Educational institutions have embraced the technology with an open heart, as it has enhanced the learning methodology. The rising popularity of mobile devices provided an amazing opportunity for the education sector.

The mobile app development services aimed at building educational apps that will efficiently manage and boost their education, as per the changing educational norms. Software developers are working hard to render customized solutions for the education sector for enhancing workforce performance and student-faculty satisfaction.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest technology, which is impacting the educational sector (obviously in a positive way). Its introduction has proved to be a game-changer for the education system. A lot of institutes are deploying connected smart devices for supporting their e-learning and smartboard infrastructure. There are certain parameters, which are contributing to rapid adoption:

  • Ease of access and cost-effectiveness of cloud services are the key drivers behind the growing popularity of IoT enabled devices.
  • The customized apps that are made to serve educational institutes can be developed speedily.

IoT has the potential to make life simpler for educators, management, students, and parents. The resources can be effectively optimized, and a profitable result can be attained with the same amount of efforts.

IoT apps are created for the following aspects of the education sector:

  • Optimizing price and feasibility with app management solutions.
  • Improving learning experience with useful classroom management solutions.
  • Effective academic solutions for making the interaction between stakeholders better.

    How the education industry is benefiting from IoT?

education industry benefiting IoT

Education is the most vital thing in today’s progressive society. Therefore, it would be a smart move to incorporate recent technological advancements for making learning a fun activity for the students.

  • Personalized Learning Experience

The educators can gather data about the student’s performance while teaching. This will help them in knowing their learning interests as well as the capabilities of the students. This becomes even more necessary for higher studies, where the students have a good opportunity to complete their studies if they’re provided with a tailor-made path.

  • Textbook Enhancement

Physical textbooks do not seem to be an affordable option for many, and these get outdated in a couple of years. Quick Response (QR) codes have made their space in the school textbooks. By scanning these codes, the assignments, feedback, and additional knowledge resources can be availed without any hassle.

  • Smart Classrooms

smart classrooms

The smart classroom contains AR-enabled smartboards, which showcase engaging videos on different topics. The students can utilize VR headsets to get an immersive experience. The best part is that these connected classrooms have devices in connection with the personal devices of the students and teachers as well. Through this, the teachers can upload assignments and projects for the students automatically on their student’s devices.

  • Aids Special-need Students

IoT can prove to be a beneficial option for special needs students. Since they have the freedom to learn at their own pace, they are surely going to perform well. This is because they will not have unnecessary pressure in keeping up with the rest of the class. The students with hearing impairment can transform voice to text while giving exams. And, the visually impaired student can see the smartboard with the help of VR headsets. IoT will be going to reduce the requirement for maintaining separate curriculum and educational facilities, particularly for the special-need students.

  • Robust Security for Learning Spaces

IoT has not only contributed to improving core education. But, it has also created a safe and secure way of imparting education. CCTV cameras are used to monitor the school and university spaces and keep the students safe. If real-time monitoring is carried out, then the authorities can take quick action at the time of emergencies. Note that, a safe educational environment increases attendance, engagement, concentration, and learning of the students.

  • Task-based Learning

Due to the flipped classrooms, the students can attend the class with the basic knowledge of the topics that are going to be covered. The learning will become more task-based for ensuring full comprehension of the topic. IoT enabled devices to assure that students collaborate and share knowledge for finishing the assigned tasks in a better way.

Important Factors for Effective Implementation of IoT in Education

Important Factors

IoT can critically influence education. The successful implementation of IoT entirely depends on these key factors:

  • Security

Since the students are involved, specifically in the K-12 segment, the data security and stakeholder’s privacy is necessary. Parents and educational institutions not only look for assurance from the service provider but successful implementation of privacy and security measures.

Furthermore, questions of ownership of personal and communal data will not be raised until the time of IoT implementation in the education sector.

  • Integrity

It is vital to ensure the data integrity that has been collected. For this purpose, the deployment of the right technologies will be required from your end. The best step that you can take is choosing an open platform that can be utilized by the different parties involved without the need to invest extra cash.

  • Education Policies

The introduction of IoT has brought a structural change in the way the education that has been imparted to the students. To make this change a big success, the competent authorities should start formulating educational policies.

Within the case of IoT implementation in education institutions, the use of advanced technology in the classroom should be encouraged.

The Future of IoT in Education

Future of IoT in Education

IoT in the education sector holds a promising future, as it has got huge potential. However, it will need some time to make IoT a part of mainstream education. The most important factor that you should focus on is making these technologies accessible and simple to use. Educators, parents, and students have to change their perception. And, they should start supporting the changes in educational policies.

Many schools and institutes have started taking baby steps towards IoT platform integration solutions. And, their response is positive. We can hope that this technological progress will expand in the future so that more and more students will utilize technology to the fullest for getting an education.

“If reports are to be believed, then it is expected that by 2020 billions of things will be connected with IoT.”

Best Examples of IoT in the Education Sector

As mentioned before, there are lots of schools and institutes that have already switched towards IoT technology. The IoT development services are offering tailor-made IoT solutions, right from content building to classroom management. Now, let’s have a look at some of the best examples of IoT in the education sector:

  • Promethean

Promethean is considered as the market leader in interactive displays and lesson delivery software. With the help of interactive displays, the teachers can design classroom displays where the students are free to put their ideas as any number of times they want by deploying dry-erase writing. Through this, the student engagement rate shoots up as they love interactive learning sessions. The teachers can even modify lessons in real-time by using cloud-based dynamic lesson delivery software.

  • Blackboard

Blackboard is renowned for rendering services and solutions to educational institutes for fixing their challenging problems. Whether it is student tracking, classroom management, or data analytics, the professionals at Blackboard are committed to helping institutes to leverage technology for revolutionizing the learning ecosystem.

  • Kaltura

Kaltura is a popular video platform that offers effective video creation and management solutions to enterprises. With this platform, the institutions can make the learning experience highly interactive, engaging, and accessible. Both the students and teachers can build and manage video content by employing the latest technologies. Such kind of videos can be edited and distributed by any connected device.

  • Tynker

Through coding and programming, the students can enhance their creative and technical knowledge. Tynker is a famous coding platform designed for kids aged above 7. Many schools and institutes are using it for flaring the coding interest within the kids. Its self-paced courses are the top favorite of parents, as these keep their kids engaged in the creative and innovative task. With Peer interaction, Tynker greatly helps in motivating students for developing wonderful programs on their own.

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Some Concluding Thoughts

There is no denying the fact that IoT has transformed the education sector. Through this technology, the students can interact with peers, educators, and mentors all over the world using connected devices likewise interactive boards. The good news is that they can do this in the comfort of their home or classroom. Precisely, IoT has promoted collaboratives, safe, and fast learning for the students.

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