Successful content marketing needs two things – experiments and consistency. You should have the consistency to never stop exploring the new horizons of content. Where most of us think that content is restricted to the words that we write, successful marketers have embraced video, images, podcasts, etc in their content strategies over the past few years.

As an experienced digital marketing company, we can vouch on one thing – every kind of content has been explored and exploited as a growth hacking strategy by businesses until 2020! Are you doubting this? Don’t worry, we are backed by statistics.

Do businesses have a content marketing strategy?

According to the survey findings of the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B marketers and 60% of B2C marketers are committed to content marketing. But, sadly 63% of businesses do not have any kind of documented content strategy.

The gap between the marketers and businesses is very evident with these statistics. Businesses are failing to reach a reliable content marketing company for establishing a result-oriented content strategy.

If you are associated with one of these businesses, then it’s time to explore this incredible tool to reach out the potential customers. Although it is not easy to generate traffic and leads, following the right techniques can always make the road less bumpy.

Top 7 Content Marketing Techniques

Top 7 Content-Marketing-Techniques

Never Consider Any Platform worth Leaving

Every platform, from Reddit to YouTube is worth trying in your content marketing strategy. The marketers who shy away from trying new platforms often lose new customers. Different platforms bring brand new scope for audience engagement with your content.

Although not all platforms give superb engagement to every platform, trying hands-on different platforms can let you discover what works for your business. For example, if your target audience is millennials then leaving Snapchat unexplored is a big mistake.

Before starting posting on any platform, you should research the content which works on it. This will become easy when you get in touch with experts. Like, if you are considering video marketing then it is recommended to get in touch with YouTube marketing experts. In 2020, you can find experts for every digital platform quite easily.

There is No Substitute for Quality

Never ever get the idea of low to average quality content to cultivate in your head. It is nothing less than taking your brand on the verge of suicide. It is vital to create the content of the best quality for each and every platform.

The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make is spending a lot of time on quantity or metrics and neglecting the quality altogether. You need to create content that is authentic and attracts the attention of the audience.

Anything less than high-quality content creation is a complete waste of time. But, who is going to check the quality and relevancy of your content? Tools? No! Whenever you create content make sure that you are going to watch it or read it yourself without getting bored. This means it adds curiosity and addiction to the mind of the audience.

Stay on Your Toes Always

When you aim at content marketing then the end goals might be related to traffic and conversions. But the way to reach your end goal has one crucial thing. This comes after content creation and before conversions. It’s engagement!

Yes, content is aimed at bringing engagement from the audience. It is the by-product of content marketing. Quality content is an igniter for bringing engagement but not its fuel. You will have to be its fuel by engaging with the audience.

How will you do this? It’s quite simple. Reply to comments, even if they are negative. Engage with others’ content on social media. Never keep any audience member waiting for your reply. You never know who brings what for your business! Stay on your toes all the time and boost the engagement.

Talk About What You Give More Than How You Give

What if McDonald’s start creating content on the recipes of their burgers and fries? Or how they ask customers about their choice and showcase their menu? This sounds weird because we can relate to this brand quite easily.

But this is what most businesses are doing. For example, Sparx IT Solutions is a web and mobile app development company. We are writing about top app ideas, popular frameworks, and technology stacks.

This adds value to our blog readers’ knowledge. What if we start writing blogs on how we serve our clients. Or how we consult our clients? Will it add any value to their knowledge about our services? Hence, always try to give something informative to your audience rather than bombarding them with your brand information.

Understand Your Audience and Their Behaviors

Have you ever heard about a buyer persona? If yes, then have you found out your brand’s buyer persona? It is crucial to discover these personas to create content that gives more value to the audience of your content.

To identify the buyer personas you need to visualize your ideal audience. Where should they live? What should be their age? What should be their gender, interests, relationship status, etc? While answering these questions, you will find the buyer persona.

Try to create multiple buyer personas. You can also know about the customers’ behavior by applying different artificial intelligence technologies like machine learning to get greater insight into their actions.

When you will know these things about your target audience, it will get easier to create content. In other words, with a close connection with buyer personas, you can create more informed content strategies. If you have not decided buyer personas yet then it’s time to do it now!

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Make them Feel Before They Buy

Buy this shirt, please buy this shirt, buy this shirt today, buy this shirt fast!!! If this is the kind of content you are creating then you have zero skills of content marketing. No one is going to purchase anything from you if you are telling them to do so.

People never buy anything until they are made to feel something. They buy emotions and not things! This is the reason that immersive technologies like augmented realities and virtual reality are booming in every industry from social networking to eLearning platform development.

When you let them connect with your brand emotionally, you give them a chance to consider making the purchase decision. The biggest of the biggest brands have focussed on emotions more than selling things straight. Whether its Cadbury celebrations or Myntra’s End of Reason sale, emotional marketing is what that sells today.

Create SEO-Friendly Pages

All your pages should be focussing on keywords. These keywords should be the ones for which your target audience is passionate about. This is a pro tip to create your strategy. Make sure the web development team uses SEO semantic codes.

These pages should revolve around the strategically advantageous keyword. Companies are generating more than 50% more revenue by optimizing their pages. You can get them developed with the help of content marketing experts.

Are You Going to Try these Content Marketing Tactics?

If you are willing to try these techniques then make sure you have time to do this dedicatedly. As we quoted “consistency” as the primary thing for successful content marketing, you should stay committed to these techniques.

A/B testing is an indispensable part of any marketing activity. Keeping both these essentials in mind, you should definitely try these content marketing techniques for your business. If you have a single doubt on your consistency due to lack of resources or too many responsibilities on your part then consider taking expert assistance.

Experts can show you a different perspective and take over your burden as content marketing requires constant experiments and updates. We, at Sparx IT Solutions, are providing content marketing services for the past 13 years.

Our team is actively indulged in research and development of new techniques by following the trends and leveraging advanced technologies. We develop new avenues for our clients to reach out to their target audience with the right content through the right channel at the right time! Connect with us if you also believe that content has more power than Thor (wink).

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