SMobile apps are the best ways that can lighten up our ways with advanced GPS functioning.

Waiting to recognize the right direction to proceed is extremely terrible. It is truly daunting when it comes to driving in an unknown area. It results in delays and mood upset which can actually ruin your plans. But don’t worry, you would not be further irritated by the confusion created by the roads and anything else. We are presenting the idea of GPS tracking app development which will definitely combat all types of location tracking problems.

You must have heard or used the Google Maps functionality of tracking locations. It is the biggest example we can show you how GPS works in mobile devices to track directions and exact locations for the searched places.

Today, mobile app development company are using the Global Positioning System network to pinpoint the exact location in real-time. It not only applies to the objects or locations, technology has paved the way to track individuals location. Yes! You can experience this technique with the help of location tracking apps.

Due to the increasing usage of mobile devices and it is now easier to track someone’s location through the advanced mobile tracking apps. A variety of people benefited from these types of apps in different ways. Business owners succeed to track their employees’ activities, whereas parents are able to track their children locations for their safety purpose. Apart from this, there are so many advantages that one can have using a location tracker app.

Have a glimpse at few major benefits of location tracking apps:

  1. Once you install the app in your mobile device, it will start working in the background by managing all the operations.
  2. If you are an owner, there is no need to worry about your employees’ activities other than the work.
  3. In emergency cases of lost, you can easily track the location where the employee was last found.
  4. The location tracking app makes the parents feel more comfortable when they got an alarm of something wrong is happening. They feel so because of the statistics provided by the app.
  5. Today, we have such apps that you can use to locate the stolen or lost mobile devices.

Sparx IT Solutions stands by you to meet your GPS tracking app development requirements. Therefore, we listen to your ideas and development points and implement them to build an app exactly like yours. No matter, you intend to develop the app for your enterprise or want to distribute it over the web to be used. So, We are here to deliver you a highly-functional app which is easy to operate and facilitate people with the geographic location they need.

Location tracker app can be categorized as follows:

♦ Path Tracking App

This types of apps are helpful when you got stuck somewhere which is completely unknown to you. So, switching on this best GPS navigation app for iOS will lead you towards the right path where you want to go. Its algorithm significantly does it for you.


  • Watches your moves towards the route
  • Observes and indicates the risk areas
  • Makes you aware of the turns and directions
  • Tracks exact distance to the destination
  • Ensures easy navigation

♦ Outdoor/Indoor Positioning App

Suppose you want to have an app which works for you to track inside and outside locations. For example, when you are going somewhere, it lets you know about the environment and path of your destination. In addition, it should be liable to provide in-house locations.


  • Lets you know about the exact locations
  • Helps you attain accurate results for your destination
  • Helps in searching objects under a roof
  • Provides movement & zone detection
  • Interprets your journey & residing location
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♦ Map tracker app

Map tracking app was first launched by Google through its Google Maps facility. It is a GPS tracker app for Android and iOS. Finally, Like Google Maps, companies have started developing such apps that are capable to map locations in easy manners.


  • Monitors location
  • Embeds with map
  • Maps the exact location
  • GPS localization
  • Ensures turn-by-turn navigation
  • Clear steer view
  • Provides public transit info

♦ Car Tracker App

A vehicle is precious for everyone and losing it is really a horrible situation. So, Don’t worry, you can save your vehicle by installing a car tracker app. These apps give you the power to track your vehicle and relevant activities while driving or not.


  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Provides worldwide coverage
  • Displays MIS reports
  • Increased vehicle safety
  • Location data saving for a year
  • Single screen vehicle management
  • Last location saving option
  • Ensures accurate vehicle tracking
  • User-friendly GUI

♦ School Bus Monitoring App

Among school authorities, school bus tracking app has been considered the most required technology. As a result, with this app, school management, parents and children will be able to experience safe transportation from their school to home and vice-versa. As a result, today this has become one of the best android location tracking app.


  • Lets you access bus location at any time
  • Alerts are provided in case of traffic and emergencies
  • Personal messages for direct communication
  • Provides route changes information
  • Information for pickup and drop

Sparx IT Solutions, a well known mobile app development company is familiar with GPS tracking application development and assures you that you will be facilitated with a high-quality fully-functional app which will serve as a perfect location tracking device for you. Our development team knows what is important for you and the app, thus builds the app with all major features. We know that how much tracking an object or a location is important for you. As a result, this motivates us to create the best tracking app for Android and iOS.


Nowadays, GPS mapping apps are truly a blessing for individuals and businesses. These make life easier for both by tracking the exact location of the object they want to know about. So, if you also have an idea of GPS tracking application development, you can consult a reputed mobile app development company.

This concept is all about reducing your hassle of finding routes, locations and individuals. Just grab this idea and improve your confidence level.

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