Apple recently accomplished its annual event-the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 6, 2022. Leadership at Apple announced plenty of updates related to its products, customers, partners, and developer community.

After countering 2-years long impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple invited developers from across the region to its campus and set a new trend.

The event has touched almost every Apple product and released a new update that focused on customer aspects.

This blog post will provide a comprehensive insight into what the technology giants have achieved or tried to achieve in this annual event.

History of WWDC

Apple incorporation has been a technology leader, well-known for its advanced and smart technology upgrades.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is an annual conclave organized by the company to release new products, updates, and share information on the latest developments. The conclave also aims to help third-party developers to become familiar with

The first such event was organized in 1983 with confidentiality standards.

WWDC 2020 and 2021 were hosted online due to COVID-19 restrictions.

WWDC 2022 was also conducted online, but Apple invited a limited number of Software developers invited with media.

What’s New For Apple Users at WWDC22?

As technology upgrades, the demand for more personalized solutions becomes evident. From building customizable profiles to advanced security features, WWDC22 released plenty of customer-focused updates toward more robust, personalized, and accessible enterprise mobility.

High-Resolution AR Transforming eCommerce

With 2 times higher resolution, Apple is all set to empower thousands of apps on App Store and AR-compatible products produced by the technology giant. You can interactively utilize these resources to visualize your favorite products before you bring them home.

Navigate Smartly With Advanced AR Capabilities

Taking navigation to the next level, you will soon see AR location anchors integrated in Apple Maps. You can now experience AR elements added to the physical map. Such an upgrade can make navigation more personalized. It can also be proven useful for advertising purposes.

Face-Driven Autofocus

Apple has released several critical camera updates. Some of these updates include autofocus and control face-driven detection that optimize the high-quality media output. With advanced camera features, you can perform multitasking with precise depth measurements.

Motion Capture

The new updates at WWDC feature a motion-friendly camera feature, using which you can track motion. The utilization of advanced motion capture features has enhanced media creation and sharing quality.

Share With SharePlay

With the new gameplay update, users can now switch across applications without having to turn off the camera. You can play and watch content simultaneously. It has enhanced the user experience with parallel streaming of content on Apple devices.

App Clips

Now, users can get access to a small part of an iOS app prior to installing it on their phone. App Clip is a lightweight segment of the application which can be downloaded completely in order to access the complete functionalities it caters to.

What’s New For Developers at WWDC22?

Along with users, developers have also attained advanced iOS app development capabilities. WWDC22 focuses on the adaption of personalized technology upgrades.


Apple leadership has also released crucial updates on its gameplay framework, using which game developers can create robust and user-interactive games. From entities, components, and MinMax AI to upgraded rule systems, the Apple user community has received numerous crucial upgrades in this WWDC.

Lock Screen Effects and Gestures

Apple has taken personalization to another level of user-friendliness by allowing users to customize the appearance of their lock screen. You can add your favorite widgets on your screen for direct and more independent access to the functionalities you use more often.

Users can customize themes, fonts, and backgrounds as per their understanding.

By utilizing the multilayer effect, users can use different typefaces and colors across the image layers.


With the newly launched Focus mode, users can customize their lock screen themes and viewability only to the content of their preference. While at work, you can choose to keep your theme and notifications relevant to your work.

You can Focus Filters to extract your favorite data from a variety of content in emails, web browsers, messages, calendars, etc.

iOS app developers can use the Focus filter API to help you focus on your favorite apps more effectively.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

The new iCloud shared photo library allows users to share photos of their connections using personalized features like Live Text and Visual Look Up.

This feature has streamlined how users would share media with their peers, with augmented intelligence as the foundation of personalized experience.


The new iOS 16 updates released at WWDC22 included the advancement of direct messaging in Apple messages. Users can now sync media available in different formats with shared playback controls. Users can edit or revoke messages.


Users can schedule emails, revoke them within moments, and receive alerts if forgot to add important fields such as attachments, subject lines, etc. You can also receive follow-up notifications with the list of recently contacted peers.


You can now focus on your favorite tabs using the Focus filter in Safari. Furthermore, you can also add passkeys that protect your browsers against the threats such as data breaches.


You can utilize passkeys to ensure safe browsing and cross-device sharing of data. Passkeys may include Touch ID or Face ID to authenticate the users at different access levels.


By including features like multistop routing, you can manage your upcoming trips interactively across your Apple devices.

Live Text

iOS users can Live Text to initiate on-device intelligence texts. Using this feature, users can extract data from currencies and other physical entities for diverse applications.

Voice Assistant

Apple users can utilize assistive features like voice control and switch control to enable more intuitive support.

Wallet and Payments

Apple has introduced several new updates to its digital wallet. From taking users’ financial health into consideration to making payments easily manageable, you can indulge in faster and more sophisticated payments.

Health and Fitness

Users can keep track of their medications with interactive notifications, reminders, and alerts. Users can keep track of their medications with interactive notifications, reminders, and alerts. You can manage health records from your phone using secure and robust tools introduced in iOS 16 updates at Apple WWDC 2022.

Privacy and Security

With the inclusion of more privacy permissions, you can counter personal safety vulnerabilities with more inclusive security features and limit messaging.

Our Take

Cutting it short, the release of iOS 16 updates is the most crucial part of WWDC22 that will excite the global iOS developer community. The company has particularly focused on making its products more personalized in the growing space of enterprise mobility.

However, the primary focus remained on the release of the M2 MacBook Air, the conclave still offered significant transformations to the iOS space.


With the updates released at WWDC22, developers can realize in which direction Apple will move in the upcoming years. It seems that it may still take a couple of years now for Apple to turn its vision of more personalized iOS solutions into reality.

Till then, we are working hard and smart here at SparxIT to utilize the latest trends, technologies, and updates and deliver the best to our client’s expectations.

Stay tuned.

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