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  • DreamNPlay

    DreamNPlay is a fantasy sports app packaged with a number of user-friendly and easy-earning options for those who understand the game.

  • Buzzwork

    getBuzzwork is a daily task planning app. It is a multipurpose application that allows its users to add to-dos and monitor existing tasks.

  • Restyle

    The platform has been designed in the form of a social platform for allowing its users to resale their pre-loved clothes.

  • Xpaging

    An online marketplace platform enabling users to sell and purchase using advanced, user-friendly, and interactive social features.

  • CopIT

    Cop IT is an online marketplace for educational institutions. They can purchase education items using the application.

  • Jex Movers
    Jex Movers

    A Philippines-based app for food and parcel delivery and transportation services with an interactive user interface and a rich user experience.

  • Bluhop

    Refill reusable bottles by finding the nearest refill point to stop filling oceans and land with used plastic, and save both money and the environment.

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  • RML

    A video editing application with a complete package of editing, merging, filters, and sharing features with simple navigation and a smooth user experience.

  • Eefendi

    An online marketplace with a customer & vendor interface and user-friendly navigation that drives its users to use the app compatible.

  • Getmybook

    Schools and other institutions can put their catalog on the application so students can go to the portal and purchase or download the material.

  • Wynora

    A beauty product app, built with secure payment gateways to foster easy transactions that allow buyers to browse skin products that rejuvenate their skin texture.

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  • Wonderfruit

    This app displays the event features, including workshops, art installations, musical performances, and more.

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  • Ezi Cab
    Ezi Cab

    This app showcases the list of cab providers according to chosen city and location, and cab users can pick the best one by comparing prices, high traffic, etc.

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  • CarTeckh

    The app displays the best collection of new and used cars matching the requirements of the car aficionados from different regions and states.

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  • Assessment App
    Assessment App

    This app offers the student a superb platform to enhance their learning. Parents also have features to view and assess the scores of their children.

  • Pocket Girl X
    Pocket Girl X

    This app is designed for entertainment purposes with simulation features. The app showcases a simple and fast user experience.

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  • Aliment

    An all-in-one restaurant management solution app packed with a survey, task management, loyalty program, checklists, and other value-added features.

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  • Call Manager
    Call Manager

    An app that eases the management of phone calls and messages. This app allows them to send, and create and send text messages and respond to calls.

  • Car Wash
    Car Wash

    The users can avail themselves of modern car cleaning and grooming solutions with a few taps via their mobile phone.


    This extraordinary news app enables you to check out news in flash along with every minute update on it.

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  • Employee Learning
    Employee Learning

    A superb mobile app to promote employee learning and training as per their interest area with gamified features such as leaderboard.


    Locate many fresh produce businesses & purchase raw items like live crabs, bakery, natural flowers, etc. in just a few clicks.

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  • Evapp

    Enabling the EV users to locate nearby charging stations with mobile-based enrolment for existing charging slots, analyzes real-time performance metrics.


    With a \"blind\" poem comes even more fun, because you only see the last word of the line you are supposed to rhyme with.

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  • Travel

    A platform for travelers to book desired trips. This app helps you plan a complete itinerary by offering the best travel guide.


    This grocery shopping app offers a hassle-free shopping experience to the users by avoiding visiting any store which in turn saves a lot of time and money.

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    A centralized app for managing events queries such as birthday, wedding, corporates events, and a lot more with a hassle-free process.

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  • NSpect

    It ensures high-quality and safety standards by allowing the assigned team to standardize operations, prepare web reports, and analyze failures.


    A centralized space of suppliers and traders of dals (pulses) such as green gram, split red gram, red lentil, split Bengal gram, red kidney bean, chickpea, etc.

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  • IDOC

    It is a useful online platform for healthcare services, where the patients can book appointments for preferred doctors consultations.


    Users can easily manage the project using their mobile phones. The users will have to login into the existing project management system to get a unique key.

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  • Mylifewell

    A multi featured and large-scale wellness platform providing a wide range of facilities related to rehabilitation and other wellness activities.

  • vccircle

    An online news & business information app with a minimalist design and interactive interface parented by the leading Indian media company HT Media.

  • Techcircle

    A technology news app enabling readers to read and receive technology-related updates and information on their mobile phones.

  • Youshop

    This Oman-based, online grocery delivery app is designed to fulfill the needs of local residents and allow users to place orders for products of their daily needs.

  • MeraFind

    A mobile app dedicated to providing users with coupons and gift cards with a lightweight and interactive UI.

  • JadeDiabetes

    A data-efficient app that estimates the doses, predicts sugar levels, provides in-app health coaching, and telehealth support.

  • Easy Fix
    Easy Fix

    An app that allows corporates and individuals to hire daily-work professionals such as craftsmen, electricians, plumbers, etc.

  • Social networking app
    Social networking app

    This is a social media application with a dynamic login and registration and functionality of direct messaging, notifications & sending app invitations.

  • Common Good App
    Common Good App

    A grocery app allowing users to purchase vegetables, meat, and dairy products from dedicated stores. Vendors can manage their orders, payments, and profiles.

  • Qurain Store
    Qurain Store

    Qurain is an eCommerce mobile application. Vendors can list and sell home and office decoration products using this platform.

  • EZ souq
    EZ souq

    A real-estate application powered with smart data features that provide users complete information about the property they are trying to purchase.

  • Mandubi

    It is an on-demand parcel delivery app. It is currently functional in Kuwait. We designed and developed its interface for customers and drivers.

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