With the unprecedented outbreak of a pandemic, the education industry speed up its digital transformation. Indeed, this industry has become an unacknowledged corona warrior. Businesses have come forward to invest in eLearning app development and made it a holistic goal to reach out to negatively impacted 154 crore learners during the COVID-19 crisis.

Sparx IT Solutions has immense gratitude for eLearning apps like Byju’s for strengthening the falling pillars of the traditional education system. With the contribution of such apps, the global eLearning industry market is expected to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.

This calls out to more businesses and motivates them to invest in the modern education system. It’s a good idea to create an app like Byju’s and accommodate the sudden influx of eLearners.

A brief on Byju’s- The Learning App

Byju’s is an Indian online tutoring initiative. It is an ed-tech firm established in 2011. This e-learning company stands at a value of USD 11.1 billion. During this pandemic, they flourished and earned a revenue of 2800 crore in FY20.

Byju’s journey is commendable and inspiring for the budding eLearning businesses. It has witnessed a 600% hike in users and subscribers from 2017 to 2020. Currently, it has accommodated 4.7 million subscribers and 70 million users.

Byju’s Business Model

Are you trying to step into another business’s shoes? If yes, then the foremost step is to learn their ways of earning money. Byju’s is following one of the most popular business models for mobile apps and that is Freemium.

It allows users to access content for 15 days without any charges. But after 15 days of registration, they need to pay fees. There are courses for the 1st to 12th class. It also offers classes to students for clearing National as well as international exams.

Structure and Features of an App Like Byju’s

Structure and Features of an App-Like-Byju’s

To create an app like Byju’s, you will have to integrate four panels with specific features. Each panel is of equal importance if you want to create a smooth learning experience for students. Here are the four panels and their respective features.

1. Admin Panel

It allows your administration to manage the various aspects of the app. It manages the data of other panels including teacher, parent, and student panels. Along with it a person with admin panel access can control and manage the payment of subscriptions also. Features of Admin Panel are:

1.1 Class Management

It lets the administration manage the students and courses class-wise.

1.2 Content Management

The content in an eLearning app consists of many types. From books to videos, this feature will help admin in managing content effectively.

1.3 Test Management

The eLearning apps allow the users to give tests from their place. Managing these tests as well as results is possible with this feature.

1.4 Student and Parent Management

This feature allows the admin to manage the profiles of parents and their wards.

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1.5 Teacher Management

The schedule, background, and report of teachers are also required to be managed by the admin.

1.6 Payment Management

This feature allows the admin to manage the payment options and subscriptions under high-end security.

2. Teacher panel

This panel is created for teachers. It has features that allow the teacher to manage their class timings, student reports, and class reports. This panel allows teachers to connect with parents, students as well as admin. Here are the features of the teacher panel.

2.1 Registration

In the eLearning app, a strict registration process is followed for teachers wherein all their documents are verified.

2.2 Dashboard

The dashboard of teachers contains the details of their classes, students, etc.

2.3 Class management and reports

With these features, teachers can manage the class timings and maintain reports for the classes conducted.

2.4 Student management and reports

A comprehensive report is created by teachers on their students to track their performance effectively.

2.5 Notifications

This feature provides timely notifications or reminders to teachers about their upcoming classes.

2.6 Chat/call with Admin

This feature allows the teachers to connect with admin anytime.

3. Parent Panel

A primary school kid cannot buy subscriptions themselves. For this, they need a parent’s support. This panel allows parents to create an account and manage their child’s courses, classes, and progress. These are the features of the parent’s panel:

3.1 Registration

Every parent will fill a form to create a parent account.

3.2 Connect Student

After creating an account, they will connect their ward with their profile.

3.3 Admin announcements

The admin shares regular updates that are shown to parents with the help of this feature.

3.4 Student profile and reports

The parents can view the performance and class reports of their students in this feature.

3.5 Buy courses

This feature allows the parents to purchase the course for their children.

3.6 Chat/call with Admin

This feature allows the parents to connect with the admin anytime.

4. Student Panel

This is the essence of any app like Byju’s. A student can access all his/her resources through this section. From registration to tests, this panel will allow students to make full use of your app. Here are the specific features of the student panel:

4.1 Registration

The students are required to fill a form by disclosing their details.

4.2 Course List

The list of courses is always available for students. They can browse and know about different courses.

4.3 Course Details

The course that they have purchased is shared along with the details in this section.

