In recent years, the parking software development boom has been visible worldwide. The number of cars in metro cities keeps growing, while parking in crowded areas takes an average of 8 minutes per journey. The situation seems worse when one is late for the office or in a hurry to attend a meeting. Each year, drivers waste around 107 hours in cities like New York. It corresponds to an average cost of $20 billion annually in the USA alone. Here, they require digital parking solutions to support them.

Considering the high demand for car parking app development, the app development services provider initiated favorable steps to develop the best vehicle parking application. SparxIT finds a top place to build the best mobile app for parking. Being a prominent car parking app development company, we include all the desired features of the client in the application.

The SparxIT team believes in overcoming robust issues before reaching directly to smart city parking solutions. Therefore, we explore the potent issues based on the car parking app. Our team works on the possible challenges that may occur in a day-to-day scenario. Here are they–

  • Location of Parking

Shortage of parking areas is the biggest headache in the big cities. A good vehicle parking application is an absolute ease in such a situation.

  • Following Road Signs

Yes, road signs help people drive towards the parking area. But, by the time they reach there, the parking is full. So, mobile app development for parking guides towards only those road signs where parking has space.

  • Parking Rules

Different parking lots have different rules. And, with cloud-based parking services, you can track them once you visit the parking area.

Types of On-Demand Car Parking Applications

Every business owner wishes to meet the needs of their target audience. Similarly, cab businesses want cab booking app development to offer easy and safe traveling. It increased the demand for travel app development company to convert mobile app ideas into reality.

A business owner opts for an app based on the users’ demand regarding the parking spot. The app performs each step, including searching, booking, paying, etc. There are thousands of mobile apps available in the market. If you want to compete with others, then hire mobile app developers who follow the agile mobile app development process for rapid app development.

If you hire a professional app consulting company, you will also get a quote that will help you know the actual mobile app development cost. You will be able to identify whether the product you wish fits under your budget or not.

Despite the availability of dozens of applications, five types of apps are popular in the market.

1. Navigation and Routing App

Navigation and routing applications give directions to the nearest available parking places. They consider factors like traffic conditions, parking availability, and user preferences to help drivers find the most suitable parking location using innovative vehicle parking app services.

2. Navigation Plus Booking Based

Such kinds of parking apps are open to more than navigation purposes. These remove the hassle of running towards a paying machine. Parking app developers combine navigation and booking in advance.

3. Real-time Parking Availability App

These applications give real-time information on parking availability in particular areas or parking spots. They utilize sensors, cameras, or user input to specify the availability of parking lots and display it to users, assisting them in finding open spaces instantly.

4. Complete Booking App

These complete booking apps are hard to build but, if implemented, generate significant revenues. This app type thinks beyond navigation, booking, pricing, etc. They allow the user to register, choose a suitable place and time, and leave the order. The parking finder app development gives information to the staff, and someone comes to pick up the car.

5. Parking Garage/Lot Management App

These applications are developed for parking lots or garage owners to handle their parking spaces effectively. They offer tools for tracking occupancy, handling reservations, providing digital tickets, and optimizing parking operations.

Features To Include Car Parking App Development

It is up to the business person to decide what features he wants to add to the app. Here are some of the most valuable features for smart parking app development.

1. Easy Searching and Reservations

An urban parking app development helps in finding and reserving the desired parking area simpler. The user does not need to roam longer. He finds a perfect spot and goes there straight to park the car.

2. Parking Mobile App with GPS Tracker

Everyone knows the importance of using a parking app with a GPS facility. A secure parking app development based on GPS enables them to search the parking area and reach it to park their car. The inclusion of GPS guides users with routes and directions. Thus, it becomes easier to find and arrive at the parking area.

3. Street Parking Alerts

It is similar to the GPS feature. It guides users by showcasing a live map of the existing street parking near them. Street signs also guide regarding metered parking, no parking, etc. Each sign is simple to understand.

4. Check and Compare Pricing

One is no longer requires paying too much for the parking. A custom parking app development allows people to see the price charts and compare them with other parking spots. This way, they can park their car at the most economical price at the nearest destination.

5. Book on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Basis

Today’s smart parking system allows users to book daily, weekly, or monthly parking spots. They can secure a similar area for the required time. After this, the user does not need to reserve the parking each time.

6. Simple and Quick Payments

It is quick to pay via an app available on your phone itself. With direct payment, users can enjoy a sense of security. One is not bound to pay through the app; it also keeps the users free to pay by cash.

7. Multilingual

Comprehensive parking solution app services can easily provide multilingual features. Furthermore, it takes only a tap to switch the desired language in a vehicle application.

