There are speculations in the tech industry that Covid-19 will change the fate of augmented reality and the world will witness a surge in mixed reality applications. Entrepreneurs have already started anticipating that innovations have become the necessity of the ‘new normal’.

Do you agree with this? Even during the pre-COVID period, augmented reality app development was a popular choice for various companies. You will be surprised to know that 88% of mid-sized companies use augmented reality on a small or large scale.

With the increasing adoption of the ‘new normal’ norms by the users to keep themselves safe from the spread of coronavirus, the businesses are burdened to meet their needs. Amid this pandemic, entrepreneurs are bound to think beyond classic app features for the survival of their apps.

eCommerce stores have started providing after purchase feels with AR technology to let users have an experience similar to offline purchases. In fact, there are various other industries following the same trail.

If you are being reluctant in AR adoption and think it will add to your cost as well as not have any benefits for your business then you are wrong! AR integrated apps not only help in increasing user acquisition but also offer these three benefits:

  • Save cost: AR integrated apps may cost more in the short term but the added benefit reduces the cost of operations in the long term.
  • Improve performance: It is an amazing way to increase user interactivity which in turn improves your app’s performance.
  • Add new value: The AR integration adds value to the app by increasing its utility.

These benefits are inspiring many businesses to try AR technology during these challenging times. You can too reap the benefits of growing AR/VR market size that is expected to surpass 18 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. Here is the graph of Statista’s findings:

After analyzing these growth prospects along with the worldwide economic slowdown and possibilities of this status quo persistence, it seems that considering AR features for your apps has become essential.

The 3D immersive experience offered by augmented reality technology has the potential to create wonders for your business growth. Let us check how major industries are utilizing this technology to survive this unprecedented wave of economic downturn.

Go for AR app development if you operate in these 5 industries

5 Industries using-AR-infog


Education Industry:

The traditional teaching methods are getting obsolete day by day. People are moving towards an education system where boring classes are replaced with fun-filled technology-supported classes. Similar changes are adopted in workforce training also.

Augmented reality technology in the e-learning industry is not an alien concept. Modern learning management systems are supported by AR technology. There are plenty of AR-enabled eLearning apps that cover different subjects.

There are AR apps like Maths Alive for practicing counting and Arloon Plants for learning about the parts and structure of plants. These apps are quite popular among teachers and students. During this coronavirus pandemic, you can revamp your education business with AR-enabled eLearning app development. This will enhance the eLearning experience of your users.

Retail Industry:

There is always an aggressive competition among retailers. The retail industry functions over the internet AKA as the eCommerce industry has the same culture. Businesses are using unique innovative ways to outstand among their competitors.

AR technology empowers eCommerce stores during this struggle. You must have used IKEA’s AR app through which you can test their products in real-time. The furniture retail company utilizes Apple’s AR Kit technology to provide users with this amazing experience.

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If you have not considered the same feature for your app until today then think about it now! The aftermath of COVID is not going to be in favor of old practices in the retail industry. The ‘new normal’ needs updates in retail apps which can work well with the user’s safety measure. Hence, consider redesigning your app with AR integration.

Healthcare Industry:

The one industry which has gone through a lot in this emergency situation is the healthcare industry. This pandemic has weakened healthcare services all around the globe. This calls out for immediate updates in our healthcare system.

According to the WHO’s latest report, telemedicine is among those essential services which are required to strengthen our healthcare system. Therefore, you need to understand the incredible potential of your telemedicine apps.

Making them more useful has become easy now. AR integration with your healthcare mobile app development can allow the doctors in making their patients understand the ailment and treatment through 3D organ models.

This not only improves the healthcare services but will also make your app reliable and competitive. Do not let the pandemic weaken your healthcare business. Let technology show its magic by integrating AR technology with your telemedicine app development.

Food and Beverage Industry:

After the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic, the guidelines were announced by the WHO and government bodies. Social distancing or physical distancing is highly recommended to curb the spread of COVID-19.

This has resulted in an adverse effect on the food industry. Food is an easy source to transmit infection. Hence, we have seen a sudden slump in its purchase. How often have you ordered food from outside?

The answer is common for every person, we have tried our best to avoid food purchase from outside and cooked our food on our own. This helped in polishing our culinary skills but destroyed the revenue-generating power of the food industry.

Hence, the food and beverage industry participants need to think about some new ways which can restore their operations. Augmented Reality App Development can offer great help in this. There are AR-enabled apps like KabaQ that allows diners to see a 3D image of the dishes in their menu.

Such features offer fun and increase user interaction. But keeping in view the current pandemic situation, you need to think about an idea that makes your food quality reliable. You can also consult with an AR developer to come up with something innovative to revamp your food and beverage app.

Beauty Industry:

Have you ever used Macy’s beauty try-on? If you have not then you must try them to get an idea about how augmented reality is enhancing the experience of beauty industry customers. Macy’s is an American department store chain that allows users to test over 1000 products from all major brands.

The 3D immersive experience provided by augmented reality technology is famous for the filters on Snapchat and Instagram. Very few of us know that apart from providing entertainment, AR can help in increasing our sales.

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AR-enabled beauty apps are similar to IKEA’s AR-enabled apps. The agenda is the same, we have to enhance user interaction by providing them after purchase feels. So, if you are into the beauty industry then bringing your app in line with the prevailing safety standards is the need of the hour.

In The End:

The adverse effect of this pandemic on economic activities has left entrepreneurs with no choice except saying ‘yes’ to the advanced technology. Augmented reality is one such latest tech that can enhance your app for more user acquisition and retention.

The five industries discussed in the blog are already using AR technology but being a smart entrepreneur, you need to analyze the needs of customers according to the ‘new normal’. Today, people are looking for services that have the ability to gain their trust.

From food to beauty, every industry needs to reconsider their ways of serving the customers. AR-enabled apps are a little step towards achieving better user satisfaction amid these challenging times. This will require courage as you might become the pioneer in providing AR-enabled apps to the users in your industry.

Being the forefront in unconventional mobile app development, Sparx IT Solutions can help you fit into this ‘new normal’ with AR-enabled mobile apps. You can contact us to accelerate your sales with cost-effective app updates!

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