The holiday season is all about how much effort we put into giving!
We are heading towards an exciting holiday season 2020 where striking deals and discounts are going to be the flavor of the season. This festive season entrepreneurs need to understand the consumer’s shopping pattern for remarkable growth. The festive season is the golden opportunity for eCommerce business owners to generate great revenue. In comparison between responsive websites and eCommerce apps, eCommerce mobile applications are well known for the seamless shopping experience.

Online business has plenty of advantages and eCommerce App Development fuels the business growth. A mobile app offers a great opportunity and new dimensions for your business. Sometimes online business owners suffer from a “summer slump” when sales are not as per expectation due to vacations and other reasons when people make a distance from their mobile phones.

Among the most captivating seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday data insights for 2019 shows that mobile users dove somewhere down in their pockets, wracking up more than $3 billion in eCommerce mobile sales. This is a hint for future growth gripped by the eCommerce industry. Besides, Forrester’s wildly accurate predictions reported online market development through 2020.

Is Cyber Monday and Black Friday the biggest record-breaker During The Festive Season?

If we talk about the previous year’s holiday season eCommerce transaction then Cyber Monday and Balck Friday weekend shockingly set new records over the eCommerce market. The eCommerce App Development leads to the significant growth on Cyber Monday and Black Friday year over year is unpredictable. You can get the approximate growth rate of eCommerce mobile sales year over year on Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Have a look below:

  • Increased sales by a staggering 35% for Black Friday and 16% for Cyber Monday.
  • Thanksgiving revenue increased overall by 26% year over year.
  • Shopify claimed that 70% of online transactions from its store took place on a mobile device
  • AI recommendations helped increase the average order value by 9% overall.
  • Mobile purchases accounted for approximately 49% of all orders.
  • Cyber Monday had the highest average order value at $122.
  • 58 million shoppers made a purchase online while 51 million go for window shopping.
  • Millennials shelled out an average of $419 per person.
  • More than $5 billion was spent online in the U.S. during the first 24 hours.
  • 190 million American shoppers made at least one transaction over this weekend.
  • $7.4 billion was spent online during Black Friday.
  • Buy online, pickup in-store purchases soared by 41%.
  • $9.4 billion was spent online during Cyber Monday.
  • $11 million was spent each minute over this weekend. 

As per an eMarketer report, versatile internet business is booming in the US market, because of the huge count of technically knowledgeable youth, and the size of the market is currently worth more than $100 billion this year.

The sky’s curb for eCommerce businesses! The intensity of the Internet has made it possible for you to reach buyers whenever, anyplace. Mobile utilization has taken control of our lives. As indicated by last year’s study, 96% of grown-ups in the United States own a cell phone. Everybody has mobile phones glued to their hands almost day in and day out.

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Do you know 67% of eCommerce sales across the globe are generated through a mobile device? In such a mobile dependent generation, an eCommerce mobile app development can leave an unimaginable impact on your business. Let’s discuss some of the key points and understand why entrepreneurs must look after eCommerce mobile app:

Why should you have an eCommerce mobile app for your business?

Why should you have an eCommerce Mobile-App for your-Business

Loyal Customer

A user-friendly mobile app is a replica of your website, it is exceptionally personalized, customized, and very well designed, which altogether improves user experience and encourages the new customer to convert and visit your store. Users find eCommerce mobile apps the most convenient option for buying anything they need in just a few clicks without any hustle and bustle. Outsource your eCommerce project to eCommerce App Development Company for custom eCommerce mobile apps.

Check-out the key reason for choosing eCommerce Development Services

Over Responsive eCommerce Website:

Mobility : Mobile is an easy to carry device, users get the freedom to use the mobile app anytime, anywhere.

Loading time : Mobile pages load faster than a web page that is the core reason why users find mobile apps for every business. Entrepreneurs need to set this in mind no matter how good your service and quality product you are selling, if you will let the user wait for extra seconds, he will be your competitor’s client.

Personalized Content : Shopping preferences and previous orders can be saved in the app.

Offline Access:- The best functionality of a user-centric mobile app is that it functions in an offline mode. The smartphone user can get basic functionality by turning off their mobile data.

Brand Recognition

Mobile applications create a strong connection between brands and consumers. You can avail of E-commerce Development Services to integrate social media platforms into your application and allow clients to talk about your products and services over social networks. This is a powerful approach for creating a strong customer base, showcasing your services, and drawing users’ attention to your brand. Hiring a reputed eCommerce App Development Company can add value to your brand name by delivering a business-oriented mobile app.