How to Create Smart Vehicle Parking App Solutions?

A parking space management app development needs careful planning, development, and integration of several technologies. Here are the essential steps involved in developing a smart parking application:

1. Determine Requirements and Features

We clearly determine the needs of your street parking app development is essential. You can begin by identifying the main features you wish to provide, like real-time parking availability, navigation, payment systems, notifications, and more.

2. Conduct Market Research

Our developers do a comprehensive market analysis to comprehend the existing competition and identify probable gaps or opportunities for your car parking mobile app development. It will assist you in refining your app’s unique selling points and understanding the requirements of your target audience better.

3. Design UI/UX

We then design an interactive and user-friendly UI/UX for your campus parking app development. Focus on building a visually attractive interface with easy-to-use navigation, search options, simple layouts, and clear calls-to-action.

4. Select the Technology Stack

As a leading Android app development company, we help you in choosing the right technology stack that is imperative for your campus parking app development. Consider the platform you wish to target (iOS, Android, or both) and select the programming languages and frameworks that match your app’s needs.

5. Develop Backend

You can hire app developers to build the backend that will manage everything from data processing to storage to communication between the car parking software and external systems. It includes establishing servers, databases, and APIs.

6. Integrate Parking Data

After the backend development, we start integrating your vehicle parking app with vast data sources to offer real-time parking information to users. We implement the app with parking sensors, various cameras, and APIs given by parking space operators.

7. Incorporate Payment Systems

You can hire iOS app developers or Android developers to integrate secure payment gateways that support different payment options for flawless transactions. Business owners can implement functionalities such as QR codes, or online parking passes for easy access.

8. Testing and Quality Assurance

Perform stringent testing to make sure your car parking app functions and performs as expected. Conducting performance testing is necessary to examine the app’s stability, responsiveness, and scalability under various scenarios.

9. Deployment and Launch

We then prepare your car parking software for deployment to the respective app store (e.g., Google Play Store, Apple App Store). Your chosen Android or iOS App Development Company must adhere to the guidelines and needs given by app stores to make sure a seamless submission and approval procedure.

10. Collect User Feedback and Iterate

Encourage your users to give feedback on their app experience. A leading car parking app development company can integrate feedback mechanisms like ratings, reviews, forms, etc. It is important to collect and examine user feedback, identify gaps, and make iterative enhancements.

Technology Stack for Car Parking App Development

Technology Purpose
Programming Languages Kotlin (Android), Swift (iOS)
Backend Framework Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Django
Cross-Platform Framework Flutter, React Native
Database MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Real-time Data Integration RESTful APIs, WebSockets
Mapping and Navigation  Google Maps API, MapKit (iOS)
Push Notifications Apple Push Notification Service, Firebase Cloud Messaging
Security SSL/TLS encryption, OAuth 2.0
Cloud Services AWS (Amazon Web Services), Firebase
Payment Gateway Stripe, PayPal

This is just an example; the main tech stack may differ depending on your particular needs, platform choices, and the expertise of your vehicle parking software development company. It is essential to assess each technology’s suitability based on aspects such as performance, scalability, security, and community support.

Cost of Developing Car Parking Finder App

The parking app development cost can differ based on various factors. The cost of developing a parking app for businesses in the UK would be different from the cost of creating it in the USA. It differs based on the app’s complexity, features incorporated, the chosen platform (iOS, Android, or both), and the smart parking app developer’s team location and expertise. Below are the approximate cost range for making future-ready parking app development in different countries:

Location Approximate Cost
  • Basic app: $30,000 to $50,000
  • Medium-complexity app: $50,000 to $100,000
  • High-complexity app: $100,000 to $200,000
  • Basic app: £20,000 to £40,000
  • Medium-complexity app: £40,000 to £80,000
  • High-complexity app: £80,000 to £160,000
  • Basic app: AED 100,000 to AED 175,000
  • Medium-complexity app: AED 175,000 to AED 350,000
  • High-complexity app: AED 350,000 to AED 700,000
  • Basic app: CAD 40,000 to CAD 70,000
  • Medium-complexity app: CAD 70,000 to CAD 130,000
  • High-complexity app: CAD 130,000 to CAD 260,000

Please note that these approximate cost ranges can differ considerably based on the particular needs of your car parking application. It is always suggested to get detailed proposals from proven expertise in car park app services to get a more precise cost estimate for your project.

Final Thoughts

Hence, car parking mobile app development is quite vast. One can expect as many custom features as it aspires. The prime factor that matters is the exact requirements of the users. Hence, entrepreneurs are moving towards On-demand app development to meet their customers’ needs. If you have questions, you can talk to one of our experts today.

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