Within the realm of the mobile app development, the developers look for the ways to shorten the product lifecycle, enhance deployment speed and performance. To gain the optimum results, React Native have become the groundbreaking tool for the app creation.

While developing a business application, you have to choose from the range of options. Will it going to be a hybrid app or a native app for iOS and Android?

If you want to expand your business reach, you will probably choose both Android and iOS platform. At the same time, you also have to decide whether you want a separate app for each or a platform app that functions consistently on the two. To resolve this problem, choose React Native. This framework will let you cover both these platforms with a shared codebase.

If you are unaware of the React Native concept, then let’s first start with its basic.

What is React Native?


React Native has been developed by the social media giant, i.e., Facebook. It’s an open-source framework which is used for creating the interesting mobile applications. With the help of the JavaScript, it can write cross-platform native apps for Android and iOS easily. This means that you don’t have to develop the different applications like web, mobile, HTML5, or a hybrid app. Thus, saving the development time and efforts to a great extent.

The good news is that it is an intuitive and efficient framework. It is ideal for those developers, who have a solid grip on the JavaScript. It mainly focuses on UI and makes applications smooth. Big brands like Facebook, Swiggy, Airbnb, etc., are also using React Native approach.

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Why opt for React Native?

When it comes to the reasons for choosing this framework for the mobile app development, then there are many. Let’s read on to know more about them:

  • Accelerate app creation

app creation

React Native makes use of the components for creating stunning mobile UI. Since it’s a JavaScript, it becomes fairly simple for the front-end developers to learn mobile app development with its native counterparts.

Also, if you wish to build an app for Android and iOS, it will take less time to finish the project with React Native. With Java and Swift/Objective-C, you need to create two standalone apps. Using React Native where the codebase is already shared helps to cut down the development time.

  • High-grade mobile performance

mobile performance

React Native provides optimal performance and improves the performance via native control and modules. It can easily connect with the native components for both the OS and develop a code to the native APIs efficiently. Now, this enhances performance as it utilizes the separate threads from the native apps and UI.

  • Code reusability

The biggest advantage of the React Native is its code reusability. Thanks to the Facebook, the developers don’t need to build the different mobile app for each platform. You can integrate 90% of the native framework, when you have to reuse the codes for both the OS.

React Native speeds up the development process because it has pre-developed components available in the open-source library. This implies that the codes are written in advance and you can implement them as per the app development requirements.

  • Big community of developers

Being an open-source JavaScript platform, it gives liberty to the developers to contribute in this framework. And, this can be accessed easily. So, you can make the most out from this community-driven technology.

This implies that if any developer will get stuck midway while building an app, then he can take help from the community members who would assist them properly.

The presence of this community helps you to share your experiences of developing a better code for the handled projects. GitHub React Native Community is a popular platform where the developers can freely share their knowledge of the React Native to the members. They receive feedback from the group members that further leads to an effective communication.

  • A cost-effective solution

The code reusability in React Native automatically slashes down the cost of building an app. The developers don’t have to write separate codes for both the platforms as both OS can be programmed with one language.

Now, this makes the development cost affordable as you don’t need to hire a large team of developers for getting the job done. This is the best part about the React Native as a small team size will carry out the task with dexterity.

  • Provides simple user-interface


The React Native is best-known for offering a simple and interactive mobile user-interface. This is why, it is more popular as a JavaScript library than being a framework.

If you have developed an app, then it is necessary to have a simplified UI. For this purpose, the React Native is an optimum solution so far. It gives a responsive design and lowers the loading time very well.

  • Third-party plugins integration

The React Native offers extended support for the third-party plugins, which include different options for the native and JavaScript modules. For instance, if you want to implement any Map in your app, React Native allows you to do it by connecting the plugin through a third-party module.

  • Cross-platform support

Initially, the React Native was developed solely for iOS, but its increasing popularity made Facebook to develop for Android as well. These days, the developers can create apps for both iOS and Android using React Native with a single codebase, thus, reducing the cost of the development.

  • Easy maintenance

Maintainability is the most impressive part of the React Native. As it uses JavaScript within its framework, this allows the developers to handle multiple projects simultaneously with an ease. They will feel no trouble while combining of the native languages for Android and iOS platform.

  • Make apps more stable

The React Native is useful in simplifying the process of data binding. Due to this, your apps will become highly stable and the reliability level will increase as well.

It allows updating only the permitted parts, and if you wish to do any modification, then you need to change and apply the updates.

  • Handy solutions and library

React Native carries an amazing collection of the ready-made solutions and libraries that simplifies the mobile app development process.

It has a huge library, which is highly beneficial for the developers. With the help of this, they can produce bug-free codes fast.

With all these points, we are sure that you will get a crystal-clear idea of the potential of the React Native technology.

How mobile app developers gets benefited from the React Native?

There is no denying in the fact that the React Native is a highly efficient framework. Its efficiency helps in reducing the cost, fast load time, and easy maintenance.

It makes the process of the mobile app development agile. Additionally, the workload reduces to almost half with a single codebase working for both the mobile platforms. Only one experienced developer adroit in JavaScript can handle the project hassle-free.

The plus point of React Native is its flexibility which allows the developers (strong in JavaScript) to develop apps seamlessly and effortlessly.

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Some concluding thoughts

React Native has made a commendable progress in the past few years. It is now being used in a number of mobile apps. If you wish to get a multi-dimensional and user-friendly mobile app, you know which option to go for.

Furthermore, React Native is the best cross-platform development frameworks available. It keeps on improving after every passing year- courtesy to its large community of the developers. It provides robust app security and occupies less memory space.

If you haven’t tried out this technology yet, then you should definitely use it for your next project.

If you’re looking forward to work with an esteemed React Native development company, then choose Sparx IT Solutions. We are a pioneer name in this field, and you will get the world-class service at a competitive price.


1.Why should I consider React Native for the mobile app development?

Ans-: React Native is the future of the hybrid application development. The combination of JavaScript and React Native creates mobile apps for Android and iOS that are aesthetically appealing and practically solid.

2.Does React Native app development turns out to be successful?

Ans-: Yes. And, we have wonderful experiences of the projects related to the React Native technology. We have numerous successful projects in our kitty that makes us stand out from the rest.

3. Is React Native App development highly efficient?

Ans-: Yes, it is. It is one of the most popular platforms for the web development owing to its rich set of features and functionalities.

4.Will it be easier to maintain the React Native app post-launch?

Ans-: App maintenance is crucial for the market success. We, at Sparx IT Solutions, offer complete support and dedication in the app maintenance post its launch. We will make your app up-to-date as per the market scenario.

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