Better Efficiency and Increased Revenues

It’s a fact that mobile apps are more adaptable and easy to use. Even though their execution is very costly, they are probably going to rapidly pay off and increase sales. The relationship is simple: a decent mobile app built with the right strategy and functionality brings more customers; more customers bring more order placements, subsequently, your income is expanding. Get the benefit of Mobile App Development Services to double your eCommerce income.  

Moreover, push notifications are a modest and successful channel for increasing sales and maintaining a brand name. Through pop-up messages, you can convey immediate updates to numerous consumers in one go and encourage them to make a quick request.

Detailed Data Analytics

Information is easy to assemble and track via the mobile app. Mobile applications permit you to screen clients’ interaction and give you valuable data about them, for example, responsiveness to specific products, total session, and feedback. This may help convey upgrades and updates and make customized content delivery. Mobile analytics helps you to build an advanced marketing strategy for running  promotional campaigns. You can hire a company providing Mobile App Development Services as per the latest market trends.

Contactless Payments

We all know 2020 brought a drastic change in everyone’s life. “Contactless” is no longer a part of a service only but, became a trend and protocol where people need to disconnect from each other physically. Service vendors are allowed for contactless deliveries for safety purposes. So, the Contactless payment option has become an urgent need where people can avoid touching things, even cash to pay bills. Cashless payment options allow users to pay with a few clicks and avoid giving cash. You can hire mobile app development company to implement advanced  features in your eCommerce app.

Whether you choose eCommerce Android app development or eCommerce iOS app development based on your target audience, it will get you more benefits as compared to a mobile responsive website. Where people rely on mobile apps for their daily life needs, during the holiday season the traffic is just not easy to control.

The biggest deals, discounts, coupons, sales, money-saving announcements bring the majority of consumers and increased traffic. Consumers who love shopping wait for the season sale the whole year just to shop their desired products with 70% to 80% of discounts. The eCommerce mobile app sales during the holiday season are just unbelievable. Not only for shoppers but the holiday season is the money-making opportunity for entrepreneurs by creating new benchmarks and generating billions of revenue. How the holiday season can help you double your ROI with an eCommerce application? Let’s discuss! 

How having a mobile app can boost your sales during the holiday season?

How having a Mobile App

Deploy Timely Push-Notification

When you are offering a limited time deal and want your customers to know about it, be punctual with your push notification. Let your customers understand the urgency and try not to miss the opportunity and save their money. Creating this urgency in consumers’ minds is the best marketing strategy that drives instant sales. Tags like “limited time offer” or “few minutes left” need to be sent via push notification to upscale your sales. 

Understand User’s Behavior

Clients today are exposed to changing choices that it turns into a considerable task to draw their attention to your application and stop them from moving to another. They compare all applications offering similar services, perform an examination, and choose the most appropriate one at the best price. Hire Mobile App Development Company that can create a custom eCommerce mobile app based on market demand users specifications.

Even though this analysis increases the tech competition, this will assist you with building up a superior application as it produces cross-channel-client data. This information reflects the buyer’s behaviors during the decision-making process. Utilizing this data you can improve app maintenance, maximize user engagement, and boost sales during the holiday season.

Social Media Is your Way!

These days people are using social networking platforms via mobile phones. There are apps like, Facebook Lite, Instagram, Whatsapp that drive their attention to access social media via mobile phones. During the advanced social media apps, social engagements got upstream. Give your application alluring features, design, and declaring deals during the holiday season. It can draw huge traffic to your application. Make customer engagement and build a strong relationship.

Integrate Live Chat Process

When it comes to customer support or quick reply to users, the live chat process is a master approach. Shoppers like to get their queries answered in a short while. They get attracted to instant responses and issues resolved. Implementing a 24*7 live chat support will help you to make a strong client connection and provide them immediate assistance anytime day or night.

Advanced Search Bar    

The search bar is the most important segment of your eCommerce app that needs to be optimized. Make sure it functions well and also consider typo errored or misspelled queries. Sometimes users are very particular about what exactly they want, so they use more filters to reach their desired products. An advanced search bar can help potential buyers to look for a specific product without navigating to many options.
Easy Return Policy.

Don’t make it complicated! Sometimes users find the actual product a bit different or not as per their specifications, so they want to return. Offer them a simple return process, eventually, it will close more sales. Provide them the flexibility to return or exchange their product within a couple of days. Give their money back or the order they have placed in exchange delivered at the right time. It builds consumer’s trust.

