Voice assistants have become an important part of everyday life for many people. It has started overtaking traditional internet search. If people have to find any information, they simply shoot a voice command and get search results in no time. This level of convenience is attracting people to try voice assistant apps like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. As per the survey, it has been found that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches. Businesses are investing in voice assistant application development to improve customer experience.

What is a voice assistant app?


In general, a voice assistant app responds to voice commands and gives users accurate information about their queries. With the help of such apps, it becomes easy to process orders of products, perform actions like playing music, switch on/off the lights, or calling a friend.

What is the reason for the shift towards voice technology?

The key driver behind the shift towards voice user interface is the changing user’s demand. Instead of typing queries in search engines you can use voice commands.

If you wish to incorporate voice and natural language capabilities into your app, you must rely on cloud options. But if you think, why limit yourself to Apple or Amazon and build your own, you are absolutely right. Any mobile app development company can create an app like this without much hassle. They can easily voice-enable their devices as it is only about speech to text, a query parser, a pipeline, a rules engine, and a pluggable architecture along with open APIs.

Why apps like Alexa are so famous?

There are a plethora of reasons for its rising popularity. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Easy to use: Its interface is quite simple that users can operate without any difficulty.
  • Fast: We have to admit the fact that voice is faster than touch recognition. All we have to do is to ask our queries and getting an instant response. How simple it is!
  • Fascinating: Children get lured by the functions these apps are bestowed with. Hence, they used it a lot.
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What technologies are used in Mobile Assistants?

Speech to text (STT) engine: In this, the user’s voice is converted into text. The voice may be of users or any random audio clip.

Text to speech (TTS) engine: This engine can convert text to speech, and it is highly useful when the user is occupied in some other work.

Tagging: With this, the voice assistant can understand what the user is trying to say.

Noise reduction engine: This engine aids in cancelling out the external environment noise. Otherwise, there will be too many stimuli that an app will have to process.

Voice biometrics: This authentication process helps an app to understand that it is particularly your voice.

User interface: it comprises two parts, the voice, and the call out. The voice part is the one where the users can hear the results of their questions asked, and callouts are where they can see results on the screen.

Speech compression engine: This can compress the voice of the users so it can reach the server faster.

How to Create a Voice Assistant App Like Alexa?


There are mainly three methods that mobile app development companies deploy for building a voice assistant app- Junior method, which involves the integration of voice assistant technology to a mobile app using APIs. You can also try the middle method, where you can build a voice assistant using open source services and APIs. And, the last method involved in the voice assistant app development process is building a voice assistant from scratch and then integrating it into the mobile app. Let’s have a detailed discussion of the standard methods to develop voice-assistant apps like Alexa.

Junior method

This method involves the integration of trusted technology within an existing app. For this purpose, you need to get a kit and then integrate it within an app. The kit is used to define the intents as types of requests, and then clarifies the types and you have to group it into domains. This is how the junior method works.

Middle method

This method is suitable for those who have knowledge of machine learning. There are few tools that you can use for developing an AI assistant app, along with web and mobile services:

Melissa: It is a great tool for those who are new to building voice assistant apps. It has the capability of speaking, taking notes, and reading the news.

Jasper: It is a popular open-source platform that is used for making voice-controlled applications. This tool has the ability to listen and learn. The good part is that it can track users’ habits silently and provides you precise information on time.

Api.ai: It provides a complete range of features for making virtual assistant app development simpler. Along with that, it supports voice-to-text conversion with the execution of a relevant set of tasks.

Senior method

This method is recommended for hardcore developers who have prior experience in developing machine learning apps from scratch.

Google’s Tensorflow: This open-source software library has a flexible structure. It can be used on different servers, mobile devices, etc. You can use it easily as it is flexible and portable.

Amazon Machine Learning: This machine learning service empowers developers to develop a complex and intelligent machine learning app. It is supported by multiple data sources and allows developers to build data source objects using an MYSQL database.

What to keep in mind while voice assistant app development?

While making a voice assistant app like Alexa, you have to consider a lot of things. Few of them are listed below:

Choose the right platform

When you have to build a voice assistant app, you need to research the existing platforms. Today, there are a variety of platforms and services available for developing an AI personal assistant. So, you should pen down the list of features you want and research existing platforms; then, you should choose the right platform for your voice-based application.

Build with end-user in mind

Whenever you create a voice assistant app, you should keep the end-users in mind- who they are, what is their age, and what tasks they want to accomplish with your assistant app.

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Choose the features wisely

While preparing a feature list for your assistant app, remember this fact: building an app that works flawlessly is far better than a feature-enriched assistant app that doesn’t perform even a single task properly.

How much does voice assistant app development cost?

The development cost depends on the complexity and the number of features that you want to add in your app. For building an app like Alexa, it would cost around $15,000-$50,000.

Some concluding thoughts

The idea of including artificial intelligence is one of the leading trends in mobile app development. Every business wants to incorporate this functionality into its devices.

It is safe to mention that voice assistant apps like Alexa have become an indispensable part of our day to day lives. It is utilized in various spheres from healthcare to logistics and businesses are making the most out of it. Copying an idea to create a voice assistant application might sound easy but creating anything from scratch is a difficult process. If you follow the above-outlined steps, it would be possible to build an app like Alexa.

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From developing complex voice-based apps from scratch to helping businesses to accomplish their goal, the company helps its clients in the best possible way. You can hire voice assistant developers from Sparx IT Solutions to create a feature-packed application tailored to your business needs.

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