4.4 Online tests

The online test is conducted for the students to judge their performance. This feature allows them to attempt these tests.

4.5 Purchase History

The complete history of course bought by the students or their parents is available in this section.

4.6 Forum

Students can any time connect with subject experts or teachers to resolve their queries.

Advanced Features for an App like Byju’s

Advanced Features for an App-like-Byju

Not all apps can make it to the top. You need to include some over-the-top features that can let your mobile app stand out among others. Although these features will add to the overall cost, you need to pick them wisely after a detailed discussion with your education app development Services provider.

Push Notifications

This allows the admin to notify students, parents, and teachers about classes, tests, and reports, etc. This also helps in retaining customers. Push notifications have immense power of withholding the users with the app.

AR Integration

AR integrated eLearning apps have become immensely popular in a few years. By integration augmented reality into your app, you can make the knowledge imparting exercise more effective. With these immersive technologies, the learning power of students can be improved.

AI support

Artificial intelligence along with machine learning can improve your user experience. Their algorithms help in providing personalized search suggestions. Depending on users’ behavior, your app will be able to suggest a suitable course and test.

E-commerce Integration

There are various study materials that you cannot include in your app. These are the add-ons that your students will need. For this purpose, integration with eCommerce apps can help them in finding the appropriate study material.

In-app Call/Chat

In-app calls and chats can provide 24X7 support to teachers, students, and parents. This feature will improve your customer services by many folds. Moreover, it helps in resolving real-time queries seamlessly.

eLearning Mobile App Development Cost

eLearning Mobile App Development Cost

The cost of getting an eLearning mobile app like Byju’s developed depends on various factors. From the location to features, everything makes a difference. To help you get the most accurate estimate for the cost, we have described a few important features:

Advanced Features

Features for any app can be divided into two categories. One category of features is important to be included in the MVP of the app. Without these primary features, your app does not get ready for launch in the market.

Another category of features involved the advanced features. They give your app a competitive edge. While deciding these features, you need to be innovative. Some of these features are push notifications, AR integration, AI, and ML algorithms for data analysis, etc.

MVP development will include the basic cost. The more advanced features your app will possess, the more its development will cost. Hence there has to be a balance between what you need to add to your app and what you can afford.

Mobile Platform

Today is the era of mobile apps that is available on all major platforms and browsers. Cross-platform apps are cost-effective too as they have a code-usability advantage. But this does not mean that native apps are out of trend.

To target a specific audience or to give supreme native experience to users, you will have to create separate apps for both of these platforms. Android App Development Company’s services are comparatively cheaper than iOS App Development Services due to basic differences between Google Play Store and App Store.

The subscription fees for the app in the Play store are one-time payable. Whereas, the renewal of subscription on the App store is annual. Hence if you have a limited budget then it is recommended to go for Android app development.

Type of Developers

When you delegate a project to in-house developers, you will end up spending more. The training, infrastructure, and other costs will add to your expenses. This is why it is recommended to rely on offshore developers.

Local developers in the USA, UK, Australia, etc. cost more than offshore developers. Moreover, offshore developers are well-trained and experienced as they have worked with various clients. Moreover, offshore developers always quote reasonable rates to ensure a long term relationship.

Work Process

Developers work according to a predefined line of actions. If you trust someone with your project who works on the traditional development approach, you may end up doubling the cost. Are you wondering how?

It is because the traditional approach involves submitting the work at the end. This is why progressive mobile app development companies have started following the agile development process. This involves sharing regular updates.

At every level, you can share your feedback with Mobile App Developer and get anything changed. The agile methodologies increase the chances of getting first-time-right solutions. And ultimately, decreasing your Mobile App Development Cost.

Wrapping Up

Following others footsteps is not wrong, until and unless you do not lose your identity. Make an app like Byju’s but make sure to add your unique value to it. This is what Sparx IT Solutions has always believed in – Create, Ideate, and Innovate.

The passion to create unconventional solutions out of the conventional ways has brought us so far in our journey of 13 years. As a Mobile App Development Company, we help businesses create an app better than the existing apps in the market.

During times of pandemic, we have a special focus on the eLearning industry. We are aiming at letting the digital education tool reach the negatively affected students during the COVID crisis. With the blend of education and the IT industry, we are creating wonders in the eLearning domain.

That’s why we are all nodding yes whenever we get a request for e-learning app development services. If you have a similar approach, do reach out to us. We are eager to make the modern learning approach affordable and approachable for all.

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