With the excess of 60% of the eCommerce business traffic from mobile apps, the eCommerce business has gone beyond just desktop experience. An ever-increasing number of customers have exhibited their inclination to utilize a mobile application to shop on the web. Developing an eCommerce app for your business is the best decision you can ever take for your business. You will get more than you invest. But, what is Mobile App Development Cost? Will it be pocket friendly? Can you reward your brand with a cost-effective eCommerce app? Let’s find the answers.

How much will it cost to have an eCommerce mobile app? 

Not only for eCommerce not only for the Mobile app but costing for developing any business solution whether it is app or website depends upon numerous factors. It’s not something which you can get in a single figure. Yes, you can estimate a final budget, but only after knowing some of the core cost influencing factors of developing a eCommerce mobile app.

Let’s discuss some cost determining elements for developing an eCommerce mobile app:

List of features

Different features vary the cost. If you expect a regular mobile app with very basic features then it will not charge much. But if you want advanced features as per the latest trend and technologies then it will cost you accordingly. An eCommerce mobile has general features like:

  • User login
  • Product catalog
  • User profile
  • Product search
  • Payment gateway
  • Checkout process

Apart from these features, you can ask the developer to implement advanced features like

  • Online chat
  • Social media integration
  • Wishlist
  • Multiple payment options
  • Product filters
  • Push modifications, any many more.

Implementing such advanced features will require higher payment.

UI/UX Design

An eye-catchy visual attracts everyone! The app design plays a lead role to attract visitors and ultimately boost conversions. When it comes to online shopping, it offers users a mind-blowing experience with remarkable design. Your eCommerce mobile app design process must follow the prototype, buyer’s journey, and wireframes.  

Development Platform

For mobile app development, you have more than one option: iOS, Android, and Native mobile apps. You can choose according to your interest and your target audience. In any case, the development cycle on either platform changes, which prompts an unmatched costing. 

Let’s have a quick look at both the Android App Development and iOS App Development platform:

Android App Development

At present, Android has the most generous market share. If you need a  single platform for your eCommerce app then Android can be a best choice as it will assist you with contacting an extensive crowd. Although the cost of Android app development is higher then iOS app development, due to the model variety of Android phones.

iOS App Development

As compared to Android iOS needs to pay more to afford it and are likely to invest more per app. Due to this, your crowd may be small, yet it will have a higher client lifetime value and will assist you with producing more profitability. 

Development Cost

This is the perspective where the coding part is focused on. The expense of application development may be briefed by the number of programmers who attempt the coding. Another cost determinant factor for developing an app is functionalities. Among all three types of mobile apps, Native apps cause the greatest expense of development. 

App Functionality

The mobile app functionality roams around the programming and technical advancements. The more features and advanced functionality you will look for the more you will be required to pay. The tech innovation is growing rapidly, you can add the desired functionality you want, all you need to pay accordingly.

The points mentioned above are the basic cost influencing factors for mobile app development. There are some more additional charges you need to pay if you avail services like:

  • The cost of a platform’s software license
  • App store /  Deployment charges
  • Equipment costs
  • Cost of social media integration
  • Database and server cost
  • App Update costs
  • Live support cost
  • Marketing and advertising costs, etc.

Final Thought!

Today, every brand has a market value and reputation. It won’t be wrong to say that mobile app development contributed tremendously to take businesses to heights. For every business owner, developing a mobile responsive business website is the need of an hour but having an eCommerce mobile app development is like following the trend. 

Do you know what is the biggest mistake done by eCommerce business owners? They think like a business owner, not like users who are revenue generators. Keep yourself at users’ place and understand their vision, their requirements and their comfort level. Familiarity with users’ shopping behavior and demands is the key to boot sales, deliver personalized content, and maximize ROI.

Looking for an eCommerce mobile app development service but unable to find the cost-effective option? With so many factors involved in the Mobile App Development Process, the cost differs. It all depends upon your requirements and business objective. To get an appealing and high-functioning eCommerce mobile app you can hire an eCommerce app development company for high-quality products.

As per my knowledge, I can suggest a reputed company providing a mobile app development service that is Sparx IT Solutions. You can contact them for a remarkable eCommerce solution. They are equipped with the industry’s leading tech experts and talented minds for providing innovative eCommerce development services.

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