We live in times where people are running for a healthier lifestyle. There is just a little obstacle that always comes in the way- daily routine. Everyone is living such an exhausting work-life that there is no time to hit the gym or spend some time with your long-forgotten yoga mat. We really become lethargic and get along with our obese bodies. But the world is evolving with the advancements of technology and healthcare app development is the roadmap to a healthier lifestyle.

Today, we can transform your smartphone into a personal trainer within seconds by downloading a healthcare app. There is fierce competition out there with all the different types of healthcare app, fight to grab the most attention of the audience.

A healthcare app has become so popular that it is now an exceptional source of income for the business-heads. But how much will it cost to develop a health Tracking Application? Let’s find out!

There are a lot of factors that one needs to surface to decide upon the actual cost. Here we will discuss each of them:

Type of Application


This is one of the most essential factors that influence the final cost of developing a healthcare app. The first step to decide which type of application and features you want to intricate in your application.

Workout Apps

This is a combination of health and fitness, where an app will help you train like one would with a personal trainer. All a user would have to do is log in the app and get information about workout exercises about weight loss regime or muscle building and more. The pre-defined exercises will come filtered in accordance with your preferences. The program will guide you with captative visual demonstrations of steps to do a regime, properly. The user would also be able to schedule and plan out their targets and save workout sessions to track their progress.

Diet & Nutrition App

A balanced diet is your way to attain a fit body and a healthy lifestyle and a diet & nutrition app will help you achieve that. People become addicted to eating unhealthy food and failing to check cholesterol levels and blood sugar. This leads them into an unhealthy life. But this can change with a diet monitoring app. A healthcare app development services will act as a personal dietician for the user that would help them to follow a strict diet plan. The app will alert its users about the intake of calories and practice eating nutritious food. There are a few eminent names in the market of these king of applications, which include; ‘MyFitnessPal’ and ‘HealthifyMe’. These apps also notify users to remind them about drinking water and maintain their water intake.

Activity Tracking App

Function exactly like the name implies, it helps to track the physical activities of a user. These activities include running, walking, running, jogging, cycling, and more. There are motion sensors attached to an individual’s smartphones, helps these apps to collect accurate data of the movement. The sensors help measure a particular distance covered while walking, running, cycling, along with identifying the number of steps one has covered. This would also enable a user to know how much calories they have burnt during the activity and more. Some renowned names of such apps are ‘Runtastic’ and ‘GoogleFit’.

Yoga & Meditation App

Inner peace is one of the most essential things that people seek nowadays, as they are exhausted with the noise of daily life. Yoga and meditation help individuals to stay fit while doing yoga in their homes. These apps have demonstrations on how to do asanas and pranayamas. There would be a tutorial on how to meditate and how it can help reduce stress. Some well-knows apps of this kind are, ‘Calm’ and ‘Yoga Studio’.

We have mentioned below a graph to help you more choosing the type of health tracking app:


Availability of Features

Another essential factor to decide upon the cost it takes to develop a health tracking application is the features you want in it. The more complex the features will be, the higher would be the cost of the app. Let’s discuss some of the essential features of the app:

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The first thing a user would have to do is register them self to the app. This would require them to enter a few personal details, for instance, mobile number, email address, and more. This will allow you to record how many users are actively using your application.

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User profile

Now the user will create a profile on the app portal and enter details about them, like name, sex, height, weight, age, etc. They can mention any allergies or medical conditions if they have any. This would help the application to determine a flexible fitness regime for the user.

Social Media Integration

Not everyone wants to disclose their email address on an app, or they don’t want more emails on their spam folder. Therefore it is always good to integrate social media accounts like Facebook, Google+ to provide an extra option to the users.

Once the account is linked up with the user’s social media account, they will be able to publish their health activity results on these platforms. This will also generate awareness of your help and expand the brand’s reach.

Incorporation with Wearables

The apps should be made to match the advanced technology we have in the world right now, which includes smart health wearables. A fitness app for a mobile device should be compatible with the wearable device. It is essential that the app and wearable devices function hand in hand. This will help the user to track their activity and fitness regime more comfortably.


Developing a health and fitness app is a necessity for people as they are living stressful and absorbed life. There is not much time left for people to work out in a gym or fitness center. A mobile app development company can develop an app with features that you think are essential for an individual and create an ideal healthcare app.

We understand that this could be a daunting task for you because there are so many options available and the overall process is overwhelming. But you can refer to a healthcare app development guide to get all the information about the process. And if you are already sure about developing a health-tracking application, then you are in the right place. Sparx IT Solutions is here to help you with our exponential experience and team of skilled developers. To know more, call us TODAY!

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