surfing. A revamped Reader function that allows video viewing has also been included as their distraction-free alternative. 

Plus, more sophisticated Mac games are on the way. Ubisoft has confirmed the Mac version of Assassin’s Creed Shadows, which will be released later this year.

  • iPadOS 18

Many of the improvements for iPad app development will be similar to those revealed for iOS 18, including smart script, modifications to the Freeform app, and finally, the calculator app coming to iPad. Additionally, they unveiled Math Notes, a tool that uses the Apple Pencil to incorporate mathematical operations into written notes, and provide renditions like graphical, etc.

  • WatchOS 11 

With the most recent software update for the Apple Watch, you can expect a revamped watch face, an enhanced smart stack, and additional functions to support your active lifestyle and health tracking.

Additional insights will be available, and you can modify the summary tab and your goals each day of the week. Apple has also released a new Vitals app. Moreover, machine learning can assist you in selecting the ideal photo from your Photos app for your watch face.

  • VisionOS 2

Apple unveiled the first significant software upgrade for the Vision Pro device, Vision OS 2. The updates include train support in travel mode, hand gestures to access notifications on the Mac virtual display or open the home menu, and changes for photos and videos. 

Users can use photos on their camera roll to create a spatial photo and share their panorama experiences with other users. Apple claims to make it easier for users to produce spatial content and record spatial video for its immersive video feature. Additionally, Canon will build a new lens for Vision Pro that makes it possible to record spatial video.

  • Apple’s New Passwords App 

It was more complicated, but you can already use your iCloud account to store and sync passwords across your devices. At the 2024 WWDC Apple event, the company released a new app. One of the improvements is a new column on the left that makes browsing your password collection easier. For example, you may view all of your passwords, even your Wi-Fi passwords (a recent addition), passkeys, and codes that have nothing to do with a website or service.  

  • ChatGPT in Siri

With the help of OpenAI’s GPT-4 and other generative AI models, Apple is integrating ChatGPT, its AI-powered chatbot experience, into Siri and other Apple apps. Apple has also made some improvements to Siri for a more interactive experience, including adding specific generative AI features that give Siri a more natural and personalized touch. Additionally, Siri can better able to comprehend context and manage voice stumbles.

  • Apple TV+

For those who subscribe to Apple TV+, InSight is a new feature. It lets viewers learn song titles and actor names as they appear on the screen. What makes InSight unique is its Shazam-like ability to identify the music currently playing in a TV show or movie and allow users to add it to an Apple Music playlist for later listening.

  •  Home and Audio

Improve dialogue and subtitles, elevate cinematic experiences, and improve with new tools like Apple Fitness+, Apple Music, and FaceTime with tvOS 18. With iOS 18, the home app gets features that make home access easy and safe with smart AI assistants and features such as guest access and hands-free unlocking with home keys. 

Updates to the AirPods software will change how users interact with Siri by introducing new gestures, allowing them to make and take calls with friends and family and play their favorite games.

  • Genmoji

Apple intelligence will also help emoji. Natural search language can be used to construct these emojis in communications across various themes, concepts, accessories, locations, and more.

Apart from messaging, the Genmoji will be accessible in the Keynote, Pages, and Freeform applications. An Image Wand will also be accessible in the Notes app’s tool palette. A brand-new app called Image Playground will also be available.

Final Thoughts

At WWDC, Apple introduced 11 exciting updates, significantly enhancing its ecosystem. These updates showcase Apple’s commitment to innovation and improving user experience across all its devices. If you have any next-gen iOS app ideas, consult our iOS app developers to bring your vision to life. We are a leading software development company that builds secure, high-performing, scalable iOS apps for diverse industries.

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