In today’s technical web development era, websites are nothing without responsive design frameworks. The demand of these web frameworks has increasingly grown in past few years. The introduction of these front-end development frameworks has helped developers focus on the development of the user-centric applications. This, in turn, has helped users to get involved and use the sheer complexity of these frameworks in the form of applications.

With the introduction of js framework, CSS frameworks, and HTML frameworks, developers are now able to extend the functionality of a number of applications. Among these three best web frameworks, it is a bit difficult to vote for the one and thus, we have summarized all these web frameworks individually. It is true that a number of other responsive design frameworks have been developed; however, the three frameworks mentioned earlier have still managed to remain atop in the list of a number of developers. Here is more on the exceptional functionality of these frameworks.

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript has taken the world of front-end development by storm. And for developers, it is not just another scripting language to conclude web app development easily.

1. Angular.js

As one of the best JavaScript frameworks, Angular.js makes it much easier for the developers to accomplish the complex web development tasks. In addition, The rich functionality of this js framework has already been utilized by PayPal, Google, iTunes and many such big names in their applications. Technically, Angular.js is an extension to HTML that helps in the development of complex web pages.


Meteor.js allows developers to work in pure JavaScript. This JavaScript framework is designed to create the end to end mobile as well as web applications at an exceptional speed. Meteor.js got all the required functionalities that are needed for perfect front end rendering. The use of this superb JavaScript framework also helps in managing backend development and database management with ease.


Knockout.js was introduced as an open source JavaScript framework. This JavaScript framework has already enjoyed its popularity back some years and now it is counted only after Angular.js because of the rich functionalities it holds. The framework in no ways is inferior from similar other frameworks; however, a revision to its functionality is needed to boost the popularity of Knockout.js among the users.


Developers have a liking for Backbone.js as it is a lightweight JavaScript framework. The popularity of backbone.js needs no mention as the big entities such as Pinterest, Walmart, Foursquare, etc. have already encashed its worth through engaging apps for the users. So, the JavaScript framework is simple to use and easy to run, which makes it one of the easiest frameworks for the developers to work on.

CSS frameworks  

CSS frameworks are meant for easier, standard and engaging web designs with the use of cascading style sheet language. Specific grids in the framework help in responsive web design development.


Bootstrap is a sleek & intuitive CSS framework that is designed to be mobile first. Bootstrap is more of a robust frameworks having multiple CSS, JS and other front files to kickstart the web as well as app development task. Bootstrap includes different components that help in the creation of drop down menu, alert boxes, and many such other features. Bootstrap is thus a complete solution to the developers requiring the entire solution for mobile app development.


Pure is a simple framework that has a single stylesheet file. The file is lightweight but has some of the most exceptional designs to accomplish the website development. The set of small but responsive CSS modules makes it much easier to include varied options in web development projects. Pure is a framework to be utilized by the users who are looking out to include specific features in their projects instead of focusing on full-featured frameworks.


Skeleton is renowned as a CSS framework that is just exceptional to be utilized for responsive, mobile-friendly development. Skeleton includes a small group of CSS files that help in the rapid site development. The recent update of this CSS framework has introduced a set of new features to be utilized by the users for rapid application development.

4. Gumby         

A flexible framework having CSS properties inbuilt in it. Gumby is just exceptional to be used by newbies for creating websites as well as grids. This CSS framework has an exceptional feature of being compatible with a number of browsers that allow developers to build a number of varied applications using Gumby. It is responsive and helps users remain flexible while developing different projects.

HTML frameworks

HTML frameworks include standard codes in order to lessen the tiring coding job for the developers. These frameworks thus help developers use the predefined coding set instead of getting involved to do the task from scratch.

1.Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is counted among the renowned cross-platform compatible exceptional front-end web development HTML frameworks. It is most commonly utilized by developers to accomplish mobile-first applications for the users. The usages of Sencha Touch allow developers to include a number of user interfaces to make applications more prominent as well as engaging for the users.


With a list of exceptional features inbuilt in the framework, Foundation has evolved as one among the most reliable web development frameworks. This HTML framework outstandingly performs its job to deliver high-quality development results. The HTML framework is easy to use for web development, email template creation as well as accomplishing the development of dynamic applications.


Monaca offers the ability to the designers to develop apps in the cloud, including back-end front-end and debugging features together in an application. It also allows developers to include testing and app building features separately in any application. Monaca is easy to integrate into any existing workflow. This adds more feature to any app development environment.


Montage has the status of being a well-utilized HTML5 web development framework. It is an HTML framework to accomplish the development of native applications with utmost ease. The use of this framework helps developers scale the functionality of single page application. Montage uses native web as the core base and with this very reason, it is very much easier to learn and understand by the developers as well as by the new users.


The list of these exceptional front-end web development frameworks is much more extensive than the ones listed here. However, we have managed to summarize the ones that are truly innovative in the features. They are easy to use and learn and help developers scale the functionality of the applications.

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